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Comic book artist and illustrator (in my free time)
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    Julio Molina-Muscara
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@ Phillypedro, thanks for your compliments. As per your question, sorry but no; weekly also helps to keep it intriguing :) Thanks to all for reading SEGUNDO, spread the word if you like to share the experience with your loved ones.
I'm glad you're liking it Astria, thanks for leaving a comment.
Thanks astrialegends :)
Esta es la primera página de mi historieta SEGUNDO. Espero que les guste y la acompañen. Sale todos los LUNES, hasta pronto :)

Nota: la versión en inglés se puede ver en
In the Beginning
This is the first page of my graphic novel SEGUNDO. I hope you like it, and stay for the ride. Updates each MONDAY, see you around :)

Note: Spanish version available at
This is the eighth Hulk Fan Webcomic page that I do in realistic style. I am going to put together a portfolio with them to show to editors at large publishing houses to get a job as a penciler. Wish me the best guys and cross your fingers!
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Dulce, Segundo and Hulk arrive to where Juan Rodríguez died when medics are about to get his corpse into the ambulance and take him away. Is that Juan's voice? Or is it another victim's?
Author comments
Segundo may be able to revive Dr. Juan Rodríguez who passed away due to serious internal wounds (result of heavy debrie that fell on him after saving Bruce Banner's life.) But will Segundo and the Hulk be capable of preventing the return of the Nephilim? If they don't, mankind will disappear.