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The comic status is the following:
The Queen and the Soldier: COMPLETE
Royal Games: COMPLETE
Stronger: COMPLETE
Insurrection: HIATUS
Ilta Dalharuk [Her son]: COMPLETE
Myths of Mars: COMPLETE
The Red Planet: HIATUS
Forestborn: COMPLETE
Champions and Heroes: ON GOING!
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@Broseidon: You know, I still don't think Varric would have told? Shameful, that is.

@Sharp-Claw: I think not!

@Deonis: Ah, but Hawke IS the perfect hero. They attract chaos and mayhem by their very existence. Hawke is the hero you send to whatever place you want to see destroyed. Like, I don't know, Tevinter? DA4 - Hawke flies again? Possibly out of a rift, but nevertheless.
@Deonis: A smuggler without a ship is... desperate to get reunited with their ship. Or a better ship, which they might then abandon once they have tracked down their own ship.

@Norgrath: Light side - return the ship. Dark side - steal ship from the thief, sell it for parts to improve your own.
... I'm still a bit upset that Rutau wasn't recruitable. And that you just... leave him there...

@Sharp-Claw: For the most part I'm the same, but... the one exception in SWTOR is really when I'm playing my chiss agent and the quest giver is a huge racist who can't keep their mouth shut while trying to ask the alien to help them. I WOULD like to fight some of them on the spot, but for the most part ignoring the quest altogether will have to do.

@Guest: Hahaha I think I flirted with everything that moved - except that one mirialan who came off as a bit young. Sudden 100% gentleman, enjoy your freedom miss, thank you for your assistance, there will be 0% sleaze here.
@wildmageguy: Oh man, I don't know. Maybe, but probably not. I considered doing a Mass Effect version but hoooooo boy do I hate alien anatomy. Give me DA4 and I'm sure I will feel compelled to do a part 3 though.
@Sharp-Claw: He's a man of many talents.

@RejjeN: Possibly, yes, but... still. I want!

@Guesty Guestface: But then who was your tour guide to Thedas? Who did you consult whenever you came across a ruin or a new region or... Was I the only one who went on the Fantastical Fade Tours?
@Deonis: Well, sometimes it only worked out for half a minute, but what a glorious half a minute it was...

@mamiser: Oh man, Emilio. He sure was grade A hopeless that one. Now I'm kind of sad that he didn't reappear in DAI so he could give us all second hand embarrassment again.

@Broseidon: You know, that exact thing has been in the list of Dragon Age comic ideas, but I ended up going with the Solas-Inquisitor "Rifts, rifts everywhere" instead. Mainly because I don't want this to be 100% DA2 even if it IS the best game.

@Rowena Shepard: I think we would all be lucky to walk away from Kirkwall (which I am sort of assuming is always on fire). Most people seem to end their days as bloody explosions.

@corienne: Agreed... I mean, the letter signed O gave me a solid hint that he was somehow involved but... like... Orsino... come on...

@Guest: Oh man, that the city was built like a giant highly suspicious rune is like... my number 1 "please can we get back to this?" That and all the deaths basically being regular blood sacrifices. Good going everyone! This can't have any negative consequences, for sure!
@Blazypika2: Ok, but, like... at his best he can heal 42 hp in one go and the vestal can do... like... half of that. It's just one skull. It's no big deal. Really. Please, ignore the giant tentacles that came out of a different reality to smite our enemies. They are on our side (for now).

@Broseidon: Wyrd reconstruction is, indeed, just advanced acupuncture. All this time I have been blind.

@Kagami468: Ah yes, nothing like watching him cut someone up and letting them bleed 3 hp per round while they are at death's door and all the enemies using them as a chew toy. I have lost too many hellions, I tell you...

@Sharp-Claw: Congratulations, you found the one thing that would make this worse. Occultist getting a heart attack due to embarrassment stress while his would-be patient bleeds out. Get in touch with Red Hook Studios asap before they are done with the sequel.
If you need a Disaster Hero (TM) look no further than Kirkwall. Hawke's resume includes but is not limited to... Kirkwall. All of that mess. Including the surrounding region. Ayep, check that out. That is some impressive disaster levels right there.
I suppose there are other conversation options for the smuggler's intro but I sure don't know what they were. I thoroughly enjoyed picking every ship focused option for a solid 10 levels to solidify that my character had a one track mind and nothing was ever going to be ok until he had his baby back again. I feel a little bit bad for the npcs who needed someone to help them with their (far less important) problems though...
@Cimbri: Oh yes. I know they want to make both alternatives (like mages vs templars) be equally viable options, but... that sort of doesn't work when they show us again and again that no, there are several societies that deal with magic in a way that works much better than the circles. Like the Dalish, pre-DAI. Or, yes, the Avvar...

@Broseidon: I mean, sure, one asshat clan could explain it, but I think my main issue is that you don't really get to talk about it? The most you can say, as a Dalish, is that your clan didn't do it like that. But that is my main problem with a lot of issues that you get confronted with in the game - not enough of a chance to argue.

@Blazypika2: Well, Merrill had to leave her clan as an adult, because of the blood magic and the demon and whatnot. That's not really the same as dumping a kid in the woods and, at best, hoping that it will make it civilization. Bare minimum would be to dump the kid at the edge of a village at least.

@mamiser: Aw man, yes, do want. It will be one of those spots you walk by fifty times just to hear what they're up to now.

@Norgrath: I think a lot of the lore vs what is actually in the game comes down to lack of communication. The missing moon comes to mind. I think I remember someone mentioning a graveyard in Redcliffe despite Fereldans burning their dead too.

@NewWillinium: I would be fine with that, but then I would also want other nearby clans to demand semi-regular meetups so they can take their unwanted children because damnit, what is wrong with you??
@Sharp-Claw: Agreed! I'm telling you, I'm more than willing to help them with these things but oh well...

@Broseidon: Man, my sims are lucky if they even get a sink in their bathrooms. They usually end up with orders to use the toilet and then take a shower. Please, don't judge me, I swear it's more (cost) efficient.

@Guesty Guestface: You know, there are a lot of things I think EDI should be able to do and yet... feeding the fish, for one. But maybe she lets you into the bathroom because there is no one there?

@Deonis: I'm no expert at building spaceships or anything, but I'm thinking that if we have a large chunk of big empty spaces we can squeeze in a few doors to provide some level of privacy in the bathroom, is all I'm saying... military code or not...

@Daisy: I think I would sneak up to use the commander's private bathroom. Especially since seeing how when I was playing Shepard I didn't notice I even had one until the very end of the game.
@Broseidon: Don't try to make him relatable now...

@riverdaleswhiteflash: It would have been kind of neat if towards the end of the game he'd just have this sudden increase in stubborn survival? Like, he isn't about to show that he's more powerful than he is, but he just refuses to go down and clings to that last bit of health a bit more? Then again, I would probably not have noticed anyway so...

@Guest: That is a pretty neat theory, and yeah I think he absolutely got more powerful after consuming her, but then I kind of wonder... didn't he use his god mode powers to absorb Mythal? Thus needing to have them before...? And still not pitching in nearly enough in battles?
I really love the Darkest Dungeon, and the occultist is one of my favorite classes... but... I'm not saying he regularly betrays me in our hour of need, but... he sure has a talent for healing 0 hp and making the already badly injured bleed like nobody's business.
It's almost like deals with unknown horrors isn't a good idea or something.
@Deonis: I certainly hope so - you are most welcome ;) And thank you!

@Broseidon: It sure has been a journey, that's for sure.

@Guesty Guestface: Thank you!

@warrion: Thank you! For the nice words and sticking around.

@Hevv: I'm glad you like it! It was fun to work on haha

@Nayra: Old or new makes little difference, you are here and that and joining in on the fun and that's what matters :) Thank you!
Number 13 of the Dragon Age meme is most definitely subtitled the "bad decisions" part, which I feel is suitable. Also the "DA2 ending" part. Nothing like DA2 and bad decisions.
I woke up at 5 am and wrote this down.
And yes, I still refuse to accept the DAI suggestion of a new canon.
@Sharp-Claw: Unfortunately I have not, despite having glanced at it once or twice.
@wildmageguy: Oh I see, haven't played it and, well, unless it comes to PC I probably won't. But good to know. If it had been Henry VIII I would have been most concerned.
@WillR: I hope you enjoy it! And either way, for $5 it's a steal.

@Guest: Oh shit, that's horrible. There is a semi-official patch that you absolutely must get. The company went under before the game was entirely finished and some heroic developers made sure it would be playable anyway. But yeah, there might be some player-made patches that fix remaining issues. Best of luck!
@Rena: I want to have reasonable and realistic expectations... but I also know that with a full year to hype that isn't happening.

@Blazypika2: Well, I like neither smell nor taste of garlic so... me? But I am also super sensitive when it comes to spices and anything bitter or tart.

@Sharp-Claw: You can't play a Malkavian the first time around! You won't understand what's going on and get spoiled at the same time! I hope! Because they better keep that part of of the first game, it was amazing.
@wildmageguy: ... I really hope that's not Henry VIII you're talking about. Everything else checks out as far as I'm concerned.