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Nyte Sinner
Hmm lets see....I enjoy drawing...and I love writing. I am currently working on my very on comic but till I fix everything out I like drawing things for collabs.

I pretty much like anything... -.-"
Yeah...I just felt like putting something here....
It felt empty...
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Sorry there! Should be able to do everything now. Dunno why it wouldn't let anyone change the permissions.
Lol tall person. I know..there are tall ppl. Can I reply to this? I know nothign been posted on here in awhile. I've been deadly sick and the doctors still can't figure out what is wrong with me so I've been going to the doctor quite alot. But hopefully I'll be better soon. I really want this to be active sooooo badly. T~T
Oh yeah! Lots! Even hidden doorways and paths XD you can get lost. @.@
So this is the School front. I got a little lazy on clean up. But it looks good >.> Somewhat..I just wanted to simply show what the school looked like -_- inside it can be ANYTHING! XD.

Anyways! Yeah its a castle...cause..CASTLES ARE COOL! B3
I like her! :D

And Thanks for joining! I'm going to get things started and hope people will join.
Well it's still pretty new. I've been a lil busy with medical stuff. But I'm working on an intro comic and The look of the school. I'm hoping to get more ppl. I really want this to be a good collab. It's pretty well thought out. So I don't see it dieing like some would.
:D She sound so cool! XD Though a little jumpy! But all cool! :o

I like her! Mmmhmm Yes I do!
The History was to long for the picture. XD
History: Zelunarka are people that reside on the dark side of the moon for a very long time. Before being taken to earth, to be tested on anf forced into doing weird things for the humans in Area 51. They get most of their power and strength whenever there is a full moon out. They almost look like humans but due to their skin colors they are easily seen throughout any crowd. Basically in all manners and meanings, they are aliens..and far from being anything....normal.

Kuro here. He use to be a test subject on Area 51. One of the aliens taken from his home when he was much younger. Everynight when the gaurds wern't watching him. He would practice his powers. And on one full moon night, he broke out of Area 51 barely making it out alive. He's been running ever since. Untill Luna found him, and took him into Sudell. The only place he's ever felt safe...The only place he can call home now.
Sorry about that! You may post up now!! :B
CaptPerfume: Yes yes! Make your's ^_^ I still have to make the students..but these guys are sorta important to the school. So they came first!

WannabeGhost:Yay! New person :D HI! And yes I wouldn't be surprised..I mean after all..The blade is about as tall as an average person alone.
Basic Info all in the Picture. ^^
Yes he is a very VERY! Huge person! He can barely fit into the school. So you may see him walking the grounds.

I wish we had more ppl. T~T This would be such a fun Collab.
Pretty much all the basic info in the picture. ^_^
Name: Luna Woods
Age: Appears to be 26
Height: 5'11
Weight: 159
Personality: Calm and Collected, she will listen top your problems and try to help, but if you get her made, well you better watch out.....
Spiecies/Race: Unknown
History: She was killed during the war of her tribe, but it wasn't her time she still had things to handle, so she was sent back to earth at her request, and finished the life, she onced lived, now she runs this Academy and hopes to teach the students the meaning of true strength without useing their powers.
@xx3OH3xx: Lol! I know its nice! XD

@shadeboy122: I figured at most. I could just see the wonderful fights they'll have. XD
>:3 James has entered the picture! Everyone please stay away from him! Or else you will be sitting in detention...ALOT! XD
Name: Jameson
Nickname: James
Age: 16
Height: 6'0
Weight: About 100
Spieces: Werewolf
Orrientation: Bisexual
Personality: Bit of a bad boy. Calm. Sarcastic. Doesn't really take things seriously.
Hair color: Blonde, with some blue.
Eyev color: Right eye red, left eye purple.
Year(of the school): 2
~He can transform into a wolf.
~He tends to be a little more mean to someone he has a crush on.
~More to come X3
Hi! So I decided to start my own Comic Collab.
The picture you see above. That is the Head Mistress, Luna Woods.

I'm looking for people to play Students aswell as Teachers.


~Respect all authors.
~Post as often as you can.
~Draw decent enough. (I don't care who joins as long as we can tell which character it is. Its fine with me!)
~Have fun.

Hmm..Thats bout it I can think of. X3

Well Join if you want. ^_^
This looks sooo good.^^ *Can't draw kissing scenes for her life*

Also...I finally got ahold of a laptop. But I just wanted to let everyone know. Over the past week or so I've been in the hospital....T_T *Still is* And I wont be able to post anything up. Hopefully I'll be out soon, and will let you all know when I am. ^^
Nyte Sinner
April 26th, 2010
OMG! Blue rox! *squeels* That's right tell them straight up. No beating around the bush! Lmao *goes off to ramble* Anyways if there isn't going to be a love triangle..Do I suspect that Malcomb might be having a lover soon ;P
I just so happend to be browsing threw comics and this seemed to scream "READ ME!" I like this so far..It looks really great..I want more! T~T

Can't wait to see what happens in this. ^^