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The Red Planet: HIATUS
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@Guest: Well... I... I admit myself caught off guard by the compliment. Thank you. I rarely draw noses because I'm a lazy potato.
@Blazypika2: When he is easy to get a hold of, certainly. But in the middle of the night when the lyrium flashes and all you want to do is sleep? Delegate to the poor sod who agreed to marry you and is foolishly sharing your bed.

@mamiser: You say that now, but when someone gets hit by that lightning or a stray spell or come too close to Fenris spiky clothes...

@davesin: Entirely possible. But in that case they really ought to have invited Donnic in the first place.
@Blazypika2: I mean, I'm sure there are some that notice what is going on and are just hanging around because they are in awe of how epic Hawke is. Granted, it is entirely possible that 100% of those people are Varric, but nevertheless.
@Blazypika2: I think it's because I didn't soften her in DAO, but... I mean... doesn't mean you're not right...
@Blazypika2: Haha, I think we all would have preferred to go on a date with Aveline. The one sane person in this group, save maybe Varric? Yes, please. *Please*.
@Guest: His facial hair is... memorable, I will give him that. It is honestly the only thing I remember about him.
@Sharp-Claw: I suppose it depends on how long it took SAM to say something... but it was pretty big...

@mamiser: Ryder does suffer from "main character responsibility" problems. Please, collect ten pants and bring them back here, then I will give you some xp and be vaguely grateful. Yes. This IS more important than, what, colonizing the galaxy and ensuring that everyone gets to come out of stasis?
I kept the "hamster". Mainly because I didn't want to mess up an ecosystem. It definitely needs a bigger cage though.
@Shaleene: I'm somewhere between "the templars are THAT oblivious and unsuited for their job" and "lyrium makes you extremely nearsighted" as far as explanations for that goes.

@TheAngriestOfAllEggs: It is true that you need to be careful as you make your way through Kirkwall, to avoid accidentally getting impaled... Again, why do people live here?

@Sharp-Claw: Blood mages on every corner, qunari all over the docks, slavers making regular visits, templars asking random people if they've seen mages because they themselves sure haven't, everyone and their mom are in a gang of some sort, Hawke... Personally I would move, asap.
@Blazypika2: I feel you - I was lying on the bed for a while there, trying to figure out what to do XD

@Guesty Guestface: The number of people who had Stroud amaze me. I'm not even sure if I should feel happy or sad for them, for never having to make this difficult decision properly.

@davesin: You come into MY house, and make these accusations?! How dare! I say, how dare! (maybe a little)
@Sharp-Claw: Good ol' Gamlen would never... right? Actually I really like the idea of Gamlen using his nieces/nephews as oblivious hitmen XD

@Blazypika2: Sure, the Amell crest is there, but what if Gamlen sold it fair and square? What if Sharp-Claw is right?
Honestly Aveline should have stepped in and stopped Hawke's shenanigans a long time ago.

@m_celeri: Now I feel like this is a plotline that got lost in the developing process and it really shouldn't have been.

@Guest: That WOULD explain why the cellars and basements are so huge...
@NewWillinium: I tried to reload and save Hawke instead. The guilt was even worse and I had to undo it -.-'

@mamiser: Oh yes, I think this and the qunari decision were the two strongest moments in the game, *because* you really felt it. Especially this one, because it was three games worth of commitment behind it, kind of like the Tuchanka part in Mass Effect 3.

@Draven22: Yeah they sure are fond of spiders... I'm not a big fan either, to be perfectly honest (despite being a big fan of drow and Lloth... we have a complicated relationship) As for the mountain climbing... I had problems with that too. Made me miss Skyrim something fierce.

@Sharp-Claw: I think mamiser has the right of it, I remember pretty much the same thing :)
I loved Harvest Moon when I was younger, so, big shocker, I love Stardew Valley.
I did accidentally discover that instantly regifting your wife's present to her will not be met with disapproval, but rather delight that you knew exactly what she wanted. I suppose it is a convenient way to make sure she's happy but...
It is my headcanon that Donnic is responsible for breaking those two up on the regular. Yes, Donnic. Not Aveline. Aveline is a captain and knows how to delegate.
@mamiser: Not going to lie, there was no arc more important than the turian one. Including the human one.

@Guesty Guestface: I think when you take their biotics into account, it's not entirely impossible it IS just one asari...
The people of Kirkwall are either oblivious or so used to Hawke being a wandering catastrophe that they don't even care anymore, and no one can convince me otherwise. No one.
@JapaniKatti: It was great fun! ... and stressful and all of that but still! Day went off without a hitch :)
@Vesinir: This specific fanzine, no, alas. But I do believe I still have some copies of the fourth installment, which focuses on Dragon Age Inquisition if that is of interest :)
Look, we only have so much food in this galaxy that we know is safe, and SAM waits for how long to alert us that we have a little freeloader? I call shenanigans. I want the competent AI back, thank you very much.
@Draven22: Warning, temperatures are- Yes. Thank you, SAM. I *know*. I want an off button, ok?

@Sharp-Claw: Well, there is that, yes. Personally, I quite liked the Joker/EDI until EDI got a body, after that... well, I still love EDI and Joker, but... it lost its charm a bit?
@Deonis: Oh, absolutely. I completely understand. It is clearly the junior who is at fault then.

@Sharp-Claw: I'm sure there's a clause somewhere in the laws that govern all of that that specify it in a similar manner.

@Norwegian: That is a VERY good point.

@screamingViking: Ah yes, no sexism in Thedas. My old favorite.

@Guest: It's the face of a man escaping responsibilities and using questionable rules to get away with it. I suppose we should, in a fashion, envy him.

@4mation: Why he would never!