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I started here with a sprite comic I called "Beyond the 4th Wall." It didn't last very long, and after a couple reboots I gave up altogether.

Next came a comic I called "The Noise." It was supposed to be a collection of sprite comics with no coherent storyline, as just a way to use the sprites I had an practice my technique. Soon after creating it, I lost my desire for sprite comicing.

My muse returned, and I created a story called "Soulshine." That story is in development hiatus as I soon realized I did not have the skills I deemed necessary to make it a good comic.

My current work, "The Fallen: Attack," is the comic I'm using to flush out the story of my Saiyan/Halo crossover fancharacter. There's a series of stories on that explain his backstory and how he's managed to interact with Sonic characters, but this comic and those stories should be read seperately, much like the Sonic videogames and the comics having different storylines.

I was born in December of 1985. I'm struggling, but still here.
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Akuma the Hedgehog sprites used with permission of the artist/character owner.
So ends the fighting of Chapter 1. A little dialogue to wrap things up, and soon we'll have the beginnings of Chapter 2.
So updates will be few and probably far between. It depends on how long this muse decides to stay.
Sorry for the wait. Got hit by depression.
Quality reduced so as to fit the upload size limit.
I'm going to finish this arc, then post it all at once.
Sorry for the delay, all 5 of you that watch this comic.
Another comic down... :D
You know what? I almost forgot I had an update this week. The last five or so updates had been automatically set!
So... Something big will be happening soon...
Here, we learn a bit more about the Post-Sonic future of Mobius. At least as it stands in my timeline.
I wonder where they're going?
I think this looks pretty good, actually.
Stupid n00b soldiers.
@Frost The Wolf: Not currently, but perhaps in the future for cameos and such.
I put so much work into that crane hand thing, just to cover it up with a speech bubble...
Trying this comic-with-a-plot thing again.
I've been out of ideas for 3 months. And I don't have my computer for a week when I start to feel the inspiration coming back... -.-
Also, for the voice in which I imagined Robotnik's last line. XD