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sweet... if only these updated faster ;P (jk jk)
Still Life Hiatus
To put it rather bluntly... I have more pressing projects and school work and I have been unable to devote any real time to this comic. So I've decided to take a hiatus until such a time I can spend the time needed to make Still Life as awesome as it can be. Idk when exactly that will be but if i had to take a guess... Sometime this summer. Thanks to all my readers and I hope to see you all again soon!
lol @Not Acceptable thanks for the defense but if you read most of Malakite's stuff it's all flame and little critique (which I knew when I requested him to review it) it may not be helpful but its kinda funny to read through it.

@Malakite yep I know the story needs work... it's pretty obvious I need to sit down and write a few story lines if you take a look at my last few comics. maybe if I magically find some spare time I'll get around to it. Anyways thanks for the "review."
happy singles awareness day
now on
yep you heard me. if you want to vote for Still Life just click the little blue box up there above the comic. Lets see if we can break the top 1000 (for now...).Thanks!
And we resume our regularly scheduled programing... Also I just discovered Smack Jeeves' Comics Awards. So if you feel so inclined head over to the forum:
and nominate me for something ;P (maybe best underrated comic?) thanks!
Very nice! :D I'm looking forward to it!
haha thought u'd appreciate that Eddie :)

Sweet! I'm ready for the beatdown ;)
Thanks to both of you!
Hey if one of you guys (maybe Malakite?) could review my comic:
I'd really appreciate it! Be honest its my first reall attempt at webcomics :D
nice comic :) i'm liking your website redesign... and your logo is sweet but i'm not sure if i like the "emptying" effect that happens when u scroll down. it distracts my eye from your work. btw its kind of funny cause I'm a designer too and yet I love to do webcomics :D if u want to check out my non-webcomic work . Its only a temp site though... coding is my nemesis X(
Anyways keep up the great work on the comic!
Now I know its not Saturday... but after just finishing MSU's first 24 hour comic day (yes I know it was a week late, we had scheduling problems)I thought an extra comic was in order! Enjoy!

(oh and sorry for the corny joke :P)
Thanks! I just started it 2 weeks ago so hopefully more people will catch on :D