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The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@JapaniKatti: It was great fun! ... and stressful and all of that but still! Day went off without a hitch :)
@Vesinir: This specific fanzine, no, alas. But I do believe I still have some copies of the fourth installment, which focuses on Dragon Age Inquisition if that is of interest :)
@Draven22: Warning, temperatures are- Yes. Thank you, SAM. I *know*. I want an off button, ok?

@Sharp-Claw: Well, there is that, yes. Personally, I quite liked the Joker/EDI until EDI got a body, after that... well, I still love EDI and Joker, but... it lost its charm a bit?
@Deonis: Oh, absolutely. I completely understand. It is clearly the junior who is at fault then.

@Sharp-Claw: I'm sure there's a clause somewhere in the laws that govern all of that that specify it in a similar manner.

@Norwegian: That is a VERY good point.

@screamingViking: Ah yes, no sexism in Thedas. My old favorite.

@Guest: It's the face of a man escaping responsibilities and using questionable rules to get away with it. I suppose we should, in a fashion, envy him.

@4mation: Why he would never!
@The Angriest of All Eggs: As well they should XD
And that is a beautiful username.
@Guest: Actual straight up Dungeons & Dragons in this case :) But yeah, I can see Baldur's Gate character creation being a bit overwhelming (but the game is good, I promise)

@screamingViking: That is the best party, let's be real. Just a bit hard to prepare for, as a DM.

@Trewestriandta: In the best of cases there are other team mates who can help you out. Or, like in a game that I'm playing, the people with the worst perception stats (yours truly being one of them) keep rolling like gods whenever it's perception time. And only perception time.
@mamiser: Gods yes, replaying the time traveling thing with Solas in the party was... interesting. In a "I want to grab you by the shoulders and shake you" kind of a way. I do believe I took screenshots XD

@Norwegian: That bit... is extra strange, considering the fact that rogues get a mini crossbow prosthesis? And it looks plenty neat.

@Guesty Guestface: You know, I really like the idea of it being treated like a magic 8 ball. And constantly telling Solas to ask again later.
Sorry, life has been super busy. One of my old time friends got married this weekend, and I'm his best man/woman. Person. Definitely best person. Excellent title.
You may know him from a couple of comics - Marcus has appeared most recently in Lovebug, there together with his now wife Freja (and their dog Bianca, of course). So here is wishing them the best, and giving me a little bit of a breather.

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I'm pretty sure Peebee falsified documents and snuck onboard, because she alone is unique in the clone army of asari. Or, you know, she's a companion. But nevertheless!
@Sharp-Claw: I would suggest the GM, who didn't get to play with the mimic as she thought she would :(
@Guesty Guestface: I am certain Josephine would manage a very pointed look and make them all feel very ashamed of themselves if she only knew.

@Robert Archer: True, they do have a bunch of cheap trashy books lying around, so they've clearly not your standard Ye Olde Fantasy World.

@Queen of the Random Word: Not going to lie, it hurt a bit to draw...
@Neko: It was very successful indeed them. It felt like years and years passed :p
@Sharp-Claw: Haha but that would be a very long sign indeed XD

@Robert Archer: It is kind of sad that multiple people insist they are going to name their children after Shepard... and yet no one knows their first name.

@mamiser: Fallout 4 was great, not going to lie, I got way too excited at having lucked into one of the recorded names.

@ChronicAmnesiac: Not going to lie, I tend only to remember my first character's name. But still!

@Guest: Yeah, call outs like that are honestly my least favorite. I'd rather the game itself would pretend like it didn't happen for the immersion's sake if nothing else.

@schtinsu: There was not, but I am not going to argue against the premise ;)
I have escaped from my computer and into the wide world beyond it! Until my return next week, I offer you... twirling, uncomfortably posed Hawke in all his bearded glory.

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@ihavenoideawhatiamdoing: Oh, yes, if it was all about hiding loading times, that would be great (which is why I'm kind of ok with the unskippable landing bits) but... like... that planet I want to scan genuinely has, at the best of times, a little deposit of something or other on it. It cannot possibly warrant an eternity of space travel.
And yes. More elevator dialogue would solve everything. Everything.
@Sharp-Claw: Indeed. One would think Blackwall might at least voice his opinion on their handiwork.

@screamingViking: We are so lucky that the Inquisitor discovered the darkspawn phobia for three uneven planks of wood. Saved the surface, truly.

@Norwegian: Well, the Warden prevented a Blight from touching more than one country, saving unknown numbers in the process. Considering the destruction that usually follows a Blight in its wake, that IS a huge deal.

@Kagami468: Indeed... it gets kind of embarrassing when you have that information going into DAI to be honest.
@Guest: I just wanted to scan those 50 planets... for that one quest... There is NOTHING of interest on the vast majority of the planets... somehow...

@Sharp-Claw: Cue joke about my haircolor here?

@Robert Archer: Ah, but you see, by the time it was time to land I was already dead of old age.
No no, it's cool. It's cool, Alistair. You just... keep going. Pretend that you would never get involved with the issues of a whole nation. It's fine...
@NewWillinium: Sure, but Ryder doesn't know that humanity's already had run-ins with the keth. And really, judging the whole species for the actions of a few is... really an unsuitable mentality for the people deemed most suitable for first contact.

@Robert Archer: Agreed. I wanted to be able to be an absolute asshat, and stubbornly cling to a pacifist route. Alas...

@Sharp-Claw: I stubbornly refused to shoot first throughout the entire first planet... just in case...
Seriously SAM. I'm pretty damn sure that every alien plant is just as interesting and amazing as the next. If I scan it you process it, that is the deal, stop being picky.