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Continuing, y/y?
I sure hope so, this is too beautiful to die... ;__;
You're back!
Temporarily you are, but still...
I'm am so happy.
I love this page, and the bluish thing isn't even a problem. ;D
Well, I think the new POV is the king, Ariel's dad. He might be talking to someone about (God forbid) getting Ariel married to some mermaid or something... well, that's my two cents.
Can't wait for the next page, and good luck with your class!
Glad to see you've updated and are still alive! Now stay that way, please. I agree with Cheshire: don't put off getting that wrist checked out. My brother had the same pain from playing the drums and it turned to be tendonitis. So... please don't rush yourself. You're not only teaching your students (er, fans) of kawaii-desu shounen-ai luffing, but patience as well! Keep up the good work! :3
Two updates in two days, both of which Charles recieves yummy just desserts? I find myself being more and more bithely fangirly every time I check my favorites list. Glad I remembered to! <3<3<3
I'm not really one for violence, but this is awesome! Sir Meanie Charles had it coming from his first intake of breath on the subject of our sweet Eric! Now Ariel, go do your seme duty and comfort and luff your uke!
Dear Prince Eric is already past the vase, so unless he haplessly whips around after finishing his waving and breaks it that way, I'm not so sure about that theory. I'm with Scuttle crashing through the window! :3

THIS STORY: I'm lovin' it!
I don't check this comic for uptades for, like, three or four days... and what do I get? Five new, beautifully sweet pages! :D *is so excited*
(Comment virginity!!!)
Anyway, I love what you've done with the characters in this one. Yes, even the attendant is very nicely done. Can't wait to find out what happens next! ^^