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Tell your mom that I don't like her like that :l
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March 14th, 2014

No way!! That is the most comfortable sleeping pose everrr. I sleep like that every night and I feel so relaxed and snug an cozy O u O I would put up with people seeing my butt for it XD!
October 26th, 2013
Keep his hand warm with love. And love. It'll only work if you wrap it in love at the end though. You know, some love would go good with all that love.
@Hazard Just because I have sex means I want to hear about everyone desire to fuck their lover?

Think the same for Dake. It's just like "ew tmi I don't want to picture someone I'm not attracted to, having sex with someone else I'm not attracted to."

Idk like your mom or dad trying to tell you about their night. or your sister/brother telling you about their amazing time in bed :l or your friend.
Imma go head an guess cow boy paid her to kill them both so Josh would always be his and not be happy with anyone else.

*sits back and watches*
u gasp like this surprises us. WE KNOW HOW MUCH OF A JERK THESE TWO ARE BY NOW. * gets whapping stick ready* The moment I see tits, Josh is gonna get it!
Not too many of us had hope rofl. like one or two people who are actually allowed to think what they want if you ask me.

I'm glad there's finally a fuck you rofl. I think if he had to say anything to express all the pain he put himself through, fuck you kinda works. Hopefully he'll learn from this
@IrisHime: Ye need not be gay to suddenly and even unwillingly have fallen for someone no matter their gender. It happened to me after all ;D

Granted, this looks more like a "I don't like talking about things, just take a kiss and everything is better!"
GO ON CUSS HIM OUT THAT'S WHAT WE CAME FOR *throw hands up* Leave his ass and live a better life without him \o/
@psychofoxpickle: U mad?
I can't fap to this :((((
August 26th, 2012
I'm one of those "I like any which way" Types. If there is a strict dom, I'm cool wit dat. Strict sub, I'm cool wit dat. switch? I'm cool wit dat. And if there's somethin I don't like, I respect peoples opinions and their rights to like what they wanna. Because no matter what I say, they aint gonna change their views for me XD.

So, mister chubbers blue hair on top? I'm really cool wit dat. Brang it on.

Anyone who don't like it can go to a comic with a strict dom/sub relationship that they DO like :D
@AsianIdiot16: Yea he's probably taking all he can get rofl. OR he's trying to convince with a kiss c; Maybe he thinks if he kisses good enough he can seduce Nakay hehe.

But doing it right in public like that is likely to freak Nakay out more than if they were in a house XD
LOL I hope that face eventually turns into "DO WANT."

I'm glad this comic is possibly back :D I missed.
Yea to me it seems like he's all "....oh dayum o//o"
I am now proud to be named Jess :l
March 6th, 2012
Exciting! Can't wait to see more.
February 11th, 2012
February 9th, 2012
I shall follow you loyally my good ser. Cause dis shit is what I gotta read :l And i will get lonely not being able to laugh like a flailing noodle hyena at how awkward Ken makes everything.
December 28th, 2011
I'm loling at how badly some people want a threesome. Grosskthnxbye. I beg you NOT to do this threesome. Mostly cause not only do I not wanna see tits, but I also want to see the two lover dudes stay loyal to one another. As hot as some people think threesomes are, they usually entitle having feelings for someone other than your original lover and I just can't enjoy that <~>