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The comic status is the following:
The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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I tried.
I wanted to give Solavellan hell a go. It's just... every time Solas opens his mouth I want to smack him over the head. Every. Damn. Time.

I should probably add that I have a rule not to include characters I really don't like, so, just to be clear, I like Solas. But I also want to strangle him. Then again, I've gotten the impression that this is the norm in fandom.
I'm not really head over heels with the Grey Wardens. It probably has something to do with my attempts to avoid joining them and Duncan being a bit of a douchecan about it... but nevertheless, I had Blackwall with me when I came across Jana in Crestwood and, you know... I'm weak. I want my companions to be happy.
I didn't think it was a big deal.

... yeah. That went well.
@wildmageguy: Aw man, but then I would have to replay NWN and I just don't have that sort of time, hrnghhhh but even so...

@Nayra Evhren: Honestly, in the case of Monster Prom there are so many random elements that it's a trial and error and enjoy the failures sort of a situation. The journey is the fun part after all.
And if you got 2 years of enjoyment out of a game I recommended, I'm VERY happy :D

@DorkReturneth: I have only heard tales of this ending, and I'm kind of... sad I never got it? I mean, that would be the the crowning moment of 'poor romance choices' for me.

@Ardruna: I figured, but Scott is just... I dunno... not really my type? Is it because he's not complicated enough and I actually have a decent chance? Look, nobody knows, nobody will ever know, sometimes things just are the way they are and we shouldn't spend too much time thinking about it...
@Deonis: But I want to be this guy. He is amazing.

@Akhyléus: Hah! I have only ever seen that on youtube, but I agree it is glorious. I use Solas as my guide to Thedas, so I don't think I even get the option to say that. And I tend to go for the "kill it with kindness" approach so...

@Broseidon: A+ excellent storyline all the way through
@Akhyléus: Honestly I feel bad for Cullen, but at the same time... don't gamble something you're not ready to lose? And that includes your dignity, man.

@Broseidon: See those three and Varric? I'd hesitate. I would 100% underestimate Josephine because she is such a sweetheart.

@Sharp-Claw: .... booooo BOOOOOOOOO (addition to spirit pun not intended)
@Deonis: I did! And it was horrible! I went down there WAY before I was ready (I had to hurry, a man's life was at stake!) and relied on stealth and tears to get out. I died so many times I almost quit the entire game - and that is how I learned to look at the difficulty rating before charging in.

@Broseidon: You say this and I have no idea who Steve Blum is... so I checked... Oghren and first enchanter Irving has the same voice actor?????

@Sharp-Claw: Ok so, here's the thing. My brain is good at remembering two (2) things: stories and pets. I will remember things you tell me about your pet before I remember your name. And since I only have one playthrough in PoE2 I only needed a quick look in the journal to remember where I was.
Everything else? Ehhhhhhh...
So I took a 6 month pause from Pillars of Eternity 2, for reasons unknown. It may or may not be related to my struggles to get Aloth to date me. Ok, so we ARE out here, trying to save the world, but like the real struggle is my shit taste in characters? Again? Why is this always how these games go?
Please don't answer that.

Also, it's weird playing PoE2 and being a Critical Role fan. It's a constant game of "hey, is that...?" because I don't like looking up who is voice acting what.
@Deonis: Is this how we learn what that cup contained? A mixture of darkspawn blood, mud, and general gore so that the dog accidentally went through the Joining by licking your filthy armor clean?

@Sharp-Claw: You know... you are absolutely right. Though, I suppose, they don't lick blood off you (I mean, ok, maybe Zevran and Oghren for different reasons, but like...)

@Broseidon: He is a very good boy. The best.

@Malla: Still haven't bought The Last Flight myself, and even if I did there's like... 40 books in my bookshelf that needs attention haha
But yeah... the Cousland dog is what concerns me the most...

@Guest: Why do you tempt me with abandoned plotlines like this? Hrngh

@mamiser: You know, if there ever was anything I wanted to be true...
@HAC: The... Solas monologue? Or have I missed something?

And it's just the angle haha BUT I have been told that I had pointy ears when I was born. I have suggested, more than once, to my mother that I'm a changeling, but she's having none of it.
@Deonis: I am going to repeat that until I believe it. And then maybe try to see if the tentacle monster will go to prom with me.

@Insert_Witty_Username: There is a lot of random events and whatnot in this game that change your stats up and down, so if your goal is to win it's not for you. If you are ok with hilariously failing though it's A+

@Broseidon: And the best one. That and pointed ears.

@wildmageguy: Thank you for reminding me of Valen Shadowbreath. The day got a little better right there

@Blazypika2: I was about to say "I have clothes other than green sweaters!" but then I looked down and... I'm wearing a green sweater... BUT A DIFFERENT ONE DAMNIT
And if you don't think that this was the best scene in all of DAI I am sad to inform you that you are wrong. Sorry, those are just the facts.

11/10 - would let the Avvar throw animals at my walls any day of the week.
At first I thought it was strange that there were people missing from the card night, and no I don't mean Sera asleep under the table. But then... then I remembered what Blackwall said about gambling with Solas. Suddenly it all made sense.
I am also certain that he personally invited Cullen.
@wildmageguy: I just want Viconia to tell me to fetch her something to eat... and also yes very much go into the voice that Edwin talks to thing. I REALLY want it to be a fiend of some kind ok? ... and I also want another chance to kill Drizzt if he appears. Top 3 things I want from the old games, right there.
@wildmageguy: This sounds awfully like a bitter memory... I'm personally just glad I haven't had a case of four out of five team members having a fight to the death the moment we set foot in the Nashkel mines again.

@ThatOneDork: That is fair.

@StrangerThanYou: Agreed! If your friends can't tell you that you're being an ass and you need to work on it, then who can?

@Blazypika2: Awww that would have been nice to include :(
@HAC: I, for one, hope I start the game as a distraught cabbage seller or the like.
@Blazypika2: It is definitely on the list of things that I'd like to change with the ME series

@kro: Indeed, and if there ever was a moment of realism that was unnecessary, I'd say this was it.

@StillADork: I suppose we went on some REALLY long missions then? Can we blame indoctrination on this too?

@Broseidon: Pfff, I honestly have no idea but there is no way I am releasing any non-native creature on a random planet. I know what happened to Australia, even if I am apparently the only one in the MEA universe.

@mamiser: Did it survive? Did it multiply horrendously like tribbles and ruin the ecosystem? Tell me!!

@wildmageguy: But then I don't get to enjoy them during the game :(
@Broseidon: Thank you! I did!

@Sharp-Claw: Sounds rough, I hope you have some time to relax too (and enjoy the weather, if that's your sort of thing)

@mamiser: Thank you, right back at you!

@Guesty Guestface: It went surprisingly well, all things considered. For the most part it was cloudy and reasonably warm - perfect for my super pale self haha

@HAC: I did, thank you!

@StillABigDork: I may have had one too many ice creams, if there is such a thing, so I'm going to check all of the above :p

@Hevv: You are very sweet, and thank you! The comic will be back and running as normal in August :)
@Broseidon: It's already on the ship, sorry. There's a mini-quest related to it. You can choose to release it on an alien planet with unknown consequences instead?
@mamiser: I mean, I don't doubt that she wants to murder my incompetent inquisitor but... she's been satisfied with sister Natalie... and ignoring my orders... and becoming the Divine despite my wishes...
I have regrets about hardening her, ok?

@Norgrath: My impression of Morrigan might be clouded by That Voice and her also being really funny. That is a solid combo, no please don't look closer at my other favorites, we don't need to go further into this...

@Sharp-Claw: You know... reading everyone's comments... I am getting the feeling that I uh... may be a tad too forgiving in real life. My natural reaction was "yeah but like, they were still friends so... you assume she's going through some shit and forgive that...?"

@riverdaleswhiteflash: But... but... look at how she grows during the game, the further away from Flemeth you get her!

@Broseidon: Alistair was originally the victim of a similar comic idea, before DAI came out and gave me this... because yes, I have no doubt.

@Blazypika2: You guys are bringing up some good points, and I'm still here like "but they were friends???" so uh yeah, maybe I'm uh... the odd one out here.
And I'm glad you like it :D

@kro: Oh, wow, thanks!
Also a good point. But but but... I think Leliana should love Morrigan as much as I do. I think we all should. The only thing she ever did wrong was steal from the Dalish, I tell you.
..... and suggest I sacrifice my father in a blood magic ritual to make myself stronger...
But we don't talk about that last one... mainly because the game wouldn't let me...
@mamiser: It would be unfair to take advantage of Loghain's proper Fereldan love for dogs like that, you are right, I should have known.

@Deonis: The dog would probably have had a more honorable duel than my rogue, let's be real. Throwing sand in people's eyes is generally frowned upon, apparently.

@Broseidon: To be fair, I don't think Eamon is ACTIVELY trying to ruin everyone's fun. It's just a natural skill of his.

@Davian Veq: Water it, you mean. Like a good dog.

@ThatOneDork: This pleases the author. Very much.

@Norgrath: Hey now, don't forget Eamon married an Orlesian. And that Anora is gloriously petty in honoring her father if he dies.
I, of course, say if because Loghain is live and kicking and not happy about it in my playthrough.