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I am eccentric, self-concious, sensitive, selfish, moody, and have a personality disorder. I love books, comics, manga, anime, emilie Autumn, my best friends, drawing, writing, my kitties and dreaming.
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I missed him very much~ C:
@Lenn: I don't think people would approve of her getting special treatment like that because even though he is a prince and some what kind, she is a spoil of war and has already been branded a slave. I'm not justifying it or saying it's inevitable because he could do it, but his duties as a princes will have to come first if he is in anyway noble.
I think this is great but you will make me suffer with my favorite character, Jacob, right?
I ship Val/Jacob so much~ <:
Ton? *eyes gleam*
I'll be waiting for your mother's computer.:D *slaps your computer*
I really love all your characters. I don't discriminate. In fact, their negative traits make me like them more. I can see the psychology in all of it so to me you're pretty good at making characters. Some people are too simple in their thinking and just want everything to be straight-forward, but nothing ever is. Humans are complex creatures.
Oh my. Well, it was fun while it lasted. They should've seen that coming.

I read through it all. Yea. . .

Thank so much for this comic~
Nirei's pretty.
January 31st, 2010
Illinois, USA.
XD My fan girl senses are going off Ki and Aritaka. Is it bad that I like Aritaka better than Ruya?

Ruya you'll be better off if Eiji-kun doesn't figure out why your blushing! :C

BTW, I'm so sorry I haven't had time to comment, but I'm still reading. 'Kay?
YES! Update!!! *cough* Cranae is so cute~
December 27th, 2009
I love Riona~
Yay! Update!

They make a really cute couple~
December 17th, 2009
I'd like that!

Woo! I wish I could text that fast. . .
I love all of them, but my favorite FAVORITES are Swan Lake, this one, and the beauty and beast one.
Ah, thank you~ It's today. December 1st~ Meep.

Ki-kun's supposedly wearing a disguise and Ruya-chan still recognizes him. Hah, take that Ki!
the person who works too much to have fun and play around!
GAH! I missed last Saturday's update here as well. DX

I just love how straight-forward she is~ =D I wonder if he thinks she's stupid or creepy since she knows where he lives now.
My birthday is in two more days!Squee~
Wish my children(My two kitties) luck as well. They just came back from surgery the other day.=D Either SJ is weird or it simply hates me. D= I love love Gil. Vince is cool. I like his hair.