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I like to sprite, Play video games, and make friends. My other interests include anime, cartoons, music, and spending time with my family.

I am a HUGE fan of star-wars, sonic, Mario, and bleach. Not to mention Naruto, Trigun, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, SanKarea, and Cashern Sins

I have been on Smackjeeves for a while now.

If you need to trade sprites then look at my pm box. I got a lot of sonic sprites I don't use, mostly on old jump-drives. I go to college now and haven't even tried to do something related to that in years.
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The story
Y"Back in the day, I was a struggling actor in every definition. At some point, I got so broke that I stole my wife’s jewelry and sold it. Things got so bad that I even ended up homeless. I slept at the Monstropolos bus station for 3 days. Unable to pay rent or afford food. I'll never forget when I tried to sell my dog outside the liquor store to any stranger. I just didn’t have money to feed the dog anymore. It was the most bitter $25 I've ever made. He was my best friend and we both walked away from each other crying. I tried to kill myself a day later, jumped off a bridge. I washed up on Wiley's' Island. Now I have all the money in the world, and made up with my wife. My only regret is letting go of my best friend........ and the rest, is History.
At first glance the thing I first realized is that, the blur hurt my eyes. It's just to much in my honest opinion. The nose on the human looks very awkward, and the shading for the human looks different than the shading from the wolf. If you set a sun on the picture then what angle would it be?
Other than that I liked it. I mean the eyes for both are just smooth and beautiful, and the scar is a nice touch. The ear on the human looks accurate for the angle, and the hair is nice. It is hard for me to tell if all the strands (end points) are different lengths. One other thing I just realized was that the collar on the human is flared a bit to much outward near the back. I also like the way you did the letters at the bottom, how did you do the color? I like the art, and honestly I could NOT have done ANY better. I do have one more question though, what kind of pen did you use for the wolfs eye lines?
sorry wasn't very clear. I meant should I try to make a green lantern sprite sheet out of sonic sprites.
Hey yawl back from the dead and I'm wondering if you think I should do this.
Love it, howd you do the letter work.
The art is easy on the eyes. I absolutely love your style.
I like it, it also remindes me of a sonic flash game I played once.
I remember watching the original video for that. Nazo right?
@ Tekern: No, but what do I know this is the first time in a LOONG time I've signed on. Much less come here.
It looks good, but the only problem I have is with the tail right down. It looks bland, no fur marks nothing. It's a little hard to notice at first, but when ou do it bugs the heck out of you. Other then that it's awsome. :D
Crituqeing is always welcome as long as it's not flamable. Anywho I added a black line did a three part shade to the gem and added a diffretn bottom.Which do yall prefer
It looks good, like a cross between a kunai and a tanto. Whats that thing on the side.
Thanks guys I got it. No necklace new pants... which sword though? And anyone have anytips on makeing a katana, and a scimitar?
Project Shane? I like it need a last name though. I named him after one of my favorite books. A man named Shamed. So necklace or no necklace. Left is the new pants right is the old. Which should i keep.
Thanks bro! :D I made the sword myself and I spent a while editing my guy. I see what you meen by the shoe. I think its just the way the pants are.HMMM
H you say. Maybe i should name him Shane.
Give credit. Do not claim as your own. Have fun. Also if you want the original black version pm me.
Ideas for names? hows it look.also thanks samurai pizza hedgehog. It looked a little taky with th sonic hair.
Ideas for names? hows it look.
I like the shoes. and the fro looks good when he talks. Cause with human sprites the hair shifts slightly. It looks good. When you do the arms either do a triple shade or a double going down parrallel. I personaly say the double.