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Diana_HND loves comics , RPG games, good music and the occasional good books - so much so that absorbing them all has filled her the need to have a story of her own.

What initially began as merely weekly prompts soon became a feasible, yet small comic series that is "The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon". The main goal is for this comic to be simple, to ensure it's entirely achieveable, while juggling the day job and (hopefully) a bigger comic series.

Heroes Never Die is due for a rewrite. The comics you see there now will eventually be removed - but until she has a decent enough story and some solid pages.

You can also check her other art stuff in her DA account;
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A good business don't mean nothing if you can't get a grip on the costs!
Welcome back, folks! Ending the last hiatus with some sychronized swimming gimmicks from Walrus & Guppy Fish!

Incidentally, to my fellow Chinese folks, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too! 83
Fishy business aside, I do need to put this comic on hiatus for a bit. I wasn't kidding when I said that work will become hectic. It was more than I expected.
And well... besides that, I need to sort out some personal issues. I have not been feeling 100% lately. I'll need to make some decisions to sort out my life and the time to take the necessary action.

The comic will resume 2 Feb 2019.

See you then!
You can thank @WiispNightmare for this imagery. xD;

Happy New Year everyone!
'Tis the season to be jolly and take breaks! ^^;

Also, a warning in advance - due to my new role, I'm expecting things to be especially hectic, starting from this week up to even the whole of next month. Soooo you might have to expect spotty updates. But I will try to update the comic... I hope.

Either way, Merry Christmas folks, and have a happy new year!
A synchronized swimming show!
Must have taken her an awful while to compile the newspaper strips, but at least it works!
The Walrus and the Guppy Fish get a brainwave from the girl's rant!
Looks like she got her jobs confused here.

Sorry for the 2nd filler in a row, but my own job is really kicking me badly here.
Here's to hoping it lets up enough for me to do a proper update next week.
Our heroes are still experiencing money woes!

Needed a break to figure out the next comic strip.
Updates will resume next week.

Thank you for your patience!
Man, what a tough economy.
Now what will the different arrangement be?
The harassed daughter explains why her father got so excited to use the cannon.
It's probably been a while since the lady was taken care of like this.
She finally popped a blood vessel.
There's always going to be that one person who insist they're never, ever wrong....
I bet you that lady wished she did overtime at job no.3.
Filter - Kooky Silhoutte
I needed a little time to figure out how to go about the story of this arc.

So here's a kooky silhoutte of our tackle-happy girl character.

Comic resumes next week.