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Stronger: COMPLETE
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Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@schtinsu: I am pretty sure that there are copies of the Inquisition/fourth edition left, and possibly one of the third edition, problem is that they are in my apartment and due to renovations I am not so I can't double check. But, if you send a pm or your email or some such so I can get in touch when I've swung by and checked, I can get back to you with actual facts :)
@Shaleene: I have a real hard time putting fingers to keyboard and getting something written most of the year. November is... different for me. It's when I get to just write crap, so much crap, the quality doesn't matter, so long as I get those words out. In my experience it also helps to have a friendly competition with someone who keeps about the same pace as you - they wrote 600 words today? Then you are doing 601, minimum, etc.
I sincerely hope you keep going, and tackle your lost inspiration roughly when you find it hiding further up the road. It had no business running off like that on you.
@Blazypika2: I... might be aware of this fact... for reasons... ahem

@Norgrath: I remember reading a little of it waaaaaay back in the day. I might pick it up again actually.

@Robert Archer: If I leave but one legacy on this earth, then I hope it is that all drow ever rp-ed from this day forward have an aussie accent.
@Blazypika2: I think those two go hand in hand really. But hey, at least the heels aren't built into their feet... like poor EDI :I
@BX073: Well there is the ramp... that you don't have to bother with because you can instead watch Ryder climb slowly. I think I rather take awkward elevator convos haha

@mamiser: Oh man yeah, those were good, I will give them that.
@Norwegian: Ah! I'm so glad to hear that I was able to spread the good word of furiously typing! 700 is a start, and no matter what it's 700 more than you had before this November. I've managed to reach 17k, but my friend who is usually way behind is at 21k and it is getting to me big time haha On the plus side, that one character who was way behind all the rest is catching up to them.
It's November! That means I'm busy trying to get 50 000 words of a story onto paper... or the computer screen, rather.
The regular comics will continue next week, have no fear.
If you are doing your own NaNoWriMo novel, let me know! I love hearing how others are doing. And if you're not, but think that this seems like only a mildly insane challenge and that you might want to give it a go, this is the link you want to go to

Also, I've got a Patreon over here and I've added a new reward tier - character portraits.
@Sharp-Claw: If only... Blitz was too weak in a fight for my tastes and made me regret not playing a decker myself. It probably didn't help that Eiger was so damn awesome and put everyone else to shame.

@mamiser: Pillars of Eternity lets you have a whole bunch of pets, just for flavor. That being said, the sad black dog from the inn was with me always because I couldn't have it being sad.

@Blazypika2: Haha no glasses I'm afraid, but he's got plenty of other qualities.
I know? I mean I *see* that there are other options in the character selection but they seem to be mostly there for decoration, right?

@Karhu: To be fair, Dante is smart enough to be the Shadowrun equivalent of a mabari. Loghain would pet, most certainly (and he's German, so most definitely not Fr- Orlesian)
@Norgrath: Maybe the people making armor should get on it and up their game :p But for real, biotic barriers and all, we're still looking at boobs falling out at any given moment here.

@Shaleene: It... is a contributing factor when I decide who to bring. I love Samara, but...

@4mation: Good point. I suppose... some armor still do its job...? But everyone can't use that technology because...?

@davesin: Yes, but, like, his arm. Vacuum of space. You suit up as if you were a quarian, Zaeed, I intend to keep you alive throughout this damnit!

@Sharp-Claw: ... I forgot wrinkles. Damnit. But hey, if they don't have noses then surely the loss of wrinkles is a minor issue?
So, I came down with a really bad cold for two weeks back in early October, and it was the worst. The only good thing was that by the time I could do more than just barely sit and watch a tv show I took up playing the Shadowrun games again, and learned that Dragonfall and Hong Kong were way better than the first game in the series. Actual companions, you guys!
And also a super dog. A very good dog. The best dog. Who knows how to operate computers. I am not complaining, it turned the tide in a big battle there.
Go play Shadowrun. And try to play something other than an elf at least once - don't be like me, I have a problem.
Some 20 000 humans are being sent from the Milky Way to Andromeda. A great adventure that will be very taxing upon mind, body and mood. How does one best pick candidates to undertake such a mission?
Well, Zaeed Massani's estranged son, who is just a loner with a gun who gets his kicks killing aliens, was definitely not someone I would have sent on such a sensitive mission, is what I am saying.
@Blazypika2: Oh yeah, I absolutely agree that drow culture and society could have been done... a whole lot better. I love the potential, if not the execution, if that makes sense?
@Sharp-Claw: I suppose there is that yes haha

@mamiser: Bianca usually lies underneath the table or in the hallway where she can keep an eye on us when we play. And, of course, celebrates wildly when people arrive. We have nicknamed her party dog for a reason.

@Norgrath: Well, the first sessions were a series of "our home city is on fire and the mind flayers are taking over" scenarios so...

@Blazypika2: Don't underestimate the importance of esthetics ;) I kind of fell in love with the drow back when I was introduced to Viconia in Baldur's Gate, and I just never felt out of love with them. And they are SO better than some measly dwarves (cue outrage)
@Norgrath: You know, that one always took time for me, but I didn't find it super difficult? I'm not really sure why because A LOT of people have troubles with that one. I am really bad at dealing with Pride demons and whenever they pop up somewhere I cry a little, but I can cope with despair demons for the most part. Even though they annoy me terribly when they fly off.

@Sharp-Claw: And yet nothing in comparison to that sudden "Surprise dragon! Death from above!" that the Hinterlands throws at you. That put the fear of swooping horror into me the first time I stumbled out into its territory to last me for all playthroughs.
@BX073: It is entirely possible that she's giving me a big ol' hint. I'm still not wasting my resources on coffee beans to make her coffee. Sorry, Leah, but no. The greenhouse will remain dominated by the blueberry plants.

@Blazypika2: I would like to say, in my defense, that I DO paint proper pictures at times too haha

@Guesty Guestface: Ah, I googled! Isn't it Harvest Moon the series, more or less? That being said, I've only ever played the old Harvest Moon game so, the answer is still "unfortunately no, but I want to"
Are the Dragon Age memes doing a comeback after all this time? Yes. Yes they are.
@Guest: Well... I... I admit myself caught off guard by the compliment. Thank you. I rarely draw noses because I'm a lazy potato.
@Blazypika2: When he is easy to get a hold of, certainly. But in the middle of the night when the lyrium flashes and all you want to do is sleep? Delegate to the poor sod who agreed to marry you and is foolishly sharing your bed.

@mamiser: You say that now, but when someone gets hit by that lightning or a stray spell or come too close to Fenris spiky clothes...

@davesin: Entirely possible. But in that case they really ought to have invited Donnic in the first place.
@Blazypika2: I mean, I'm sure there are some that notice what is going on and are just hanging around because they are in awe of how epic Hawke is. Granted, it is entirely possible that 100% of those people are Varric, but nevertheless.
Nothing in Mass Effect Andromeda got me as weepy as that hologram image of the Normandy. In all honesty, I was slightly embarrassed by my own reaction haha
So naturally director Tann keeps it in his quarters rather than in the Cultural Exchange Center. Hogging it, I'm telling you.