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Stronger: COMPLETE
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The Red Planet: HIATUS
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Guys. Guys.
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines sequel. Next year.
That one game that whenever it is mentioned I get an overwhelming need to play it again. That game. Is getting a sequel. At long last.
I would like to say that I'm keeping my expectations in check but nope. Not at all. I have a full year of hopes and dreams and "I hope they include this or that" ahead of me. And a full year to tackle the all important question... which clan do I play?
@Blazypika2: Good catch!
And fuck the Arishok? I was trying to and- oh, I see :p

@riverdaleswhiteflash: For a moment there you made me worry that I'd posted a typo again...

@Broseidon: I mean, yeah, I find the Qun interesting and whatnot, but I wouldn't want to live under it. But I find the whole 'stepping on the severed head of your enemy' thing distasteful... and extra so because damnit, I liked the Arishok :I

@Guesty Guestface: After you defeat the Arishok they put it up... in the docks... you know... not far from where the qunari were living... because of course they do.

@Rowena Shepard: I think it might be why Cassandra had such a hard time finding Hawke. That statue was the only visual she had to go on.

@mamiser: I did and I do! There's still a lot going on but, touch wood, it's on a more manageable scale.
@Deonis: ......... thanks... (this is why there is a time skip right after, I tell you)
@Broseidon: Thank you. And also, you are very welcome. I hope he visits you in your dreams.

@riverdaleswhiteflash: I think I managed a bit of both, thankfully :)

@Sharp-Claw: I hope you are too.

@ThatOneNerd: Everyone needs a bit of sexy Corypheus in their lives, whether they know it or not ;)

@Hevv: That... would have been awful. Mainly because I didn't get to be the Arishok's mortal bride and Corypheus is clearly going to hog all the good stockings in this relationship.
@Sharp-Claw: Little sacks of money, sounds about right. It needs to be a reeeeeally dire situation for me to start chugging potions, even when I'm sitting on a pile of them.

@Guesty Guestface: Well... irl I always go "but do I really need this?" when I'm shopping. Except for... like... books and games... because... the answer is obviously yes... always...

@Blazypika2: It IS absolutely pointless at the end of the game, and *yet* :I I even do it when replaying a game and knowing full well that the end is approaching.

@Broseidon: I was not aware that was an option. But then again, I usually feel like I'm ruining the challenge of the game if I exploit things like that. Because apparently I need the challenge of acquiring a hoard.

@mamiser: The ultimate one-time-only weapon is going to keep gathering dust. No way I'm wasting that kind of power, what if I'll need it later? After... the games is over...

@wildmageguy: That would be the Dalish Grey Warden. She's made an appearance in the past a couple of times, and generally been a bit of an ass. Because of course she was. I played her, and it wasn't my first playthrough.

@Guest: Four playthroughs sounds about right to reach the point of "ok, MAYBE I can buy that really expensive trinket after all, what with the end being close and whatnot"

@Ardruna: As far as I can remember, I always paid Goldanna. I mean, Alistair's sister or not, she had like a thousand kids. She needed the money. But then again, I will happily give money to the beggars, it's just... buying things for myself? No, no no no, can't waste money like that.
@wildmageguy: I want to say that Baldur's Gate had teleporting poison spiders, but I'm not sure if they used web too. I DO remember walking into their web traps about fifty thousand times though...

@Blazypika2: You are braver than me, that's for sure. I need to get a feel of how difficult a game is before I go fiddling with the difficulty.
@corienne: All games should give you the option to edit your character's appearance after character creation. The Black Emporium was an essential addition to DA2 and DAI I tell you...
So I've been reading some fanfic lately, and I was reminded of THE WORST PART OF DA2.
Absolutely the worst I tell you!
Seriously, the statue doesn't look anything like you, it's bloody rude.

(But also killing the Arishok, awful, no good, hate it, the worst, how could you, I will never be ok with this turn of events)
Sorry everyone! I'm a little overwhelmed with everything that is going on at the moment and I haven't had time to draw as much as I would like. So, I'm going to need a weekend to get a chance to catch up a little. Have some amorous Corypheus in the meanwhile!
@Broseidon: I think that is the worst part about higher difficulties? That fights just take *longer*. It doesn't feel rewarding, at least not for me, just... like I'm here kiting a dragon for 2 hours when this could have been done in 10 min max and I could have continued with the story. Obviously it appeals to people (who are probably better at tactics than I am) but... no. I'm good here on normal and casual. I've got shit to do and only so many hours I can put into playing games, you know?

@Guest: There is something about the Deep Roads in every DA game that makes me grit my teeth... That floating rock boss did not spark joy, that is for sure.

@Deonis: You paint an all too familiar picture... :I

@mamiser: No shame in playing games to have fun, at all! If I have to attempt a battle for the forth time it is pretty safe to say that I am not enjoying it anymore.
I'm trying to find the time to get through PoE2 at the moment and... well, good thing I leveled stealth because I got stuck in a long area where everything was WAY too powerful.
@Sharp-Claw: I feel you. I usually end up spotting the problems fairly early in the game, in some cutscene or other when I can't stop the horror show and just have to sit there and wait it out while staring at the offending error.

@riverdaleswhiteflash: I restarted DAI three times on the second character because the moment I entered the actual game the black hair turned blue... That is definitely a different but related crime - having vastly different lightning in the character creator compared to the actual game.

@Broseidon: A lot of old games make me hesitate to play them... because... yes... and Oblivion is one of them...

@Guesty Guestface: My third attempt in Dream Daddy was probably the best, but the lip color clashed with the skin color and it bothered me so much...
@HAC: It was touching, though I personally would have liked a little bit more time to bond with him, you know? But welcome! I'm always happy to see more people :D
So, I am a massive looter. This may have come up in the past. No spoon is safe, no boot will be left behind.

But I am also, yes indeed, the WORST at spending all the money I gather through all that looting. That dreaded "I might need it later" mentality kicks in and there I am. At the end boss. Pockets full of gold, ok armor but not great, half the trinkets I could have, and still refusing to use the best potions because... I might need that later...
@Broseidon: Well, I mean, first I clearly need to subconsciously decide that I am the worst disaster I know... which... ok, so let's not go there.

@mamiser: Agreed. SOMEONE, who shall remain unnamed, should definitely let us join in on all that elven glory. It's not like I play an elf whenever I'm given half a chance, here S- s- someone specific who should let me improve his flawed plan so it doesn't turn out to be a total disaster. Again.

@WillR: Well, of course? I might have Opinions about Joseph blatantly lying to me about having had a final talk with his wife about separating before luring me onto his yacht but... valuable lesson learned.

@Guest and @Guesty Guestface: Look. It's the bro thing. It hurts me. If he'd just stop we could do all the exercising his way too fit heart could desire.

@Ardruna: Damien ended up being my fourth playthrough, and my favorite so far. And he didn't dump me! Success! At last!
@jicklet: It's a special skill, that's for sure. Seriously, I swear, give me any game with romance options, I will find either a) the worst one or b) start pining after someone I can't have. Speaking of which, I love Mary so much and if I could I would go for her.

@Guest: How rude. Look, Loghain is funny and I just... he's loyal and... look... I... the thing is... if you just...

@Blazypika2: Tsshh your loss :p Now, one of these days I'm going to play Hatoful boyfriend and romance a pigeon so, you know, I kinda love silly dating games.
@Raining Chickens: I have not, but I have been happily making my way around Skyrim and had to turn around and hang out with some guards for a while because I'm pretty sure I heard Fenris.
@Blazypika2: Naturally, but I still think he should be given the chance. And also the chance to get a pretty makeover since the DA2 incident.

@Guesty Guestface: That... is one creepy mental image.

@Horrified Guest: ..... thank you for the reminder. I hate it. But yes.
Ok. It wasn't ONE spider. It was three. And they took out everyone but Hawke, who had perhaps 2 hp left to his name.

Lolth taught me a lesson that day, let me tell you.
My main issue with Dream Daddy is genuinely that I cannot for the life of me make an attractive player character. It is the worst. He keeps popping up and being all disappointing. It's not even my fault. There is no way I can compete with the solid jawlines the other dads have - because there is no option for it damnit! And the eyes! It was a return to DAI's eyebrow situation. A pair of decent ones, and then... the others...

And yes, I'll stop it with the Dream Daddy now. Ahem.
@Broseidon: Perhaps, perhaps... but if he's anything like he was in my DAO playthroughs I should be able to find him knocked out at every other battlefield. And yes, I still want him in my team.

@Blazypika2: All I want is for Zevran to genuinely be able to say that he has known every last main character in the series carnally. And also maybe have him on my team in every game, even if he is a disaster.

@Guesty Guestface: Well, now I'm beginning to doubt my own ears. Pretty sure it's the same laugh... the elves are merging...