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although you are right about strippers...

thats just wrong. :P
tell you what.

be three endings all just different colours. I mean it IS a Bioware game.
they have all the fucken jobs too
why does he have a burburry cap on?
you have to remember, it was Zaeed's accent.

I had a thing for ME2 Jack, reminds me of Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta. :D
the lab is used for fucken twincest
Rage is one hell of an anesthetic
heh zaeed romancable? reminds me of rocketface garrus for looks.
pfft needs to be a 3 1/4 inch floppy for true retro stylee
so hard to read but its awesome :D
thier facial expressions in the last panel are priceless
I truly wonder if that would work? :D
Kinda like going from Rhyl to llandudno, takes over an hour by bus

therefore i have come to the conclusion that busses were made to cause grief to the working stiff, wouldnt you agree?
He must really be depressed to not notice the cookies, let alone the braless lady
ah if only i still lived there...
it makes you want to eat cats

too young for the reference?
you can legally sell matches and cigarette papers to minors too

"quick son, i want to make a joint! to the off lisence!"
aww bless

but all us lot being sarcastic are just jealous to the fact that we arent getting any.
ah I fondly remember titty dances :D
nothing beats york cathedral hands down :D