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"SON" ROFL Chloe and June just like Alice's parents XDD
I told u Alice is my favorite character XDD She is so cuute XDD
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA So many updateeeeeeeeeees I LOVE UUUU *hugggz*
Btw I hate Sarah naww >_<
Awwh... being that drunk Bo is so cute!! XD
awwwh... what did Sarah see?? O_O
Poor Liam too *hug him*
SO MANY UPDATES!!! *huuuuuuuuuuuugz* ilu!!
uh oh... did Sarah find Chloe's text??? O_O
lol last panel XD

Btw, I need to check ur collaboration!! XD
lol shiratori's face at the last panel XD He can't reject Haru!!

... can he?
I was about to type 'aww' when I saw how many people typed it already.. ^^; But I can't help it:
Awwww poor Richard!! Bet Henry is going to change his mind and let Richard kiss him...
dANG!! i finally finish this!! SO GREAT!! Love Mayura and Katoo the most XD I like Maya and Takuya too but still i'm rooting for Mayura XD XD Keep up the good work XD
O... My...
I just finished all of ur comic pages just naw, and IT's AWESOOOOOOOOOOOME!!
Ur art is sketchy, but ur story is really great!! The love story is very complicated and interesting!! I luv it!! I luv Chloe and Liam's relationship. From my point of view, they seem to like each other tough won't admit it. And somehow I don't think June and Micheal will still be together for too long, seeing June's reaction on the last her appearrance. My most favorite chara in here is ALice XD I love her so much!! XDDD Hope everything will go well between her and Jake. ANd I hope Ellen will still go for Nick, though he is such a bastard and she desreved someone's better, but it's really sad for seeing her like this. Bout Sarah... she doesn't seem to be a bad person, but I don't like her with the fact she dated Liam and dumped him :P Anyway plz update soon!! The story is really awesome, I'm hooked for it!!
I'm pretty sure Delphin is going to do something XD ANYWAY!! Keep up the good work!
Hehehe he's getting more serious... This will be fun!! ^^
Is he really a guardian --"
luv ur comic so much X3
normal toning is ikay for me cuz i think even though ur coloring are great, but it will take a long time to update ^^