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@wildmageguy: cue the entire team giving Hawke a Very Meaningful Look.
@Blazypika2: Probably, but I have been burned before and I refuse to miss out on a few silvers.
... unless it's my wedding ring or my mother's boots, in which case I will have them on me or in my inventory for the rest of the game. Despite not having nearly enough room for loot.

@Deonis: The fate of all temporary allies who make the poor decision of joining forces with the warden, I'd say.

@Sharp-Claw: This is Ferelden. You can terminate the demand for the motorcycle, but I absolutely need your dog :p

@Melcolloien: It's called early inheritance, ok? It's not like Jory's pregnant wife had any use of... Look, if I die the Blight will definitely kill her, so, I need to sell this armor. To buy elfroot. And maybe some paint for my dog.
@mamiser: I mean... yeah. I agree completely. I honestly wouldn't care one bit about the wonky animations and all of that if... well, I got to roleplay. And got attached to the characters and the story. Basically, I'm a very simple person, and a good story will have me forgive everything else.

@Deonis: Honestly it would probably have helped the game if it hadn't been. It didn't measure up with the previous games, and so it got a lot of heat for things that, well, probably wouldn't have been too much of an issue had it been its own thing.

@Sharp-Claw: I will never be ok with that ending. How dare you remind me of it??

@Jeri: I hope you are right. I would love to see the ME series get back up on its feet and shine. And I mean, I wasn't super into ME1 until the very ending, but I adore ME2 so... there is hope?

@Guest: I pettily killed her even though Peebee asked me not to. Because it was the only thing I had a choice in :I

@wildmageguy @schtinsu: I romanced Reyes. I consider him the trash option, and I have trash tastes. The romantic ending scene was him suggesting a quicke in a broom closet. In that moment I knew I had chosen the right character after all. I was then disappointed that I couldn't take him up on it and had to go around and talk to everyone else instead.
@Sharp-Claw: ME2 is by far the best game in the series, but ME3 was pretty ok in chunks. I'm excluding the ending. ME1 meanwhile... I only got into it at the very end, so yeah, I guess it's a bit of a reverse ME3?

@Blazypika2: But Harby and I had a relationship. Not a friendly one, but nevertheless. It was more personal.
And I disagree. Marauder Shields was a goddamn hero. How dare you sully his name!

@Jemolk: I like your take on it, and I'm happy that you like it. For me though, the ending was... pretty much the opposite of what the series was about. To me, Mass Effect is about drawing strength from our differences, and because of that synthesis in particular rubs me the wrong way.
I do like that they added the "bad" ending, and the whole Liara's records helping other aliens defeat the reapers later thing. And I mean, the whole krogan plotline? Amazing. consequences from three games worth of choices. Got guilted into admitting the whole mess to the krogans because I was emotionally invested. A+

@wildmageguy: Look, I did, after the extended ending was added. Because I was frustrated with not being able to ask the questions I wanted to. I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE FOURTH ENDING AT THE TIME. The sudden tone shift and that voice was terrifying when I epxected nothing to happen.

@mamiser: ... was it really that long ago? I feel old. Very old all of a sudden.

@WillR: I feel you, I really do. Now, if you add the indoctrination theory to the mix, and if it had been explored a bit more... then hell to the yes. Excellent addition to the game.
And yes, Harbringer did have a cool voice.
@wildmageguy: I wanted to play a character with black hair but... the moment I stepped out of the generator it looked blue. Things did overall not go too well with the hair in DAI.
@Sharp-Claw: One of these days I will! I swear D< (I think there is a character like that in the Shadowrun games actually... I didn't have good enough stats to confirm it though)

@EloriaNekoi: Hey, half orc doesn't specify what the other half is. I've long wanted to play a half orc who adventures with their half-sibling who is a half-elf too.
Playing a qunari in Inquisition was glorious. Glorious and hilarious, because the camera struggled with you (dwarves have a similar issue I suppose).
Characters would have serious conversations and the camera would just... focus on their face and my tits. Occasionally my chin would come into view. And when the camera focused on me, well... Nice hairline guys (except you Bull, you should be ashamed of being taller than me, how dare you)

And the kissing scenes... ye gods... There were a lot of bended knees to make that work I tell you. But at least you get some support from that wooden pillar if you're snogging Blackwall.
@m_celeri: Tea spoons are good, but I found that it's sometimes difficult to get a proper hold with them. Jar keys have no such issues. Jar keys, I tell you. Amazing.

@Blazypika2: I will freely admit that I keep forgetting 80% of what happens below the surface of Thedas. It is shameful. But I shall take that into consideration ;)
@Sharp-Claw: Pshhh, there was story, just not the story I wanted. Or Shepard. I miss Shepard.

@Blazypika2: I'm gonig to admit that I'm not entirely sold on Andromeda, and it took me 6 months to finish it. Personally, I wish Bioware would go back to focusing on story and companions more, and A LOT less on open worlds. I'm here for the story, not to get angyry at maps I can't figure out haha

@mamiser: Oh absolutely, but it is still wasteful to just... throw it out there. I'm sure we could use it better than that.

@wildmageguy: The only reason I kept that hamster (with a very long tail...) in that absurdly small cage was because... we are not doing an Australia 2.0 on my watch. As far as I can prevent it.

@mahigan: I mostly felt guilty around Cora in the beginning. She should by all right have been old man Ryder's replacement, and she clearly cared about him.... to me he was still sort of a random NPC I hadn't gotten to know well enough to care overly much about.
@schtinsu: Thank you, I try :)

@mahigan: It has been disgustingly warm here too. The pond in the family garden is getting very empty and I fear for the fish.

@Guesty Guestface: Thank you, so do I :)

@mamiser: Thank you, touch wood and all of that :)
@Norgrath: I admit that I would loathe to clean an etire mansion. But, I mean, at least the rooms people are going to see? The ones I live in? Fenris please?

@Blazypika2: That is true... I stand by that Hawke should have staged an intervention.

@mahigan: Bet you anything it was Aveline who did that.

@SOABS: Oh, that would have been amazing. A bit of "help Aveline talk to Donnic" and a hint of House Flipper.
So we're... starting up another game. To run at the same time as the other games. Whooo! Eon is a Swedish roleplaying game, and it has charts. So many charts. Awesome charts to roll a character and then wonder how the dice knew. I am going to play a cartogropher, who just so happens to also have a collection of maps. Two separate rolls, and yet. And yes, I AM playing a human... but I was going to before Jonas was an ass about it... grumble grumble...

We also try not to spook Sille the cat when we play, I promise.

And the title is the only reference to that other game that I will be makng in these comics. Because otherwise you'd end up with a long ass comic about me gushing over how cute Connor is and nothing else (but he's so cute though)
Remember Mass Effect 3? I do. Every now and then at least, at which point I get very emotional about characters and plots and what-could-have-beens. I love Mass Effect, but I feel cheated that I did not get to have a showdown with Harbringer. If I so had to crawl through his insides to fight him (which would have been awesome I tell you)

On a side note, if I ever were to get in over my head with cosplay and do armor and stuff, I'd probably do ME3 ending Shepard, battered, bruised and bloody.
Hey, so, remember how I said I was sick in March? Yeah. That is not quite over yet. I'm better but not entirely well and I need to go back and do another MRI and, well, it's a bit of an exhausting mess.

So, for this week I hope that you have a lovely summer, take a little time off, rest, and enjoy life. I will, and then we'll get back to comics next week.
@Bethris: Yup. To the dwarf commoner Duncan is a genuine savior. It's absolutely shocking.

@wildmageguy: Ah, I can tell you haven't played a dalish elf who absolutely does not want to leave their clan. Hoooo boy the begging, the pleading, Duncan dragging you away... even though you were an archer and never even remotely close to that mirror or the darkspawn and frankly I am certain I have a mere cold and I am being kidnapped send help Duncan no
@Guest: Next to Jack getting a shirt, Miranda's change is my favorite. She's got sensible shoes, armor, holy shit!

@Sharp-Claw & @Blazypika2: You guys... I AM NEVER DRAWING NOSES AGAIN (except on walls)
@Blazypika2: Oh no, absolutely. I don't want to be able to romance EVERYONE. But flirt with? Yes. Always.
@wildmageguy: Oh man, Tabris was my first character and I had no idea what any of the NPCs looked like. Woops? I'm sure Alistair will understand, there are only so many hairstyles in Ferelden after all.

I think it is only fair to not question drow in matters of romance. They do as they please... unless you want extra spiders where you don't want spiders at all.
@Deonis: He could, but considering how noodly your average elf's arms are, I think they might just have a real hard time buffing up. And he's got more important things to do than pushups - he's got a world to rui- a people to save. Surely nothing bad can come out of this.

@Blazypika2: I am glad I can answer all the difficult Dragon Age questions.

@mahigan: If society6 provided key-chain options I'd give it a go, but alas I don't think they offer that. Probably for the best. Everything he opened would probably unleash unspeakable horror, or some such.

@Sharp-Claw: There is also the alternative version that Dragon Age Inquisition is the story of a dog and his ball. I like that one too.

@Ardnax: Hahaha oh no. These days I only ever give a half-hearted attempt at opening jars, and if they don't open, welp, jarkey, your time to shine has come!
Look, we've all been there, replaying a game, knowing we're about to lose some people and, more importantly, all their stuff. There is no shame in selling off a few things before that dramatic event happens. Well, maybe some shame, but it's not yours, so who cares?