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Diana_HND loves comics , RPG games, good music and the occasional good books - so much so that absorbing them all has filled her the need to have a story of her own.

What initially began as merely weekly prompts soon became a feasible, yet small comic series that is "The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon". The main goal is for this comic to be simple, to ensure it's entirely achieveable, while juggling the day job and (hopefully) a bigger comic series.

Heroes Never Die is due for a rewrite. The comics you see there now will eventually be removed - but until she has a decent enough story and some solid pages.

You can also check her other art stuff in her DA account;
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Walrus tries to play a little cupid on Ming Yu and Ee-u-Ee. Well, mostly on Ming Yu, really.
Ming Yu's job as a freelance cop becomes really useful here.

Meanwhile, what is that Walrus up to?
Flushing down ideas before even seeing it. Sheesh.
Ming Yu posts up a simple teaser, which prompts the word of mouth to spread like wildfire.

Also, a small tiny cameo for Li Zi Qi in the 3rd panel, and her grandma in the 4th panel.
Li Zi Qi is a young lady who lives on a farm in China, and shows the cooking and work she does there. It's not just the food presentation that got me hooked - I love her work ethic. Farming life isn't easy, but she still gets good work done, ya know?
Her videos make me feel so at peace watching it.

You can check her out in her Youtube channel here!:
Our heroes reassure Ming Yu that she won't be alone in this.
Sometimes there's always that one parent who will say something that impacts the child for a very long time.
And when the parent is confronted on it later then, they'd shrug it and deny they said something so demeaning.

That's because they didn't actually mean to discourage. They only meant to say out what they see first-hand.
"It's just a comment. Don't be so sensitive."

It's true. It's just a comment. What's a mere comment to them, is a weight that the child will carry for the rest of their lives. Judging by Ming Yu's face, she's likely faced 'mere comments' all her life.

People underestimate the power of their words sometimes.
That sounds an awful lot like someone who KNOWS what they're doing...
Man, what a party pooper.
Looks the start of an almost great working relationship!
Negotiating contracts aren't usually easy, but with a difficult individual... WELL.
No, A-o-a, you’re not the only one thinking that.

\^o^/ \^o^/ \^o^/ \^o^/ \^o^/

ALSO! I have a new website:

\^o^/ \^o^/ \^o^/ \^o^/ \^o^/

Not all the Walrus comics have there yet though, so I’ll be uploading them 5 every day.
@Tinyhammer: I think there comes a time when we want to do something but have No Idea how to go about it. This should be one of those moments. xD;
Somebody clearly hasn't taken on a managerial role before.... OAO;
Damn, she nasty! Also, Ming Yu WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
The situation seems to getting a tad-bit out of control....
D'oh! I hit a snag with the comic's story. Gonna need time to sort that out.
Comic resumes next week.
For now, have a rare picture of a far less stressful Ming Yu. Remember to relax when you can, folks!
@Pidgeot Slayer: Hiya there! Thanks for reading the comic, and thanks for catching the weird glitch. It seems to be affecting just the mobile view, as I don't get the glitch when viewing from desktop/laptop.

I've done some fixes, so that weird glitch should be gone. If you do still see it, could you let me know?

Thanks again! <3
Just because it's a good idea doesn't mean it'll be taken well. Ain't that the same for us too?
@Guest: Ee-u-ee is in danger of acting too presumptuous herself.