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Diana_HND loves comics , RPG games, good music and the occasional good books - so much so that absorbing them all has filled her the need to have a story of her own.

What initially began as merely weekly prompts soon became a feasible, yet small comic series that is "The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon". The main goal is for this comic to be simple, to ensure it's entirely achieveable, while juggling the day job and (hopefully) a bigger comic series.

Heroes Never Die is due for a rewrite. The comics you see there now will eventually be removed - but until she has a decent enough story and some solid pages.

You can also check her other art stuff in her DA account;
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Must have taken her an awful while to compile the newspaper strips, but at least it works!
The Walrus and the Guppy Fish get a brainwave from the girl's rant!
Looks like she got her jobs confused here.

Sorry for the 2nd filler in a row, but my own job is really kicking me badly here.
Here's to hoping it lets up enough for me to do a proper update next week.
Our heroes are still experiencing money woes!

Needed a break to figure out the next comic strip.
Updates will resume next week.

Thank you for your patience!
Man, what a tough economy.
Now what will the different arrangement be?
The harassed daughter explains why her father got so excited to use the cannon.
It's probably been a while since the lady was taken care of like this.
She finally popped a blood vessel.
There's always going to be that one person who insist they're never, ever wrong....
I bet you that lady wished she did overtime at job no.3.
Filter - Kooky Silhoutte
I needed a little time to figure out how to go about the story of this arc.

So here's a kooky silhoutte of our tackle-happy girl character.

Comic resumes next week.
Courses through mail
Education and job plans are put to a crashing halt.
I don't even know what she was trying to carve!
The Pink Guppy
My brain crapped out today, and I can't get a decent comic page out.

So here's a pink Guppy Fish pattern instead.

Comic resumes next week.
A new arch begins; Just Good Business.

Thank you all for following this comic so far. <3

Stay tuned for their newest misadventure!
The Eye is watching The Eye.

They're watching this movie:

P.S.: I've never had the courage to see the movie (or any horror stuff, period!), although its premise is intruiging.