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I'm a self teaching artist who is currently reworking Summons. Expect it within the next 3 months.
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Kore reminds me of a close friend who is at least a quarter Greek (her grandfather was born near Olympus, in fact), mainly because of they both don't like most people too much. Oh, and there's the use of sarcasm as a coping mechanism.
This comic is making me impatient and anxious when it comes to getting a passport so that I can go to Greece for a two week field study/vacation for some of my own comics and projects. Know any good spots to visit for getting a good feel for the history, mythos and culture there?
September 15th, 2013
Kiss off
This and the next 19 pages are the kiss off to this comic, one that I have rewritten according to the criticisms and feedback the original got 4 years ago, and ultimately my own problem with it when I looked back at it. Read the old pages, then the current pages, and (hopefully) you can see what I was going for.
...I didn't know you liked Crash Bandicoot or stuck with the PS1.
Nice change of pace...
This seems to be nice contrast to the Mokepon fancomic in terms of the strenghs and weaknesses. One one hand Mokepon moves at a very slow pace, (3 years going 4 chapters in, and we still haven't hit Pewter city!), while this one moves at a brisker pace, and has been around for what, 1 year? On the other hand, Mokepon has some amazing art, due to the fact that more time is spent on each page than this one.

Both are good, and this is quite interesting.I'd say this has some nice pacing and storytelling that comes favorably close to Mokepon, and that this and Mokepon are better than the official anime and manga series combined due to a more solid plot and characters. Keep going!
Perfect timing
I JUST loggeg in and checked my favorites, and this pops up! I wonder if my theory of Atticus and dragonthing using gestures to communicate in battle art true, such as atticus using his smoke to tell the Charmander to use Smoke screen, or using the embers of his cigarette as a command of using Ember.
I gotta admit...
...that this is pretty good. The storytelling is spot on, and this isn't bad for someone who's never read a shojo manga before. I wonder if there's a shonen manga equivalent to this comic.
About those 2 questions...
Im sure they're about to be answered any page now. Did you see them, h0ly? I asked 2 or 3 pages ago.
Hey, no one mentioned what Dragonthing will learn. He'll learn EMBER next, then SM0KESCREEN! I wonder how Atticus will tell Dragonthing how to attack, considering he indirectly told him to scratch earlier. I can only imagine Atticus using his cigerette and its 'smoke' and 'embers' to not only teach the two attacks, but to tell Dragonthing which attack to use.
Two questions
First, in your OAQ, you said that Atticus would start wanting to become the richest after realizing he can make money through winning battles. Does his victory against Kahn not count, or will he be getting paid later?

Second is whether this payment system follows the Games, where you get paid immediatly after every trainer battle, or like the anime, where it rarely, if ever, happens after a battle. Any explanation of this coming up?
Caught up.
I decided to just read from the start to this page in one go. I lost track story-wise when I read this by the update. It's like watching through an entire story arc of One Piece in a day.
Youve Improved.
Dude, I just read from the very start to this page in one go. You've really improved, and inspired me to try a 24-hour comic challenge. I read this in about 4 days after getting curious about you through the forums.
Review archive
Um, I don't know if this right place to ask, but can you guys make a review archive, like the one found in the back of gaming magazines, with the title of the comic, the score and the reviewer?
My Guess
Either this is an original character we haven't seen before, or at least something that forces Atticus into the quest.
Saw this livestream...
Yeah, I happened to witness the sketching of this page. It took about 30 minutes. I didn't sign up, nor did I say anything. When the time comes, I will. I just hope to get a computer soon...
This guy really did find his way around the whole Pokemon ideology. I wonder how he'll handle grinding/training or even capturing more Pokemon.
New reader...
This is a pretty good comic. I actually got curious because the writer was commenting in a thread I started in the forums, and saw her banner. She's as good as she lets on. The artist is, too especially for her age. The artstyle is a refreshing anti-thesis to what you usually see on this site.
All but abandoned...
Me and my writer have lost interest in this comic, because we dont see eye to eye on certain things... Anyways, Im changing my artstyle and trying my hand at writing my own story about philosophy, so check out my thread in the Creative Showcase fortum.
You cant tell where this will go. Anyways, have you thought about going into the Johto region or Gold/Silver arcs if you got that far?
Is this going to prove that this is more plot driven than character driven? I think this came out as a surprise because of the characters' personality as opposed to the plot. I think you said it was 'story driven' before.