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The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@wildmageguy: Is this a villain dating game? Is that what you are telling me? Because that sounds *amazing*
@wildmageguy: A game full of scheming dark elves sounds amazing... it's just... not the uh, prettiest game. That being said, I have bought it, just not played it. Like the majority of the 300 games I have on Steam -.-'
@Sharp-Claw: A hesitant 'yes' to that. Got a laundry machine that works and I was finally allowed to return the computer today and I'm getting a replacement tomorrow, after taking it to the store five times for the same problem. There... may have been a couple of tears of relief in the store. Ahem.

@Broseidon: My mind instantly went DnD and I had to Google who you meant. Aesthetically, I agree. I will admit that I remember exactly nothing about him, other than "blood magic" and "suspicious potion not nearly helpful enough to warrant the paranoia".
@Blazypika2: I think the whole 'beating the shit out of your clothes with a paddle' could probably be therapeutic but... I much rather just have a machine sort it out.

@HAC: I am trying! It's... been up and down so far. Mainly down on the computer end but you know... it is what it is?

@Ardruna: You know, I had a black robe once, but... I have no idea where it has gone. But it is a good tip, thank you!
Quick update: Crusader Kings 2 is now free (DLCs not included) !!!
If DAI was a more realistic game I would have had some notable losses when making my way around the Fallow Mire, because if it's an open world game I am taking every shortcut I can. Seriously, there were several times when I would move the camera around and Varric would just be gone, somewhere in the murky depths, only to reappear with a vengeance when we were attacked by the undead... again.
@Blazypika2: Tsh, the computer was really the final "yeah ok, this isn't working". But! As of yesterday, I have a washing machine again! After no small amount of chaos and an entire morning spent on the phone, but nevertheless! A small bit of progress :D

We don't celebrate Halloween in Sweden either, but we are increasingly adopting the costume part... because costumes are fun. Kids do dress up as witches for Easter and get candy though, so there is that.
And neat!

@Broseidon: Thank you! But, see, my sheets are black so... I suppose there are cheap sheets out there... might get hard to roll dice in one but could work.

@Flamel: Thank you, you're very sweet.

@Sharp-Claw: Ok, see, the washing machine broke mid cycle, so I had to do a lot of manual cleaning and rinsing... and we can all conclude that I am very lucky not to have been born in a time when doing manual laundry was the norm.
But yeah, CFS gets worse if you push yourself and usually the day after you do it. And that is how I learned that sitting up takes effort, like... 4 hours of sitting was all my body managed the whole day. It was ridiculous.

@mamiser: Well, this past month as in September and beginning of October, really. There's been plenty of time for things to go wrong (and miserly loves company and all of that I suppose?)

We do something similar in Sweden, but we leave candles on family graves and the like. It's kind of sweet, but my family moved when I was very young and we don't have any family graves where I live so it always felt weird to go to the cemetery and light candles on the graves of strangers.

You know, vampire might be a good option. With some fake blood and a bit of a mess... granted, I am going to have to go on the train in full outfit...

@Dork: Haha thank you, I'm happy to say that everyone have been very kind and understanding though.

@wildmageguy: Don't worry! I've got double external harddrives and I save everything I manage to work on to Google Drive before turning off the computer, in case it refuses to do a Frankenstein's monster in the morning :)
@Aline1: Honestly, I wish I had the patience to go for the achievements, but I always end up cheating because damnit, I need mercenaries right now!
But the feuds... mmm, the feuds... I had a session where I pettily executed every prince of Poland I captured, after one Polish king killed my very promising heir in battle. This went on for generations. Until there was no Poland left. Ahem... No demonspawn yet though. I mean. Other than the usual overly ambitious and frankly incompetent son...

@Broseidon: And sometimes you get a little bit too possessive of the claims to your land and end up intermarrying distant cousins a few too many times and suddenly your grand family tree is only bearing inbred fruit... but at least no one can take Scotland from you on legal grounds?

@riverdaleswhiteflash: Aw man, it's a great game, but A LOT of DLCs which gets real expensive. And it's difficult to get into, and I found the tutorial unhelpful, but it such a fun game once you get a hang of it. You just got to run a couple of families into the grave first.

But don't worry. Your goal isn't to keep your PC alive. It's to keep the family alive. This might be why I keep taking the seduction focus and having 20 kids all the time .... who then try to murder each other... it is, perhaps, not the best strategy...

@Deonis: One of my first... indiscretions... was as a Dutch ruler, with my one and only subject's wife. He found out and didn't mind, like at all. We were great friends. I made him my chancellor and she had my bastard child and... honestly, looking back it must have been a bug but he was a great pal. And a pretty good chancellor too.

@wildmageguy: Aww, that's unfortunate. But don't worry, I've got multiple external harddrives...

@mamiser: Hoooo boy, yeah... get them on a sale, not otherwise. And only pick the DLCs you think will be fun. I don't bother with music or army packs myself.
I tend to assume that it is a matter of alternative nr 1 when you get equipment off animals, even if it is a rabbit that is in possession of a dagger. Somehow.

Though I suppose that in this version there is a third alternative.

Also! Happy 10 years, Dragon Age! (meanwhile I accidentally leave this to post PM, rather than AM. Because I'm smooth that way)
I'm really sorry about this. I'll try to get some drawing done on the old laptop, but it's a bleeping mess so I really doubt I'll be able to keep a regular schedule until I've got the new laptop back.

So. Who here celebrates Halloween? Are you dressing up?
And have you got any tips for any easy outfits that I might be able to whip together, in case the rp group decides that we will absolutely play in costume this year too?
If I was to judge my favorite game by the number of hours I have spent playing it, then the winner would easily be Crusader Kings 2. Unfortunately, if I am not having a petty revenge scheme against some noble who has wronged me or am at war... then I am bored. Bored and 100% having the seduction focus.

Emperor BenoƮt the Handsome of France fathered over 100 children. He had the advantage of successfully finding immortality though, so, you know... he had time to kill. When one of his wives took a lover mere months after marrying him I was at first outraged, and then... then I saw that I had indeed raised at least one son in my own image. I was so proud, you guys, I didn't even imprison either of them.
@wildmageguy: Aloth and I are the brains of this operation, have no fear. And it's my first (and only) playthrough, we are being big damn heroes and make no mistake. And still. I think he's still upset I jokingly suggested he'd introduce me to his old friend.
Wisdom 3? Wow. Ok. That is delightfully horrendous. Even my current DnD character has a mighty wisdom of 7 (he's a paladin surrounded by magic users, it's fiiiiine, never going to bite us in the ass)

@Broseidon: You have an impressive memory, I see.

@mamiser: Ugh, I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat... and then I got distracted by another game and then another and... here we are... It doesn't help that he doesn't approve of much of anything and I can't seem to get anywhere with his plotline either.
@Broseidon: Oh yeah, I understand Duncan, but that doesn't mean I really agree and all of that. But I am weak for party approval and here we are...

@DorkinIt: One of these days I will buy the book. And then maybe actually read it too. Please do not look at my bookshelves and all the unread books there.

@Sharp-Claw: Oh, they absolutely do. I would LOVE to just do whatever I feel is right for the character, but I also don't want to miss out on content. Especially not in a 100+ hours long game that I might not have the time to play again.

@mamiser: I don't remember any strong feelings about the PoE1 system, but PoE2 is giving me a hard time by giving some characters A LOT of opportunities for approval and others basically none. And that is how Xoti knew me for a couple of days and fell in love, while I have been struggling to get a chance to even attempt to flirt with Aloth for what feels like months.

@wildmageguy: I wish they would have changed up the recycled designs a bit, even if it was just the color, to avoid those "holy shit, is that ????" but then again, an invisible Zevran is having a good laugh wherever I go in Haven so...
@Deonis: I dunno man... asphyxiation doesn't have to be erotic you know...

@Broseidon: Seems about right. Seriously though, he's a great character and I will never stop making fun of him.

@Blazypika2: I feel like this is the time I should start listing the delightful advantages of being single...

@Roguekitten: Hahaha I like the beard? Somehow? Even though that is really not my thing, but it works with the lumberjack thing he's got going on. But I do feel cheated that they didn't give him that salt and pepper hair that was promised.

@kro: I will never not be jealous of everyone who had Stroud. Easily the worst choice in the entire game. Possibly the entire series. Even Solas drama cannot compete.
@ThatLurker: Honestly, I think that there is a secret stat that you can't influence like you would dexterity or the like, and it's luck. Hawke has an ungodly amount of luck. Even while having deplorable luck. Hawke is the Rincewind of Thedas, and that is how they can take a giant blade through the stomach (repeatedly, if you play like I do...) and still sort of... walk it off.
@Deonis: I'm pretty sure it's in their contract that they have to wear whatever you tell them to tbh otherwise how do you explain Dorian in plaidweave?

@Sharp-Claw: If only he did the outfit justice... (and now I hate myself)

@Broseidon: If only Anders played the long game and was extremely fashionable while in the Circle for years and years, and only wore this nonsense when he escaped it might work as a cover.

@riverdaleswhiteflash: ... I am pretty sure that that is WORSE.
If someone forced me to wear those hideous mage hats I, too, would refuse to ever let anyone ever dress me again.
I tried.
I wanted to give Solavellan hell a go. It's just... every time Solas opens his mouth I want to smack him over the head. Every. Damn. Time.

I should probably add that I have a rule not to include characters I really don't like, so, just to be clear, I like Solas. But I also want to strangle him. Then again, I've gotten the impression that this is the norm in fandom.
I'm not really head over heels with the Grey Wardens. It probably has something to do with my attempts to avoid joining them and Duncan being a bit of a douchecan about it... but nevertheless, I had Blackwall with me when I came across Jana in Crestwood and, you know... I'm weak. I want my companions to be happy.
I didn't think it was a big deal.

... yeah. That went well.
@wildmageguy: Aw man, but then I would have to replay NWN and I just don't have that sort of time, hrnghhhh but even so...

@Nayra Evhren: Honestly, in the case of Monster Prom there are so many random elements that it's a trial and error and enjoy the failures sort of a situation. The journey is the fun part after all.
And if you got 2 years of enjoyment out of a game I recommended, I'm VERY happy :D

@DorkReturneth: I have only heard tales of this ending, and I'm kind of... sad I never got it? I mean, that would be the the crowning moment of 'poor romance choices' for me.

@Ardruna: I figured, but Scott is just... I dunno... not really my type? Is it because he's not complicated enough and I actually have a decent chance? Look, nobody knows, nobody will ever know, sometimes things just are the way they are and we shouldn't spend too much time thinking about it...