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The comic status is the following:
The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@Broseidon: It's already on the ship, sorry. There's a mini-quest related to it. You can choose to release it on an alien planet with unknown consequences instead?
@mamiser: I mean, I don't doubt that she wants to murder my incompetent inquisitor but... she's been satisfied with sister Natalie... and ignoring my orders... and becoming the Divine despite my wishes...
I have regrets about hardening her, ok?

@Norgrath: My impression of Morrigan might be clouded by That Voice and her also being really funny. That is a solid combo, no please don't look closer at my other favorites, we don't need to go further into this...

@Sharp-Claw: You know... reading everyone's comments... I am getting the feeling that I uh... may be a tad too forgiving in real life. My natural reaction was "yeah but like, they were still friends so... you assume she's going through some shit and forgive that...?"

@riverdaleswhiteflash: But... but... look at how she grows during the game, the further away from Flemeth you get her!

@Broseidon: Alistair was originally the victim of a similar comic idea, before DAI came out and gave me this... because yes, I have no doubt.

@Blazypika2: You guys are bringing up some good points, and I'm still here like "but they were friends???" so uh yeah, maybe I'm uh... the odd one out here.
And I'm glad you like it :D

@kro: Oh, wow, thanks!
Also a good point. But but but... I think Leliana should love Morrigan as much as I do. I think we all should. The only thing she ever did wrong was steal from the Dalish, I tell you.
..... and suggest I sacrifice my father in a blood magic ritual to make myself stronger...
But we don't talk about that last one... mainly because the game wouldn't let me...
@mamiser: It would be unfair to take advantage of Loghain's proper Fereldan love for dogs like that, you are right, I should have known.

@Deonis: The dog would probably have had a more honorable duel than my rogue, let's be real. Throwing sand in people's eyes is generally frowned upon, apparently.

@Broseidon: To be fair, I don't think Eamon is ACTIVELY trying to ruin everyone's fun. It's just a natural skill of his.

@Davian Veq: Water it, you mean. Like a good dog.

@ThatOneDork: This pleases the author. Very much.

@Norgrath: Hey now, don't forget Eamon married an Orlesian. And that Anora is gloriously petty in honoring her father if he dies.
I, of course, say if because Loghain is live and kicking and not happy about it in my playthrough.
@littlemoth1: I fear you might be reading too much into people's comments here - no one is really upset :) Tired of the same old, perhaps, but not upset.
@Kell: The elves tend to get screwed over. I say this as someone who 100% of the time will play an elf if given the choice. With no small amount of bitterness in my voice.
@wildmageguy: I haven't played anything by them (but I have bought a bunch of their stuff now) but it is comforting that people are very excited about them as a developer. Here's hoping they treat their staff well too.

Look, Edwin was the best wizard in that game and that's just a fact, so I'm going to guess Edwin. With or without his 'friend' that I am still 90% certain is some kind of fiend that he messed up a spell with and got stuck in his head.

@kro: I WISH I knew what you were talking about. My copy of Jade Empire will not load. It took me half an hour to get it going the first time and... I just can't spend half an hour of my life getting angry at technology whenever I want to play a game, you know?

@Lord Crane: If you want to run away screaming without it being monotonous... Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. The werewolf mission. I thought I found a safe spot... I thought I could relax for a second and gather my thoughts. I was wrong.
@Blazypika2: I- You- How rude! (having five consonants right after one another is CLEARLY phonetically impossible in Swedish! ... but 'följ' means 'follow', so there is that)

@Broseidon: I'll say it again, Bioware should just hire me. Let me pitch all the dumb ideas. My favorite part of DAI is after all the sheep throwing. Glorious. 10/10 A++

@Guesty Guestface: That is a marvelous description. I fear that there will be a cutscene where you are right though... (but I would rather have a small opening, and Hawke getting stuck halfway out of it, preferably butt first)

@HAC: It was... all of us. And now Varric is sad. I don't think there is a corner big enough for us all to have a sit in and think about what we just did.

@wildmageguy: Hawke should absolutely make new friends. Of weird walks of life. Still not quite over "and this is my friend Loghain" from purple Hawke. How did that even happen? That is a story I want to see told.
@Blazypika2: But... but... I have waited... so many years... What if... what if I would really, really love the new Bloodlines? BG? ????? Well. They probably won't release them the same month. It should... it should be ok...?

@HAC: I did! With great delight! Is it a brainstealer dragon? Is it the mothership? Is it a giant mind flayer here to flay the world? :D
@mamiser: I was just going to say that the art is from a piece that is 4 years old and link to it, but, it turns out I never actually... you know... posted it online. Apparently. Just the WIP. So. Here It's something. Now I feel like I need to fix the skin and whatnot so I can... post it and... ugh... But thank you for the nice words!
They are Lana, Solique and Nri (not included in the WIP so, enjoy his sleeve), three of my main characters in a fantasy monstrosity that I have been (slowly) working on for years and years and years.

@Broseidon: A couple of years ago one of my friends overworked his right hand and... responded with drawing with his left. Until it got overworked too. And he couldn't use either.
Rest assured, I am a much MUCH more cautious person (and he's gotten better since)

@Sharp-Claw: It's always the hand! One way or another! Somehow!
Perhaps the cage for that rodent in Mass Effect Andromeda wasn't quite that small, but... still. Too small. Entirely unsuitable for that big chubby monstrosity. And it suffered the same fate as poor Boo II - nothing stimulating whatsoever in their cage. You can travel across galaxies but you can't give a hamster a wheel and something to dig in? Tshh.
Hey guys, I don't know if it's the heat or if it's just a "I hate you" from my right hand but it has got rather swollen this week and it's difficult to do delicate work like drawing at the moment. It has gotten better, but no art this week while I wait it out. Sorry!
@HAC: Haha, I'm glad to hear it! I wouldn't want to upset a real life drow :p
@Blazypika2: At this point I expect all games that I want to be released in the same week so that I can't decide what to play and end up just staring into space the entire weekend.

@Broseidon: It is always time to play through BG1+2 :p

@wildmageguy: I suppose I shall have to be comforted by everyone's confidence in the company. I haven't played anything by them, but I did buy a couple of their games during a recent sale on Steam, so... touch wood?

@HAC: Losing teeth is one of those reoccurring nightmares I have periodically, so I feel you.

@Sharp-Claw: The sky is the limit at this point, if you ask me. I never thought I'd see the day that BG got a sequel.

@mamiser: Ah yes, the dying genre. I suppose it is dying if it isn't bringing in the same amount of cash as the loot box filled genre-of-the-year games? Just... dying really slowly, stubbornly clinging to life and... still sticking around... having people remember them fondly decades after...
@Guest: Adjaldkjfölj sorry, my bad! You are absolutely right - spoiler tag added!
And one can only hope.

@Akhyléus: Haha, but maybe Cassandra (now after having actually met Hawke) would just nod and go "Yes, that seems about right."
@wildmageguy: I saw !!!!!!!!!!! The excitement is real, I tell you. Am I going to get to see Viconia again? Am I getting drow in general? I am definitely getting mindflayers and they are like, my second favorite. There might be tieflings, beholders, possibly even mimics aölsdkjfsölkdfj WANT
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 is great and all, you guys, but like, Baldur's Gate 3? Holy shit??

I just had some nice gifs of a mindflayer in my tumblr feed and clicked the link and bam! It's a trailer? ???
So yeah, consider me excited!
When I asked Leliana about Morrigan in DAI I was a little surprised at her negative attitude. It wasn't even based on the DAO playthrough where a bugged Leliana accused me of being unfaithful despite never romancing her either, so something must have happened when I wasn't paying attention. So, I have a theory...
@Guest: But... you can't loot through a keyhole? And surely looting is the most important part of a battle?

@Sharp-Claw: Getting charged by the Arishok was quite awful (in a 'I hate this, it hurts, I was doing a thing and now I'm not, good move' kind of a way) but yeah, I'm no fan of long battles. And also, a huge super not fan of killing the Arishok.

@Broseidon: I uh, you see... I... I keep forgetting about explosives. Even in the game. That is why. In my playthroughs we cry and run when we are out of mana and low on hitpoints and hope that Aveline can handle it.

@Blazypika2: I imagine that the duel would have been ten times worse if you were the healer of the party too.
And if you play on nightmare... hat's off. I am impressed and also horrified.

@kro: Me too. But we would be stuck with the awful conversation wheel still, so we wouldn't know what we were going to say in our glorious showdown, and that would be an issue.

@Deonis: I just want to be able to be a blood mage again. I felt cheated out of extremely strained relations with Cullen in DAI here.

@wildmageguy: Mages should by all accounts have epic leg muscles, is what I hear you saying. Maybe even be a bit faster than other classes, and not just because they aren't running around in plate armor?
"Drow are difficult to penetrate." Thank you for this out of context quote. I shall treasure it always.

@mamiser: Let's be real, Hawke has never done anything with dignity, so why start now? ;)

@Guesty Guestface: That would be glorious, but I would argue in favor of throwing the empty glass bottles at the Arishok while running away.
@Deonis: I am always suspicious of characters with a) proper names b) proper voice actors and c) unique appearances. They are Up To Something, one way or another. Now, those asari clones in the background? Eh.

@Guest: The fact that neither of us can remember his name is why it can't be the second in command.
I had already decided that Reyes was going to be my space boyfriend so choosing was quite easy haha

@Broseidon: Well, there was a lot of traveling back and forth that distracted from plotlines in MEA so that might be partially why?

@Sharp-Claw: I, for one, am comforted when I see a sea of clones. Even if they try to attack me they are so insignificant that dealing with asari clone nr 3451 won't be a big deal.

@RejjeN: Hey, only *I* get to stab people in the back, when you do it's wrong and-

@Billie: Haha yes, that too was a bit of a "mhmmmm so you're... just a rando huh..."

@Blazypika2: I know, right? She would have been a good candidate to murky up the waters at least.
@Guest: Any Inquisitor played by me sure as hell didn't close all of them. Not because we didn't WANT to... but there were like... ten thousand pride demons hanging around one of them and... you know...
And yes. Hawke survives the Fade. It is known. I will hear nothing else.