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Yuuus~ New Page :D
Uwah, Its only been six pages and I'm sucked in! Please continue, I like it alot :D
I think this story has a lot of potential. Its okay, everyone has one of those days and you can always redraw it if you feel it necessary. Well, anyways, I look foward to more.
I find the art style relatively amusing and unique. Fav+
Haha, Im gonna fave this comic before I forget XD. I love it!
IMHO, You deserve the recommendation. This comic has a very interesting storyline and style.
The artwork here is very unique. I must fav+ :D
I get a fantasy / supernatural ending coming on. Like she fails but somehow sprouts wings and flies away.
I bet there are actually dead nephews
Your style is very unique! I likes it :)
Pfft lol
Your artwork is very unique! The two pager is rarity nowadays. I like this comic ^^