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Matt the hedgehog
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Well something i've noticed is that if you invert sonics colours its gold, like his super form, and if you invert Shadow's colours its white, like his super form in SA2 =S
Well I use a combination of paint and, I use paint for the sprite placings, and use for the effects and speech bubbles, If you want you can get it here:
And for the tuts I used for it are here:
Also if you want backgrounds, this is the place:
Hope this helps =D
For a first comic it's pretty "meh"

Some advice to make this better:

1) Use a background not a white space, the whole "void" thing has been too overused.

2) Look up at tut for speech bubbles, at least you're better then some and actually have speech bubbles not just lines leading to the speaker.

3) Use panels, not just one page. At the moment you're using one panel a page, if you combined these panels it would look alot better. An example, you could've fit chapter 1 page 1, 2 and 3 into into their own panels, and it would've only taken up one page, instead of three.
Erm, why does eggman have a mana bar, I mean what can he do?
Eggman Boom? That would be scary
You guys forgetting Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga? It was a movie at the yoshi theatre.
Actually I've only ever seen him white in Sonic adventure 2
In Shadow the hedgehog and sonic 2006 he was gold
Yeah this is the ad for my comic, the current comics aren't up to this standard but it gets better as it goes along.

You can find the comic here ;)
Yeh i decided to make my first tut =P
The next one will feature creating minor edit (ME) pants and the one after that quills.
Erm if you want you can PM them to me and ill try to get them done as quick as I can
Too bad knuckles doesn't do that more often to people who try to take his emerald >.>
thanks =D
and sure thing, what colour do you want them? I cant tell you exactly when ill have it done though.
My first attempt at a Genesis sprites =D
I think they turned out alright, they seem easire then advance/battle to edit tho, mabey its just me =/
Oh and Xero, can you put me in Behind the Goal sign again usin these sprites? It may give you some ideas for storyline. Ill update this as there are only 4 sprites currently so umm yeh. Wow I write too much =/
so having pants makes me a recolor? mkay really good call there.
oh, didn't realise this was comic 100, if some one was goin to make a comic 100 special Ill delete this and post it afterwards if you want. If not then happy 100th comic!
I think hes talkin about teh very bottom of the shoes, they're see through. Oh and alright comic, just you shoulda used an actual effect for the entance, cause the hand-drawn one looks bad, no offense.