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My name is Leyla.
&Yes you care,
Otherwise you wouldn't be here (':
I probably don't like you.
The fact that I'm talking to you,
doesn't mean that I like you.
But Ignore that.
If you're interesting,
You'll get to me.
But anyway:
Welcome - Bienvenue - Hosgeldiniz - Welkom.

Art - Anime - Music - Cartoons - Drawing - Fashion - Shopping - Designing clothes - Astrology

t.A.T.u. - Turkish music - Nancy Ajram - Ikimono gakari - Top 50
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I love your drawing style =D
Love it 8D
Wait, is that neopets? xD
Hahahh xD I think I was a Pug and they forgot some important parts in my brain when I wished to be a human girl too ;D
I like it =D
September 25th, 2009
Keep up those~
I'm new here, and this is the first thing I'm reading, really cute little work! keep it up.