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The comic status is the following:
The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@Deonis: Very much so, yes.

@mamiser: We can learn a lot from dogs. Some more than others, indeed.

@PaleSun: Hooray and welcome! There is, uh, plenty to read haha
I started replaying DAI during the holidays and it was very satisfying to finish up with all the little quests around the Hinterlands. Unfortunately, I did this before heading off to Orlais and thus had not recruited a whole bunch of characters. Characters with personal quests that would require me to go back and tackle bears. Again. And again.
I just want to be able to check a region off my To Deal With list, ok? Especially when the game takes a long time to load damnit.
@Blazypika2: Easy - she got it because I'm a creature of convenience and by now I don't need a reference photo of the champion armor ;) That and it's iconic. So it's not just me being lazy, you understand...
@Daisy: Everyone should be mad that you can't romance the Arishok. I took one look at the trailer before DA2 came out and decided then and there that yes, if given half a chance the Arishok would be my game boyfriend. Alas.
@mamiser: Aw man, I still haven't bought PoE Deadfire, despite liking PoE AND being a critical role nerd, but that sounds great. I mean, I loved that I could choose between voices in DAI, so being able to choose body language as well would have really been super.

@Broseidon: You are right, but clearly this needs to be improved upon! From here on, I demand to be carried everywhere by the burliest companions available (that is to say, Cassandra and Iron Bull) on a golden throne. I expect bards to play a wide range of songs honoring my greatness as I enter rooms, to ensure that all understand that they are truly honored to be in the presence of the great Inquisitor.

@Shadeless: A miracle worker, trapped in a position of power, constantly forced to do things for others that considering their power should be beneath them... yeah that sounds about right.

@wildmageguy: Yeah but my qunari warrior still looks silly when she crosses her arms. I don't know about you, but when I cross my arms, I rest them against my stomach, you know?
If I had three wishes for DAI one of them would 100% be to be able to play the game on my laptop that had the lightning and texture look nice. I'm replaying it over the holidays and the metal hair kills me.

@Shadeless: Sounds to me like you're the standard fare of genies, as far as folk tales go ;)
@Blazypika2: I've used Fenris as my walking health potion in the past when playing as a blood mage, and I'm still disappointed that there are no consequences for doing that.

@Sharp-Claw: This suddenly became a question of "how many licks does it take to consume Fenris' lyrium tattoos"

@Broseidon: That seems about right, yes.
I'm sure that the other romance options in Mass Effect Andromeda were perfectly lovely. Unfortunately, MEA was a bit like ME1 for me. It didn't really "click" for me with the vast majority of the characters. I liked Drack and, well, Reyes (however obvious his plot was)., but otherwise it was a range of "eh". And sure, perhaps Reyes idea of celebrating our great victory was a bit... unconventional, but I'll be damned if I wasn't disappointed that I couldn't accept and abandon the party.

That being said, Reyes didn't need to tell me I have a really bad taste in men. Thanks. I know. And I'd still romance Zaeed or Loghain in a heartbeat.
@DarkBlood: Maybe we'll get the full picture in DA4?
@Guests Guestface: It always makes me so happy to hear that the comics help people find games they enjoy. Thank you for letting me know! :D
@Shadeless: Stroud. Everyone else on earth had Stroud. I swear, I was the only one who had to lie down on the bed for a couple of minutes of pure angst at that part.

@wildmageguy: I like Carver too. He can say what he want, but after the "If you have a problem with my brother/sister, then you have a problem with me" with Fenris that was it. He's my brother now.
Aw man, I want the return of EVERYONE too. I mean, I know it won't happen, or if it does it will be so clumsy I will just refuse to acknowledge it, but... but... still...

@Broseidon: It's to ensure that you really get that feeling of struggling and relate to Hawke. Unfortunately, I relate too much and yes absolutely pick up even the torn pants to sell. Every little copper counts to get Gamlen out of that crappy hou- oh, wait...
@Sharp-Claw: Frankly it's a miracle Hawke survived without Carver there to suffer through it all.

@Ardnax: I think that's about it. It's a shame, really. They could have been the Grey Warden (not that I mind that I got to see Loghain again but, you know, if there is a Grey Warden that Hawke would definitely know...)
When I first played DAI I (obviously) played an elf, and I just couldn't get over how weird it looked when she crossed her arms. But hey, I thought, it's probably because it's a pose adapted for all of the races. I'm sure this holding your arms all high up and out from your body makes sense on the beefcake qunari.
Then I played a qunari and it was the same unfortunate pose.
I have questions.
@Malla: Very much so. The Maker wept when he laid eyes upon them as they wandered the Kirkwall docks.

@Sharp-Claw: Yes! It was a breath of fresh air. Now, if only there had been some kind of help to be had for mental issues in Kirkwall instead of stabbing...

@Broseidon: Haha, I think Meredith just likes punishing mages with poor fashion choices. They should feel bad about being mages, damnit! Have an ugly hat! Makes her own hood looks nice, you know?

@Guest: Haha yes, and I'm sure Hawke would enjoy his objections, and keep calling him pretty

@Guesty Guestface: Ah yes, go forth, return to Kirkwall. Wince at the sight of the darkspawn, shriek at the sight of the NPCs...

@wildmageguy: Yes. Yes THOSE elves. The clone elves who have to share a sad face. Probably due to solidarity - can't let one person be the ugliest. If there is a dozen of them no one is THE ugliest.
(and let's not get into what the acceptable cost of pretty elves is and isn't...)
@Broseidon: Ahhh... sorry, I didn't connect the dots at all there.

@Kell: Hooray!
@Blazypika2: In character, yes, and also because he didn't expect it in that moment. Out of character, it was mostly "I DIDN'T MEAN IT THAT WAY AND YOU KNEW THAT" (and me laughing)
@Akhyléus: I think Jonas forgot, for a brief blissful moment, what his companions were like. Which, of course, is even funnier when you consider that they were kidnapping a woman at the time.

@Broseidon: Haha Jonas chose his words poorly. I will admit I was delighted that Freja went with it without flinching.

@Blazypika2: A frankly pathetic warlock turned up at their door and offered them cold hard cash for their assistance in some graverobbing, kidnapping and acquiring of fiend blood. That is all it took. Money.
And yes, they have always been green, but I might have used a different shade in the past!
I, personally, say that this would be a preferable option to dragging fragile vials of lyrium around, regardless of the rivalry points you are bound to rack up.
Happy holidays! I hope you have been good and whatnot, wouldn't want the Goodest Party Member to get ALL the presents, hm?

Champions and Heroes will take a wee break over the holidays and return to you in the new year!
@Shaleene: I personally prefer to play solo games (and I wish the game industry would stop making everything into multiplayer) and SWTOR works for the most part pretty well as a solo experience. For the most part, she said, looking bitterly at all those operations and whatnot.
@Guesty Guestface: Are you telling me that a desire demon's lady bits are glowing green? Because everything else is purple and I feel like it should glow purple.

@Broseidon: I have never heard it called that and now I am Concerned

@Blazypika2: Welp! This is one error I'm not fixing haha but thanks for letting me know!

@wildmageguy: I feel like the comparison requires that I make joke at Solas' expense here, but it's too late and I'm too tired to formulate something proper.