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The Red Planet: HIATUS
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@Norgrath: I, personally, would not mind watching the disaster that Zevran seducing Alistair would entail.

@Sharp-Claw: Please, don't tempt me so...

@Norwegian: Haha I'm not saying it was AWFUL, only that he is, perhaps, not as smooth as he might wish to be.

@StilleNacht: ... yes.

@wildmageguy: That is true. Morrigan's tent at the very edge of camp. With a separate fire, because UGH you people.
And thank you for the points, ahem
@Guest: "Why is there no flirt option" is what I keep grumbling whenever I'm playing games. There should always be a flirt option. Except maybe for Tetris.

@Blazypika2: While I agree that Lana is appealing, you must understand that this monogamy thing is merely optional. Why flirt with only one team mate when you can flirt with all of them?

@Shade: Hahaha I most certainly did.
@wildmageguy: I don't know what you are talking about. Me? Liking dark elves? Why I never.
To be honest I'm not a huge fan of mmos, I like my single player story driven games too much haha

As for cutting into the cake, it was no problem at all. I admit I plucked a leg first, because they were made up by one of my favorite candies.
@Blazypika2: Ah yes, the other favorite.

@Shade: Captain Jerker is plagued by happily running along, thinking about how amazing his butt is going to look from all this running, and suddenly he's getting nowhere - just running against an invisible wall.

@wildmageguy: The little red bar of doom - the internet connection informing you that it isn't there anymore :(
But gods yes, SWTOR takes forever to load. When I re-installed it I left the computer for a couple of hours to do its thing because I knew it would take an eternity and make everything else lag.

@Norgrath: Haha I've had that too. It's impressive, I must say.
@Guesty Guestface: I am personally a fan of having a conversation and seeing enemies creeping around the talking characters, just waiting for the conversation bubble of no-touchies to break.

@Karhu: More families should accept that explanation, I tell you.

@wildmageguy: Hahaha, I for one am happy to be told that "this option is a flirt option" before I click it. Nothing like wanting to have a conversation like a normal human being, and suddenly you are coming on SUPER strong to Jacob because the conversation wheel a) didn't tell you it was flirting time and b) the voice actress is really going for it.

@Anon: You know what? You're right. And calling a main character rude names is a crime punishable by death, so it all checks out. Excellent.
@Blazypika2: There were a lot of people very keen on betraying Shepard, for reasons that I will never understand. Almost as if the entire galaxy was made up by apostates.

@m_celeri: I really like how that played out, except for the ending cutscene which kind of ruined Trespasser. But that particular elf has the advantage of a whole game to do non-treasonous things, so that helps...

@mahigan: She's never been my favorite either. I found her quite... meh in the first game, and insisting on a degree of intimacy later that I never had with her, which made her rub me the wrong way.
She also ruined my Black Widow run by being impossible to kill, and that is unforgivable.
@Blazypika2: Thank you! It is indeed!

@Galorian: Thank you! And she should! It was tasty, too.
@Shaleene: Merrill is the inverse Loghain. There's maybe 20 of you who don't like her total.

@Blazypika2: I pick on Carver because he didn't realize Merrill was adorable from the very beginning. I feel that is fair game.
@wildmageguy: I must say that I like that all of them have 'damnit' moments.
Hey peeps, no comic this week - it's my birthday and I'm still sick, two months later. Instead I direct your attention to last year's birthday cake that my friend Jonas made me, a spider cake if you will, to honor the drow roleplaying game that we're playing, if much slower now that I'm mostly lying on a couch.

Isn't it awesome? It's awesome.
This whole "building an alliance" thing is totes captain Jerker's thing. I swear. If Theron would just, you know, find him some leads that he could see himself flirting with.
@Insert_Witty_Username: I have a hard time seeing how anyone could not love Merrill. She is adorable.

@Sharp-Claw: I think I helped her with the mirror one time, for the sake of variation, but it didn't feel right. I would LOVE to see Merrill in DA4 giving Solas a serious scolding.

@wildmageguy: If you look at her original character design it's clear that she was originally supposed to be more villainous. I think they changed her up to keep players from out right rejecting her, and hooray for that! Look at our adorable jaggernaut of destruction!

@Guesty Guestface: Have no fear, there is an easy cure for your shame and regret
@Karhu: I haven't gotten to it yet. I... kind of don't want to. I'm playing the smuggler at the moment and using stealth to accomplish objectives while avoid killing chiss on Hoth. I'm a sad person, ok?

@Shade: I will admit that there might have been a little less eyebrow waggling but other than that, yes, 100% accurate.
@mahigan: I really wish I could have had that experience, going in blind to the Solas romance would have been awesome. Consider me jealous!
@Norgrath: Some parts were... not perfectly made. Still a bit frustrated about having to look up what exactly I was supposed to do at a party, even when there was a help function in game. Still, I think it's great that we are getting more content! Less great that they have forced me to kill chiss to progress. The guilt, the horrible guilt...

@Sharp-Claw: Oh man, using the ghosts to fight would have been awesome. Definitely a missed opportunity there.
There's just a special feeling in shooting and shooting and realizing that, hold on, the enemy isn't reacting. I'm not doing the actual attacks that I thought I was. If I walk more than 20 foot in any direction I freeze in place. Ah. Yes. The little red bar of doom has returned to plague my internet connection... The joy of online games.

The return of the disaster that is captain Jerker, from all those years ago he last appeared in a comic. Or, as he would prefer to introduce himself, "[Flirt] Fancy seeing you here, checking me out."
@wildmageguy: I didn't want to get spoiled by reading any guides and spent the entire game terrified. He survived though! Hooray!

More realistic depictions of humanity's magnificient differences in fiction, I say!
@Blazypika2: The best part about discovering a long running comic late is that you have so much more to read from the very beginning. No shame in that!

@Sharp-Claw: Technically it's probably a month or two older, back in the day we did prepare a little before getting the ball rolling. I think. It was long ago.

Every hobo with a knife and all of their upstairs neighbors.

@Guesty Guestface: Pretty sure those trousers are only torn because Hawke is rubbish at undressing others too.

@Norwegian: 5th birthday was a sad birthday, it is known. Thanks for sticking with me and the comic for two years!

@Eythor: Ah! Vad söt du är! Tackar tackar!

@wildmageguy: "Reading" you say. Opening and closing them for the xp, not bothering to read a single word, I say.
And I'm pretty sure at least 50% of the Ferelden laws are about protecting dogs.

@Bethris: Thank you! It's been... a surprisingly long and short ride at the same time haha

@schtinsu: Thanks for sticking with this disaster for two years! *cue fumbling the high five like a total loser*
@wildmageguy: I admit, three flirt options was an exaggeration. But there was a double flirt and one dark side option situation. It hurt me.
I don't mind the romances, frankly I enjoy them quite a bit, but I prefer my romance options to be 30+ and not hero-worshipping me.
@Norgrath: Yes, but also... Why not both?

@Sharp-Claw: Good, gooooood. The Inquisitor was... nothing new under the sun, but it felt rewarding nevertheless. I've tried the Sith Warrior but... I took a break to play a smuggler. Maybe it picks up later, maybe I just need a break from the same quests. Either way, I'm sleezing across the galaxy and getting annoyed with Corso for agreeing with my sleeziness.