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Stronger: COMPLETE
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Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
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@Sharp-Claw: To be honest, I've considered a week or two if things get worse, but I don't really want to. As is I have enough comics to keep up a regular schedule throughout April so it should be fine, provided the doctors finally figure out what's wrong.
@Blazypika2: People insiting that something that is hurting you doesn't hurt are shit. Fuck that noise.
@Blazypika2: Not sure how it ranks for courage, but my opening to every doctor and nurse that approach me with a needle has been "hi, I'm a huge wuss who can't handle needles. No matter what you do, I will cry. Ignore me, just keep going" ... and then I have cried and whimpered and regretted all my life choices because needles are the WORST and they've stabbed me five times now.
@Blazypika2: Alas, not much. The fever induced by the cold is more or less gone, thankfully, but the rest of my health issues remain.
And you are most welcome.

@mamiser: I would love to pick on all characters equally, but some are easier than others. And some are untouchables that will induce an unholy rage in a small group of their fans if you even mention canon things they did.
So of course I pick on Solas. He's got it coming, I like the character, and his fans are cool about it.

Haha always good to hear that my soon 7 years of doing free marketing for Bioware pays off ;)

@Sharp-Claw: As an artist, this would be a horrific crime to do to someone else's art. But as someone who has played DAI...

@Guesty Guestface: Nothing says class like dickbutts, absolutely nothing.
@Copper: I imagine it must be for BG1, since he has a whole team in BG2 who unfairly join in to avenge his temporary death.
@Blazypika2: It is now confirmed that I have both a heart AND a brain. Everyone's amazed.

@Sharp-Claw: The good news is that after x-raying my head, it has been concluded that there is nothing wrong with my brain. The bad news is that a) I've got a serious cold on top of everything else and b) we still don't know what's wrong.
I may have mentioned a thing in the last comic and expectations happened.
I hate to disappoint so, Blazypika2, this is for you.

And also you Solas. You know why.
@Hevv: I'm trying! They've got me on anti-anxiety pills for now, I'm getting a 24-hour EKG machine tomorrow, and a doctor's visit that doesn't involve the emergency room on Wednesday. The good news is that my heart looks as normal as they come, and I now have solid evidence that I have a heart.

@Blazypika2: Well, damnit.
I was going to say I'm in Ukraine with work, but considering how this week has been going there's an equal chance I'm in the hospital.
My heart racing, dizziness and other problems keep coming back, so... yeah. We'll see.
@Neoseh98: I am pretty sure it AT LEAST warrants a lost level or two for his character.
@Sharp-Claw: Well, there are better places than Kirkwall. Places that are less prone to being on fire... So I guess it isn't too much to ask for, really, those are some pretty low standards indeed.
@Melcolloien: I think blood mage town is Kirkwall's second name. It's official title being Kirkwall (blood mage town) Is On Fire.

@wildmageguy: You... might have a point there.
@Wildmageguy: If one can play a dark elf, one should play a dark elf. That is the truth of games.

I did not know the EE had achievements. I got mine through Beamdog, I think, so, alas, no achievements for me.

@Blazypika2: ... yes. And longer. The Arishok didn't take as long for me. But it felt like years, years upon years of regret. We could have been friends, damnit!
@Sharp-Claw: If the choice is between "companions talking more" and "anything else really", you should always choose the former. Always.

@wildmageguy: I think BG is from before the days of achievements. You just need to feel the pride of successfully dealing with Drizzt in your heart, that is all the achievement you need. It won't give you back the half an hour it took, but nevertheless.

The very start of Drizzt's story - aka (squint at bookshelf) Homeland - starts with the Do'Urdens attacking and destroying house DeVir. I will admit that Drizzt was not responsible, as he was born that very night. Nevertheless.

Once I dragged those golden pantaloons with me through almost two games before I finally was able to successfully use them. It didn't feel worth all the loot I had to backtrack for, alas.

@warrion: I can respect that. Granted, if it means screwing with Drizzt then I can respect it, no matter what it is.
... I am fully aware that I have issues, thank you.
@wildmageguy: Maybe one day I'll get that Loghain romance, eh?
@wildmageguy: Honestly I think Peebee is worse, if only because of her sidequest where the game won't let me stay mad at her for crashing us into a volcano.
@Random City Elf: I think it is fair to say that an exile into Orlais probably never occurred to him as a possible punishment.
@Deonis: I considered adding a sparkle to his head... but I didn't want to distract from the important part. The armor, I mean.

@wildmageguy: So many dreams with dramatic winds and twirling to show off the new armor. It's very flattering to the thighs too you know.
@wildmageguy: "Watch this, Solas *proceeds to make out with water*"

@Blazypika2: It's a bit disappointing that you don't have to deal with much of anything because of it, until Trespasser yes. I'd be cool with the above mentioned voices and whatnot, just... you know... something. Or maybe I wasn't paying attention, I'm sure Solas said something but...

@Cathy: I will admit that not even that deterred me from going "I AM DALISH AND IT IS MIIIIIIINE"
My only regret is not romancing Solas that first playthrough as well.
@Sharp-Claw: ... I love it.

@Guesty Guestface: Alas I don't think I can make that happen, but if you want it on anything society6 offers (sadly sparkleless) then give me a shout and I'll put it up here

@mamiser: There was a moment when I went "oh no, I need a Valentine's comic!" and then I realized that, well, there is only one man for the job. And so here we are.