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Whats your problem? YOU should have read mine before you anwsered, I simply meant that Ubi should have included the ability to replay memory sequences, without having to die each time.

It really sucks you can't replay the missions like you could in the first game, without having to start the entire game over again.
Mabye the guards, on the way up there, show everyone the posters.
Hey Kaxen! I really missed your comics!
November 2nd, 2009
Roman ancestor
Kaxen, have you seen the trailer for this french AC comic book coming out?

Here is three sample pages:

It shows a Roman ancestor named Aquilla, son of Lucius, meeting General Gracchus, mabye you could use Aquilla in one of your comics?
Heh, I wouldn't be surprised if that was Kaxen disguised as Leonardo in this comic.
New outside animus AC2 images

On all the pages, but I highlight that one as thats your shot of Desmond in AC2.