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Waiting For Your Whistle
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lol maybe a daddy complex or something? or something bad?! D:
awwwww... I was hoping for an Angemon (Digimon) reference for this pic XD
poor Atty's gonna do something good in the next town over and she'll forgive and stalk him again... poor poor Atty...
"We are..... COMING TOO DON'T LEAVE US OUT!!!!" (ToT) lol just my prediction :P
He will say...
"Don't touch my Abel, he's MINE!!! NO TOUCHY!NO TOUCHY! NO TOUCHY!!!!!!"

XD I can totally see it now with that chibi face of his <3
... I'm a little sad... I kinda wish he had left her XD
Awww... poor Atty. I HATE that feeling of you side hurting from running too much D:

Anyone else think by the time Atty leaves the forest he'll "accidentally" burn it down one way or another....?
Am I the only one who thinks he's gonna try and eat him rather then bring him home XD
... I just hope hades doesn't take after his father or we'll all know why Zeus hates him later on DX tho if the choice is hades or cronos... XD
Is Confizzled
Are there a bunch of caterpies (caterpi? lol what the hell's the plural?)or just one running around in hyper speed? I thought at first it was just one but the more i look the more i wonder XD
Your totally an attention whore, because of you and your many many panels, I actually forgot Jacob existed XD. Isn't he suppose to be a main character or something? Isn't the story suppose to revolve around your little contract? then why did I end up forgetting about both? Must be that damn puppy's fault XP
Please Please PLEASE let Atty light a match and burn down the whole forest XD

Something tells me after finding out that little fact Atty's going to cover his eyes from now on...
I see Atty becoming a Mokepon master not for the love of it but because he finds he can become quite wealthy from it XD

Atty defeated Bug catcher. Atty gained $440.
Ah i can see the battle now. Metapod use harden. now harden, good harden! one more time harden! One hp left and *metapod has evolved into butterfree* XD Gawd i hated those f*cking middle bugs, i would attack them cuz that was there only ability thinking it would be easy then my pokemon would lose all their moves and be stuck with struggle then a weedle would come and poison them in the next battle >.>
something tells me she's going to
A. think mac is cute
B. ask if he wants to 'join the family'
C. be supportive of his advances of Toki (my bones tell me she's a fangirl of BL lol)
XD my phone went off (on vibrate) the second i read his did, then i was like WTF?! why is my ring tone lady gaga all of a sudden lol

was quite a shock when i continued reading... i'm not sure but i may have nightmares later on about this XD
the thing that bugged me as a kid is that while the trainer is yelling at the pokemon of what to do the enemy knows exactly what they are doing, also, if pidgey can learn tackle then weedle should learn dig XD
identity revealed!
ah! i get it... the sign shows his mask so the masked man is the the highest of elite four right?! <3