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Diana_HND loves comics , RPG games, good music and the occasional good books - so much so that absorbing them all has filled her the need to have a story of her own.

What initially began as merely weekly prompts soon became a feasible, yet small comic series that is "The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon". The main goal is for this comic to be simple, to ensure it's entirely achieveable, while juggling the day job and (hopefully) a bigger comic series.

Heroes Never Die is due for a rewrite. The comics you see there now will eventually be removed - but until she has a decent enough story and some solid pages.

You can also check her other art stuff in her DA account;
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Wha - Walrus?! SHE'S the date?!
Constipation is a serious health issue, but I think we can give the Guppy Fish a pass here. X_X;
I guess the Guppy Fish is a... glutton for punishment.
Owl ---> Eagle ---> Vulture ---> Dragon!

A little tribute to those ballsy crows that like to ride birds bigger than them.
Walrus uses Sewing Machine!
It's not very effective....
I have now entered Hell Week of my real-life job and it's been kicking me in the guts.
Normal updates will resume next week onwards.
Thank ye muchly, glad you found this deep and enjoyed it too! :D
With this, the Rage of the Koalas arc has ended. With the panel of a Koala and a Tasmanian Devil holding paws, no less.

This whole arc started out with an idea of 'what happens when enough is enough?'. What happens when peaceful creatures, given the ability to strike back, had enough of being picked on by the humans? Creatures like the Koalas? Perhaps, if given a chance (like an unlikely evolution from having aggressive Tasmanian Devil blood in them), they may actually push back.

The resolution of the major conflict between the Koalas and the humans may feel a little too fantastical. Koalas being reminded of their peaceful nature just by eating Eucalyptus leaves? Soldiers ignoring direct orders from the leader and choosing to stop and make peace?
But apparently, a somewhat similar, fantastical incident happened in real-life history; that being the Christmas truce during World War I, where an unofficial ceasefire somehow happened between the German and British soldiers. It even involved an impromptu soccer match on No Man's Land.
This unlikely bit of history got stuck with me - that in the end, even in the middle of a war, humans would rather play a game of soccer than shoot each other.

The problem with resolving problems with violence, however, is that sometimes it may lead to more violence. The Koalas did not stop when they first chased out the humans - they would later plan to completely wipe them out, hence this entire arc. It wasn't just the humans that got the brunt of it - even other animals, like the Spider, suffered from their aggression.
In the end, the only way the war stopped was when both sides were willing to stand down. I did indeed plan for an over-the-top happy ending where the Koalas would get friendly with the humans. But as I progressed along the story, the ending did not feel right - like it would undermine the pain suffered by both sides. For true peace to happen, both sides need to work at it, and that'll be something Lowana and the others have to work at, off-screen.

Funny thing about Lowana though - she was one of the many unexpected new element to this arc, who ended up becoming the new Mayor despite how old she was. Interestingly enough, days later after I posted the comic of her appointment, my own country made history by voting for the oldest Prime Minister!

Despite the lack of an over-the-top happy ending, I hope that I was able to close this arc with a sense of hope - where the people worked together with the common idea of being better, rather than resorting to violence. The last panel itself is a nod back to when Logi narrated the legend behind the Koalas, where one of them had fallen in love with a Tasmanian Devil - a love that inadvertently gave birth to their aggression. Hopefully the next love for a Koala would be on that leads to a more peaceful outcome.

It's almost hard to believe that we managed to reach this point. Knowing that folks like you out there still read this helps me keep going. And I intend to keep going with a new arc, and another, for as long as I can.

For now though! We’ll be having some interludes, until I figure out which arc to start with.

Thank you again, dear reader, for still reading this, and I hope that you will continue to stick around for more adventures.

‘Til next time! Or rather, next week.
A similar tower was first sighted here:
And the journey's not gonna finish by itself!
That stone boulder thing is the same one from this comic strip:
The Koalas sure stuffed an arsenal of those leaves in that tower!
Old but capable, apparently!
And the Facepalm-Moment-Award goes to....
I must admit myself that a over-the-top happy ending occurred to me.
But considering that both people and Koala died, and the fact that they've been hostile to each other for a long time, stopping the fight is already a miracle on its own.
Work became super intense lately, hence the delay.
At least it's still a double-strip update. ^^;

Tune in next week for the aftermath of the whole war/battle scene.
Hey, folks! In one of the strips, I joked that since the main cast 'died', there will be a new series, right here:

Welp! I've decided that I should indeed discard the old series and begin a new one with this brand spanking new cast of characters!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you;

The Weasel, The Ferret And the EAGLE!


Ok, ok, I'm sorry, but it's not everyday that April Fools' Day falls on an actual Monday here. I couldn't resist!

To make it up to you folks, there will be a double-strip update next week.

Have a good fun day, folks!
[joke] And they died.

Next week a new series will start, starring a weasel, a ferret and an eagle! [/joke]
Glad to hear that, I was afraid it was starting to get a little boring at this point. ^^;
As the fire begins to subside, an injured soldier moves to quell the rage of the Koalas.