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I'm a college student. I'm a writer. I'm artist. I'm an oddball geek. I have many loves but no love life. I have true friends but no popularity. I have brains but no brawn. I have a great family but no family life.

Ok. That's one way. I love history, books, and art. I believe in self improve, loyalty, and trust. I think I will one day find true love but till then I will love my new pet kitten.

That's all I guess. HeHe. ^_^
Looking at this and all I can think is... what went wrong Zeus? Of course it comes to me just now that it would his father's fault. Cronus is pretty messed up. He's going to serious mess that poor kid up.
I love this comic as well. I'm still trying to figure out what's following him. The butterfly? Hmm.
I'm laughing my ass off. I love this comic.
OMG! I know she's not dead. Or she is but won't be for long. She's not a normal human I think.
YES! He's happy. She's back. The world is good again.
Panda's reaction to our leading lady is so funny. I'm so cracking up about it. He almost looks nervous.
That tree is huge. It reminds me of the national parks in California.
She's coming back! Thank the god. I was feeling so bad for Poseidon. His poor broken heart will be healed.
I was right. She attacked. Oh that silly silly man. ^^

I wish I could help with the money, but I'm kinda on the broke side.
My theory is that she's going to attack him when she remembers.
I'm so looking forward to more pages. I love what you're doing with this comic. The white lady is so cool.
This guy is starting to get on my nerves. Liam needs to ask her to prom soon. Anyway Chloe was brilliant. The spider never fails. LOL.
I think those horses were dead. Yep ghost horses. Nice. Though I don't think seat belts would have helped all that much. -shrugs-

I'm starting to like this creepy vampire guy. He has great timing.
LOL. I think that funny part about this page is that he's clueless. I don't think he has a clue how popular he is. That's what makes it so funny.
Oh Dang. This is not going to be good.
She's having a flashback to when she was a child. OMG!
She's upset. Poor Zoshi. Will that girl ever understand? He's the real prince... kinda.
I love it! Of course candy canes are my favorite sweet, but this is done so well. I'm speechless and envious because it's so good.
OMG! The lying priest! I'm hoping Poseidon punches his face in. I would do if I could. That human is just low. It's so sad too. She trusts him.
I feel bad for the guy. Who ever he is. It must have been a terrible death.