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The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@ihavenoideawhatiamdoing: Oh, yes, if it was all about hiding loading times, that would be great (which is why I'm kind of ok with the unskippable landing bits) but... like... that planet I want to scan genuinely has, at the best of times, a little deposit of something or other on it. It cannot possibly warrant an eternity of space travel.
And yes. More elevator dialogue would solve everything. Everything.
@Sharp-Claw: Indeed. One would think Blackwall might at least voice his opinion on their handiwork.

@screamingViking: We are so lucky that the Inquisitor discovered the darkspawn phobia for three uneven planks of wood. Saved the surface, truly.

@Norwegian: Well, the Warden prevented a Blight from touching more than one country, saving unknown numbers in the process. Considering the destruction that usually follows a Blight in its wake, that IS a huge deal.

@Kagami468: Indeed... it gets kind of embarrassing when you have that information going into DAI to be honest.
@Guest: I just wanted to scan those 50 planets... for that one quest... There is NOTHING of interest on the vast majority of the planets... somehow...

@Sharp-Claw: Cue joke about my haircolor here?

@Robert Archer: Ah, but you see, by the time it was time to land I was already dead of old age.
@NewWillinium: Sure, but Ryder doesn't know that humanity's already had run-ins with the keth. And really, judging the whole species for the actions of a few is... really an unsuitable mentality for the people deemed most suitable for first contact.

@Robert Archer: Agreed. I wanted to be able to be an absolute asshat, and stubbornly cling to a pacifist route. Alas...

@Sharp-Claw: I stubbornly refused to shoot first throughout the entire first planet... just in case...
@mamiser: Any game that is a completely different experience when you (finally manage to) choose different dialogue options is a good game in my book.
And... I ended up lying on my bed for 5 minutes wangsting when the Fade situation reared its ugly head. It was awful.

@Robert Archer: He's not for everybody, I totally get that, but! I've loved redeemable villains since I was a very small child indeed, and he more or less won me over in the first conversation I had with him, before his role as a villain was even revealed (aside from the obvious character design). I am weak.
@Ruth: Haha, Bianka is currently a 7 months old golden retriever and is our ever present companion throughout this adventure. She's gotten used to cries of "NOOOOOOO" and dice flying off the table... and demands pets at regular intervals, as well she should.
@Norgrath: Haha, I completely understand! It is most certainly not a concept that works for everyone. The goal was to tell a story that made the final team of normally backstabbing drow to bond, and to give us a crash course in DnD 5e at the same time - it worked like a charm. And everyone at the table are in agreement that it's been healthy to try such a high casualty game, which is great :)

@screamingViking: It is! At the moment there are 25 player survivors left, and 10 npcs (7 of which are children), divided on two teams, making their way from the fallen city through the Underdark. The half of the group that went by boat managed to reach the theoretical safe harbor of a kuo-toa city last session, so we'll see how the land group that couldn't fit on the boat will do this weekend!
@Norgrath: Morrigan was my mvp, every play through. I resent that I cannot say the same for any of the mages in DAI.

@Sharp-Claw: Actually... I never really got into it? I want more spells, more powerful spells, all the spells! I wish to rain fire down upon my enemies and take out half the village in the process.

@Guesty Guestface: Mages Gone Wild would probably be something that templars in training had to watch more than once, and be the equivalent of a splatter movie. With extra dramatic effects.

@Guest: I LOVED that Saarebas had different magic though! And also yes, more powerful mages, MORE!

@screamingViking: Not... a completely inaccurate description, I must say.

@Crane: DA2 mages were... ok, not great and powerful and amazing, but ok. DAI made me sad - and I was finally able to have a team made up of 100% mages! Rude!

@Metagaming: Yeah... it's kinda sad though? I can't even take all the ooooh ahhhhh about mages and their power in games seriously because in practice they tend to be so fragile.
There's a four day convention this week, so instead of a comic this week you get an illustration that took 2 years to finish. I have no memory what was going to be in the background, so here we are.
At the core of it I feel that it was criminal that Loghain didn't say a single thing about Anora in Dragon Age Inquisition (what do you mean you wouldn't know? Didn't everyone choose to sacrifice everyone and everything to keep this grumpypants alive?) So. Loghain. Letters to Anora. Because damnit Bioware.

Meanwhile, if you want the comics two days early (!), or just shower me with some love (!!), I have a patreon now over here: https://www.patreon.com/zenat
Look, I'm sure you can recycle those potion bottles and save a few coins to keep the inquisition running... or maybe pay for a pair of shoes for Solas.
@Robert Archer: Haha honestly, I wouldn't know where to go with it, and I'm too busy to do new comics this weekend so alas, you will be getting a Mass Effect 3 comic on Monday :)
@Ardnax: Personally I missed being able to be a blood mage and still be all righteous about it. It was a fine tradition, I tell you.

@SopranoCat: H-he's new to this, he's trying! (Do you use the bottle of wine to murder people and then give their bodies to the object of your affections?)
@Draven22: Even capable of running at you!

@Sharp-Claw: [Disgusted noise]

@Pingvin: I've done a little archery, and yeah... one definitely hope so...

@Guesty Guestface: Well, if you buy the right skills for the two of them you can speed it up and THEN...

@Robert Archer: Where DON'T we bring this?
Words cannot describe how happy I am that they've added an option to opt out of the slow motion space travel... even if I am still forced to sit through way too many slow moving close ups of a planet I just wanted to give a quick scan.
I'm not saying that the Inquisitor is the worst... but I'm pretty sure Varric does...
@Sharp-Claw: Why is anyone a necromancer? My kneejerk reaction is "waste not, want not" but I suspect the correct answer is "power" ... and also "*someone* had to be"

@Drew-Weis96: Haha he tries!

@EloriaNekoi: If only Dorian felt the same...

@Guesty Guestface: YES! ... and then a few more... just in case he's being shy about how many he actually wants.

@Guest: Oh no, you're absolutely right D: How rude of me, I... I will just... scrub them in the nearest river? Is that the correct way to go about it?
@Guesty Guestface: That is a question I have no answer to, but it is a contributing factor to Baldur's Gate being the best.

@Guest: To be fair, you don't put the squishy mage in the front. And most of the time the magic works like normal... most of the time...

@warrion: Why not... both? Why not suffer through the pain of an all mage party, knowing that every battle lasting more than one round will be hell?

@wild mage guy: At least you will have something to talk to Edwin about, come BG2?
To be perfectly honest, the people chosen to be on the pathfinder team are people who should be the most suited for first contact. People who will stop and go "ok, but maybe hands up mean something very different in this culture" rather than decide that one little incident and the loss of one or two of their people is enough to condemn an entire alien species.

As I'm writing this I'm about halfway through the game, and while there will be Mass Effect Andromeda comics from here on out I will do my best to keep them spoiler free for a few months more.
@Insert_Witty_Username: haha I get that feeling. I played a Tabris the first time around and there was something very satisfying in going from the lowest of the low and deciding who was to rule the country.
Look, if I were to send a robot to infiltrate ANYWHERE, I'd pick one that was mousy and average in every possible physical aspect. A wholly unremarkable robot... who wore a standard uniform... and didn't have built in high heels in their feet.
I still have issues with EDIs robot body is what I am saying. So many issues.