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Sorry for the delay on the update, I've been having internet issues.
Things look down for our heroine as we approach the dramatic climax of-- Monsters!
Whoo, boy. I've been waiting for this update and it did not disappoint. I really like the atmosphere that you conveyed in these pages, from the soft, gentle feel while Sheri and Jase are talking, to the looming, oppressive feel of the flashback. Props to the shot from above on page 15, it is excellent.

Also, I'm glad that this is where the plot is moving, the groundwork for their relationship is being laid, but the conflict in Sheri's past means that it's not gonna be easy. It's good.

Also, I should comment more, I never comment.

EDIT: I notice The Magic Position is on the new Mixtape. I approve heartily, that's probably my favorite Patrick Wolf song. That or Get Lost.
Hey all! I'm posting again, if you can believe it. I've worked up a small buffer that should hopefully help push the comic out to the end.

@eternalbeliever: Thanks! I'm you like it. I've put a lot of work into improving my action scenes as I've been drawing this.

@sungaysan: Yeah, it's exactly what it says on the tin, I guess. Titles aren't my forte.
What did your mum say?
Were you not able to talk with your mom in the hospital?
Oh my God! How did I let this fall off my reading list? Well, I'm reading again. I'm liking your take on Beowolf thusfar.
Oh my God. I thought that the art couldn't get better. I was wrong. This cover is beautiful.
Oh my God. Has it really been 2 months since I updated this? Sorry about that, guys. It's not that I haven't been producing pages, it's that I've been doing so slowly and am trying to build a real backlog so it doesn't fall silent like this again before I wrap it up.

So really, I just wanted to update this and let y'all know that even though nothing has gone up recently, I haven't given up on this comic and intend to finish it up soon. I hope you all will stick around to see it happen.

Eternalbeliever: Aw, thanks! I'm glad it's to your liking, sometimes I worry about the way I pace and panel action scenes so it's nice to be told what I do is working.
I love Jason's wide-eyed lovestruck look! You draw it so well.
Suffice to say that the shit is about to hit the fan.
Hey, I'm back! I should hopefully be getting back in the flow of comics again, as I balance it with schoolwork and requests.

@Mimi: Thanks, I'm glad it's looking better. Balance is a tricky thing.

@ Guest: Indeed I am! Having fun too, though.
Have I ever mentioned just how jealous I am of your lettering skills?
Oh, I had fallen out of checking my smackjeeves feed, this confirms that I made a terrible mistake in doing so. Keep at it!
Oooh, yay! A SmackJeeves mirror! Now I can officialy fave you! I'm looking forward too seeing more of the relationship dynamics.
Contrast achieved! I really like the way that in these recent scenes you've been getting that splash of color in contrast to the black and white and the full color pages at the beginning. My brother does most of it, he definitely does chants his sixteen rounds and maintains an altar. Some of the other rituals he only does once in a while or a temple festivals.
Still trying to get a good feel for that leather jacket XD.

Theorah: Yup, I could've done like fifty more, but I think the 40-60 page range works nicely for one-offs.
Oh my God! Just 18 pages left, guys! Ian is having none of this bullshit.
Things are getting crazy here! This is not where I was expecting things to go when I was reading this. Thanks for clearing up the Tilak question. My older brother is a Gaudiya Vaisnava, which would explain why it looks similar, being a Vaisnava sect and all.
I tried really hard to get this one up last night, but it just didn't happen. Bert and Ian are back! This shopping center has a lot of shops that are named after the proprietor: Lazy Bob's Furniture Emporium and now Will's Shoe Store.

Theorah: I'm glad the Bgs and hair are working, sometimes I'm not the best judge of what does and does not work well. I understand why you might not comment very much, there's only so many ways you can say "Cool move," and the like, eh? As long as you're enjoying what you read!