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Diana_HND loves comics , RPG games, good music and the occasional good books - so much so that absorbing them all has filled her the need to have a story of her own.

What initially began as merely weekly prompts soon became a feasible, yet small comic series that is "The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon". The main goal is for this comic to be simple, to ensure it's entirely achieveable, while juggling the day job and (hopefully) a bigger comic series.

Heroes Never Die is due for a rewrite. The comics you see there now will eventually be removed - but until she has a decent enough story and some solid pages.

You can also check her other art stuff in her DA account;
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Walrus begins to relate the story behind her disappearance, starting from this point in the comic:
Finally, the Walrus reappears! With... a Koala?!

In case you're wondering how that Koala sounds like, it's like this koala here:
The scream stops both parties - enough for them to turn to look.
What's next, an attack from the tasmanian devils?!
No, seriously, the virus really does strike back. >_<;
Updates to resume next week.
I guess this explains why the Koalas never attacked the humans until now. They were building up their numbers, biding their time. The Dragon was just an unexpected arsenal bonus.
@PossumFlavored: Thank ye muchly; the Dragon was inspired by Howl's Moving Castle. :D
Yes, there's still that war with the Koalas going on.
Lowana picks up a foreboding scent....
It's been a hard day at work and I need time to figure out the next pages. Updates resume next week. Thank you for your patience!
Terence doesn't get paid enough for this shiz.

For now.

it's not quite over yet!

Also, this page was made possible by the wonders of antibiotics, combating nasty cold bugs since... ever! @w@;;;
Time to stretch those wings for real!
No, I didn't get sick, but family got into hospital, so... it's been a tiring, challenging week.
Updates will return next week.
Dramatic wing stretch!
The leap of faith!

Also, wide-page update. 8D
Our heroes decide to take one last desperate move, which will depend entirely on how... heavy they are!!!

Wait whut.
Sorry Lowana, but I need the extra time to figure out how to show the next pages.

To the readers: Thank you for your patience.
Tune in for next week's update - it'll be a double strip!
So close yet so far! With their knife and ax tossed out of reach, how will our heroes free the Dragon now?!