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The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@wildmageguy: Redacted hahahaha yes XD
I think Tevinter, being so close to Par Vollen and all their issues with the qunari, is exactly the time to bring in more qunari to the team. And the romances. And, I mean, more *qunari* qunari than Iron Bull.
@wildmageguy: I mean... a little yes....
@wildmageguy: Perhaps in the not so distant future I will know. Smuggler is probably going to be the first Republic character I get going with. That being said, the agent and both siths come first.
@wildmageguy: I have this huge aversion to being spoiled, and I don't want to burn any bridges unknowingly, which is why anything without proper loadable save files stress me out.
How is Sha going to flirt with everything that moves if she's married to Vector? He isn't chiss, so the family won't approve either. CAN she flirt with everything that moves in the future if she marries him? etc.

That being said, now that I'm playing SWTOR again they have gotten married. Granted, with the "I won't wear the ring in front of the boys" convo option but you know. It's something?
@m_celeri: You know... I'm fine with that. If a hero strikes me down as I'm cackling atop of a the corpses of half of the npcs then I am fine with that. So long as I can stand on that pile and cackle.

@Robert Archer: Haha I hope that drow mod comes with the magic resistance they enjoyed. It's something I miss in 5th edition of DnD to be honest.

@wildmageguy: Pfff, of course I answered. It might have been a comment made on a 4 year old post but nevertheless ;)
Boethiah sounds neat, I must say. I'm sure there would be some poor npc who annoyed me enough to be worth a set of armor...
And yes, Viconia is queen of the romance options. And king. Anomen need not even apply.
As far as I recall, the Edwin mod had content for when the Edwina incident occurred. I don't remember exactly what kind but, you know, it definitely took it into account.
Realized that I had a colored version of this sitting in an old folder, while you ended up seeing only the lineart. Well! No more!
@Blazypika2: Please, don't encourage him. And yes, my shirt is most accurate.

@schtinsu: They do, at the very end I believe. But I still don't understand why the quarians and the turians didn't cooperate. Why didn't the quarians go first? All that experience! All those skills!

@Norgrath: But why team the quarians with anyone other than the turians? Food and all, I mean, they are the best combo. And I'm guessing it's... going to be unlikely more people are going to make it, what with incoming reapers and whatnot.
@Blazypika2: I know, but it's not much of a conversation. Better than the Cullen convo about what happened in Kirkwall, but you know...
@davesin: Horns and big beefcakes in all honor, but I think coexistence with the turians is more likely to happen. And I'm a sucker for a nice voice, which is like 100% of all turians.

@wildmageguy: You ask as if I would answer with anything but "yes"? ????

@schtinsu: If I at the age of 150 go out because I tried to hug a reaper, then that is fine with me.
@Blazypika2: Here's hoping we actually get to talk to Dorian about slavery this time! (bitter? me? nooo)
wildmageguy asked a few new questions... and I aim to please. The regular comics will return next week <3

* "elfffffffpower" An inside joke from the first roleplaying game I ever game mastered for. My players were horrible people, playing horrible characters, and they were all elves. And some of them couldn't spell... and carved that into the back of a dead guard. Just because. Basically, let me side with Solas and bring about a new dawn for elves! GIMME! (for a second playthrough)
@Blazypika2: I'm going to say what I've told people around me a thousand times: Upload my consciousness.
Let me be the AI that goes bananas.

@wildmageguy: There is also the option of pure stubbornness. Or uploading my consciousness. I'm totes cool with abandoning the body and all these time consuming unnecessary routines like eating.

@Sharp-Claw: Yes. And I am ok with that, because there will at least be turians.
@Blazypika2: Totes counts :p And if DA4 takes place in Tevinter, we will most certainly see magister Dorian. Time to get used to the idea ;)
@mamiser: I'm fairly certain you have to recruit Oghren. I say this as someone who tried not do it and still ended up recruiting him. If there is a way to avoid it then... I wish to know it. Cranky Wardens who want to basically save Thedas single handedly need to know.
@mamiser: I've only managed one playthrough too, and with a 4 month break in the middle at that. I feel kind of ashamed because I normally plow through games like nobody's business :/ But at least I didn't abandon it so, there is that!

@Guesty Guestface: I know what you mean, alas. I didn't really click with any of the team mates, though I liked a few npcs, and it kind of took a lot of the fun out of it for me.

@wildmageguy: Hooray! ... perhaps we should consider upgrading the sibling to a secondary Pathfinder, so there might be a chance for a paid vacation in 294 days at least?
@Robert Archer: Yeah, I agree with you there. I wanted to like the game, but I ended up taking a 4 month break in the middle before finishing it because it just didn't keep my attention all that well.

@mamiser: Haha, indeed. It was kind of sad how many times SAM saved the day, and though there was a whole questline about getting rid of him you couldn't do it in the end.

@Sharp-Claw: Well he DID die on that planet so I suppose that is fair...
@davesin: Perhaps one day Requisition Officer will be defeated, probably by Marauder Shields

@Guest: As a completionist, it hurts my very soul.

@wildmageguy: Honestly I crave being able to call companions on their shit and kicking them out if they are too much. Not being able to do so is super frustrating. But yes... the Baldur's Gate version of firing someone is... a tried and true tradition. And consequences... gods yes... it's why I do all those extra things. I want them to matter :I

@Blazypika2: ... that was beautiful.
@Sharp-Claw: Haha, I think a lot of us would have liked DAI about three times more if we could have fired companions, troublesome NPCs and whatnot.
Based on real events - I'm an unrepentant babbler when people are trying to sleep. Sorry Jonas (not sorry).