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The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@Blazypika2: N-no. Nothing to see here (my weird stuff tends to be digital, and I pack books in paper bags because they are easier to carry that way, so technically...)
@wildmageguy: I obviously played an elf first time I played DAO. I knew nothing. I wanted the throne. I mollycoddled Alistair because I wanted him to like me. Let's just say that I pettily reloaded and spared Loghain after I realized that my elven behind was not going to polish any throne, or even a chair in the palace.
@wildmageguy: It's funny you would say that because... (he is my favorite god though, make no mistake)

@Vrischika: ... I don't know what to say to that. I'm not surprised, but still disappointed?
@Sharp-Claw: I'm sure Thedas Today would hire Hawke, if only it wouldn't mean a 100% certainty that the main office and everyone workng there would die in some kind of horrible incident.

@Blazypika2: There is obviously only one place to buy robes in Kirkwall. And it is probably run by a tranquil, who just isn't very imaginative.
I think the average qunari has a reasonable time with special pillows, but like... the Arishok's horns are a nightmare for his neck for sure. I love them, but...

@zillah: Even then... the angle he would have to sleep at. I'm thinking a specially made bed, with head support but narrow enough so the horns can stick out on either end?

@wildmageguy: Pretty sure Iron Bull had his special handlebar horns just because they wanted to avoid this question for as long as possible (but instead it begs the question: can he even turn over when he's sleeping?)
@Deonis: None, actually! Hah! ... I mean, that would encourage people to open them.
I'm going to be moving to a different city in a couple of months to get closer to work. So, I need to prep my current apartment to get it sold, which means packing away a lot of things and painting the ktichen and hallway and, you know, exciting stuff like that.

The regular comics will return next week, and if you don't want to wait a full week then you can check out Patreon
@Blazypika2: We have known Harbringer so long that I think we have earned the right to give him a nickname. It also makes him seem much less cool, which I like very much.
@wildmageguy: Why play human when you can be something other than what you are in real life?

@Norwegian: Connor is so cute it hurts. I haven't actually played the game, but I've watched playthroughs (several playthroughs...) I would play it, but I can't play console games because I've got sensitive hands and controllers make them cramp something fierce.

@Kell: You tempt me. And not just because I want to draw Connor...

@Enchantment: Ah! Super! I did not put ... much of anything into biotech, I don't think. Shame, because I (obviously) played an elf.
@Draven22: True, but you will only become a romance option if you have some serious baggage going on.

@ScreamingViking: Damn right. Shameful, frankly, that Orlais even tries to compete with the glorious warmth of Kirkwall.

@Slimy-Slime: Come to glorious Tevinter! We've got wine, blood magic, and slaves! But we could always do with more of all three! Wait, no, don't go-

@wildmageguy: Seheron, the beautiful land of no shirts whatsoever. Yes. You are right. We should absolutely go there.
@Ollo45 : Boxes, stilts or extreme tippy toes are all valid options.

@Sharp-Claw: I think you mean "that is why you should be able to romance Varric" :p

@Guest: The things we do for love...

@wildmageguy: My main is the elf. She was my first playthrough, and inherited the first playthroughs before her. It is basically the run of "I try really hard to help everyone, and I keep fumbling around and messing things up by accident" which is fun.

@Bethris: I like to think that your qunari gets extremely self-conscious about how tall they are and like... hunch down to be at everyone else's level like so
@wildmageguy: If Bioware really cares about me (and they better) then Loghain will become a) a party member b) romanceable and c) not a victim of sudden and horrible death in future games.
But I did like the variety of Grey Wardens you could meet in DAI, and I honestly did not expect to ever see Loghain again. Best part of the game, no contest.
@wildmageguy: I suppose it is better than some heroes.
@Guest: We can always hope...

@Blazypika2: I don't know, Ganymedes would suggest that Zeus only slept with women. "Cupbearer" ok sure, whatever you need to say to keep Hera from going on a rampage.
lisa-and-shadow over at tumblr pointed out that there is just something... special about the Cousland story if you (like me) need to get a hold of all the loot in the game. ALL of it.

Sorry mother, but, like, surely you wouldn't want your only surviving child to be penniless? Right? Right.
Ok, sure, he can sleep on his stomach, or on the side, or with specially made support for his head and neck and frankly his whole bed would have to be adapted OR... he rolls them up. There's a reason we're not allowed inside the qunari compound at all times, is what I am saying.
@wildmageguy: cue the entire team giving Hawke a Very Meaningful Look.
@Blazypika2: Probably, but I have been burned before and I refuse to miss out on a few silvers.
... unless it's my wedding ring or my mother's boots, in which case I will have them on me or in my inventory for the rest of the game. Despite not having nearly enough room for loot.

@Deonis: The fate of all temporary allies who make the poor decision of joining forces with the warden, I'd say.

@Sharp-Claw: This is Ferelden. You can terminate the demand for the motorcycle, but I absolutely need your dog :p

@Melcolloien: It's called early inheritance, ok? It's not like Jory's pregnant wife had any use of... Look, if I die the Blight will definitely kill her, so, I need to sell this armor. To buy elfroot. And maybe some paint for my dog.
@mamiser: I mean... yeah. I agree completely. I honestly wouldn't care one bit about the wonky animations and all of that if... well, I got to roleplay. And got attached to the characters and the story. Basically, I'm a very simple person, and a good story will have me forgive everything else.

@Deonis: Honestly it would probably have helped the game if it hadn't been. It didn't measure up with the previous games, and so it got a lot of heat for things that, well, probably wouldn't have been too much of an issue had it been its own thing.

@Sharp-Claw: I will never be ok with that ending. How dare you remind me of it??

@Jeri: I hope you are right. I would love to see the ME series get back up on its feet and shine. And I mean, I wasn't super into ME1 until the very ending, but I adore ME2 so... there is hope?

@Guest: I pettily killed her even though Peebee asked me not to. Because it was the only thing I had a choice in :I

@wildmageguy @schtinsu: I romanced Reyes. I consider him the trash option, and I have trash tastes. The romantic ending scene was him suggesting a quicke in a broom closet. In that moment I knew I had chosen the right character after all. I was then disappointed that I couldn't take him up on it and had to go around and talk to everyone else instead.
@Sharp-Claw: ME2 is by far the best game in the series, but ME3 was pretty ok in chunks. I'm excluding the ending. ME1 meanwhile... I only got into it at the very end, so yeah, I guess it's a bit of a reverse ME3?

@Blazypika2: But Harby and I had a relationship. Not a friendly one, but nevertheless. It was more personal.
And I disagree. Marauder Shields was a goddamn hero. How dare you sully his name!

@Jemolk: I like your take on it, and I'm happy that you like it. For me though, the ending was... pretty much the opposite of what the series was about. To me, Mass Effect is about drawing strength from our differences, and because of that synthesis in particular rubs me the wrong way.
I do like that they added the "bad" ending, and the whole Liara's records helping other aliens defeat the reapers later thing. And I mean, the whole krogan plotline? Amazing. consequences from three games worth of choices. Got guilted into admitting the whole mess to the krogans because I was emotionally invested. A+

@wildmageguy: Look, I did, after the extended ending was added. Because I was frustrated with not being able to ask the questions I wanted to. I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE FOURTH ENDING AT THE TIME. The sudden tone shift and that voice was terrifying when I epxected nothing to happen.

@mamiser: ... was it really that long ago? I feel old. Very old all of a sudden.

@WillR: I feel you, I really do. Now, if you add the indoctrination theory to the mix, and if it had been explored a bit more... then hell to the yes. Excellent addition to the game.
And yes, Harbringer did have a cool voice.
@wildmageguy: I wanted to play a character with black hair but... the moment I stepped out of the generator it looked blue. Things did overall not go too well with the hair in DAI.