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Response to last comic’s comments:

Lady Darkrina: It may be from the fact that he didn’t quite obtain Suicune in a legit way.

Mini987: ):

Captian Lebubbles: Suicune was already in a weakened state when Navarro came across it due to Team Rocket using a similar capture technique that they used on Entei. Given that the case Johnny had was full of Pokeballs containing more Koffing and Wheezing, it probably took the brunt of several powerful explosion attacks. So long story short, Suicune did not exactly go willingly, but being locked in a cage, it could really only do so much.

Story Teller, Astralle: Haha, you’ll see soon enough.

Ashy: haha, yeah, I’ve used regular Pokeballs to catch legendaries, if only because I like the idea of them being caught in the most basic ball in game XD

Marky Vigorth: .u. thank you very much. I hope you continue to enjoy it.
Talon here,

Oh ho ho, so that's what happened to Suicune :B Not much to say this update other than its great to have a week off from work ;3

Response to last updates comments:

Mini987: Kid just needs to get over himself XD

Bre Ishurna: >:3 more like up to no trollin’ good.

Elitedog: Pff, yeah, I enjoyed drawing it.

ShadowEevee128: The last cookie? Why not share? XD

Palaaja: Haha, yeah, I’ve always liked Groudon a lot, though he’s always had a pretty standard expression.

Lady Darkrina: Haha, yeah, I was trying to get some good variety in the bunch and I think I accomplished that well. Thanks .u.

Encoyroaba: There will be sprinklings of his past here and there throughout the story as well as new adversities for him to face ;3
Talon here, I’ve added a donation page, if you’re interested in donating to me, please contact me through the various methods listed there. Other than that, thanks for continuing to support the comic by reading it.

Reply to comments:

Mini987: The plot thickens, our hero may be in danger :B

Ashy: True, Primeape is pretty psycho XD

KaznaMoc: Pff, that was for you .u. I know Viper loves him in that color ;3

Altaica: .u. fufuf, yup, there be rocket Elites running about.
Talon here,

I’ve been thinking of offering incentive with donations, each 5 dollar donation would result in a randomly selected shiny Pokémon for fifth generation games. I’m not sure how well something like that would go, as it would involve swopping information and contacting one another through messages-but I thought I would test it out. So if anyone is interested in donating and receiving a shiny for any 5 dollar amount, please contact me through messages.

Response to last update’s comments:

Mini987: That’s what happens when someone doesn’t appreciate, in some ways, the bugger got what was coming to him, in others, well, can’t help feeling a bit sorry for the guy.

Lady Darkrina: He could definitely use it, poor guy has had himself enough of a rotten trainer like Johnny-boy.

Godmoderncommander: Perhaps, in a very small way, he still has a small amount of respect for his master for all they’ve gone through—Personally, I wouldn’t bet all my chips on that sentiment ;3

Encoyroaba: Haha, I never thought of myself as much of one either, thought it was mandatory to do so in art class. Most times though, nobody said much.

Yeah, he HAD hoped that he could single handedly deal with a legendary—clearly he’s delusional :B
Talon here,

There’s a few things new such as a commissions page, so if you’re interested in getting art from myself go ahead and check it out. If you’d otherwise like to donate that would be swell too :3

Response to last update’s comments:

Mini987: Wartortle may have been more loyal if Johnny showed some appreciation for the efforts he always put in. Looks like his comment during the last chapter serviced as the last straw. Mightyena on the other hand is treated better ;3

Nozlockingmagma: Isn’t it? Hehe, I just wanted there to be more activity on the scene than just Johnny and Clyde chattering.

Supersonicfan0: :3 thanks<3

Lady Darkrina: Fufu, maybe they will, maybe they won’t :B

Ashy: Yeah, you’ll see Johnny and Clyde here and there through the comic.

Hkim: Thank you, that’s really what I was going for—personally I get a bit tired when there’s some dialog and all the characters are doing are standing there—though I’ve been guilty of that because I didn’t know what to do with them XD

Encoyroaba: Nah, nothing to say sorry about, I appreciate that you were trying to help me out there ;3 You do it in an awesome way that others just don’t have the same flow about, ya know?
Talon here,

Been working on this and that the last couple weeks, I’ve learned quite a bunch of things while I’m at it. Though the result may not be for some time coming XD Still, I can feel proud of my accomplishments. Anywho, I’m being vague :B Onto responses.

Response to comments:

Godmoderncommander: ;3 Don’t you know, bad guys at the very least need to try.

Lady Darkrina: Pff, so confident in their failure already, eh? Oh ye of little hope.

Natto: P: Nope, though you have to give them credit for capturing Suicune. Usually my strategy was to paralyze then whittle them down until their HP was really low (Usually used False Swipe in this instance) Then lobbed away like crazy :V

Mini987: Pff. Poor dudes, everyone is against them XD

Ashy: Yes they do, it had been my intention for quite a while to have them end up with matching scars. Symbolism and what not.

SpiralPen: Johnny and Clyde are field officers, their rank equates to that of Bushido and Bashou (Attila and Hun in America) Though Clyde stands above Johnny and thus Johnny has to follow his orders—though it doesn’t mean he necessarily will. Johnny just happens to retain his grunt hat—no one knows what his hair looks like underneath :B *Wiggles fingers*

Encoyroaba: Pff, thanks for that, I’ve always found my work with buildings to leave… more to desire. But I will elaborate a bit why I didn’t want critique, the reason is, the updates you’re seeing are more often than not drawn and finished several months before they’re even uploaded, by that point and time what may be a problem in that comic, may already be solved in the current works.

It takes time, I couldn’t draw Pokémon very well before, but suddenly it was like my abilities leveled up XD
Time for another comic update folks, I’ve been working on a couple things other than the comic itself so if you’re a member of Deviant Art and watch my account there be prepared for something that you can interact with personally in the future. Asides that, nothing new on the site at the moment besides today’s current update. Enjoy :3

Response to comments:

CelticMagician: Yeah, I found that weekly updates led me to just thinking about the comic but procrastinating because I wanted to do other things with my time, with this extra space of time I’ll be able to hopefully do more projects and other things I’ve been wanting to do outside of just focusing primarily on where the comic is going and its progress.

Sparky The Fox: ;3 I don’t think even running would help anyone in that case.

Shadow-Dinosaur: :V Indeed!

Ashy: If only Johnny kept his big mouth shut, eh?

Mini987: >:3 Chopa chopa~

Story teller, Astralle: Indeed, I believe Johnny would agree with that sentiment.

VibeCatcher: Each of the paintings are actually fanart that I’ve received, the last one is a collaboration between myself and another artist on Deviant Art. Though each contains a character that would at present be a child/younger in the comic. ;3 Time paradox ahoy! But nah, it’s really just there as a thank you to my friends for sending me so much stuff.
It’s been a bit over a month now kiddies, it’s time to return back to updating. Now I used to do a weekly update, that won’t be happening any more, instead the updates will be staggered a bit more, but they will keep coming, so don’t worry. The only reason I’m doing this is because I felt really strung out about my comic—given I had done it for a year straight and whenever it came to making more buffer, it was really hard to get the motivation for me to do so without it being the day before an update. I want to try and take that extra time to also experiment with some styles I’ve seen around Deviant art, and hopefully I can find one that’s quicker and better for me as an artist to settle on. So ‘till then, bear with me. Also, I’d like to thank the fans that kept with me, even through this hiatus and the new ones that have joined on, thank you so much for continuing to support me.

What’s new: There’s a whole heap load of new fanart in the fanart gallery thanks to a few awesome people I know, so if you haven’t taken a look already, check that out :3

Response to comments:

Lady Darkrina: The mysterious lady would be Madame Boss, the boss of Team Rocket preceding Giovanni. She ruled Team Rocket with an iron fist and when she says ‘brat boy’ she’s referring to her son: Giovanni.

Godmoderncommander: Oh ho ho, you are correct, and they have personal extensions of their insanity which represents this quite well… like say, a sword wielding dude ;3

Playthegamewithbacon: Not if her lap dog does it first ;3

Meta-Akira: Heh, I wouldn’t be surprised if a week later she says: Oh, Johnny? He had to go. Away. Someplace far away.

Mini987: You don’t back sass the boss >:V

Ashy: It’s been a long one, yo, it’s nice to see everyone again.

Koreangirl34: <33333 Char needs a plz account on DA.
Talon here,

After deliberating for some time, I’ve decided to take a month long break from the comic, realizing that I’ve been feeling rather burnt out creatively has made me see that it’s much needed as I’ve been working on this comic for well over a year between the times that I work and do other things. Over time it felt like Pokémon Zirconia became more of a chore than anything; so rather than decide to stop doing the comic all together, I thought to take a break, do other things I would like with my free time and reflect on where the comic is going as a whole.

Fret not, the comic is not going to stop all together, it’s pace will just be staggered so I can work on other things in my life, being that there are a few sources of stress at the moment within it having to range from my job to family life itself. I do this because I do not want to give up Pokémon Zirconia all together, even though I was really tempted to do so after being dedicated to it for so long. I apologize to those that were really looking forward to the next chapter, and grant only the first page into it, beyond this I will be doing web comic advertisements and taking questions from the readers during the time of my break in place of regularly updated scheduling. I hope you guys enjoy your summer, I intend to :3

Response to last week’s comments:

Sahdow-Dinosaur: Thanks ;3

Supersonicfan0: Glad you think so :3

Christo556: Yuppers, little Char and Navarro, marshmallowing it up~

Lady Darkrina: :3 Glad you liked both pictures<3

Shishi Beru: I’m glad you are and I hope you keep up that enthusiasm even after the hiatus<3

Meta-Akira: M’yes, as it should. *Gives a marshmallow to roast*

Rogue: Pff, yes, but substituting a cigarette instead of a marshmallow—then we can call it perfect ;3

Encoyroaba: Haha, yeah, I don’t often do crits myself unless I’m asked to do them, the latest ones that I did were on Perfect lie, the sister comic to Pokémon Zirconia which you’ll find in the links on the menu bar up there. I have to say you were perfectly cordial about addressing what should have been done ;3 you know the lazy artist in us all, cutting corners and copy pasting backgrounds in panels just so we don’t have to draw something new all together XD

Man, I wish I had a portable campfire—I would make smores all the time.
Alright after this week it’s onto comic page updates, sorry for the long intermission and what not, but keeping things spaced out keeps me less busy and allows me to do other things that I like to do as well outside of the comic.

Responses to last week’s comments:

Mini987: Indeed :3

Popzink123456: Heh, Suicune is its name. Glad you like.

Solarathehedghog: Thank you very much :3

CelticMagician: Yeah, the Entei image was getting a bit old and has been up there for over a year now. It was time for a change.

:3 That’s what I was going for.

Ashy: Yeah, I spent some time tinkering around with the effects in Photo Shop, I think it came out pretty well for what I needed.

Meta-Akira: :3 Thanks

Story teller, Astralle: Pfff, should I get you a fan? XD

Sparky The Fox: ;3 Glad you like.

PlayTheGameWithBacon: I was trying to create a generally interesting flow since Suicune is associated with wind water and ice and all that jazz. I think I did pretty well and I’m glad you think of it what you do.

Daughter of Leo: I’m glad you are, I am as well :3

Encoyroaba: Mhm *Nods* This comic has been mostly a work in progress or rather something that I can look back at the archive and see what I’ve improved upon and what still needs work. While I’m not much for constructive criticism, I will say that I did not want to do two separate images of Suicune to get the reflection the way it should be—which is how you described, it would have been something I would have struggled with, as I can’t really do a smooth transitioning copy of something but slightly alter it very well, so I took the expedient as well as lazy route XD

Thanks for the read and the comment, I appreciate it :3
Talon here,

I know it’s been pretty slow with updates considering the intermission takes a bit, but intermissions actually are easy to do, free up my time and make it so I can do other things (Like neglect the work I’m supposed to do and RP :B)

But I’m glad to see you guys stuck by patiently for the next chapter, it should be shorter in comparison to the last now that I’ve gotten a better hold of the storyline and scripting, so have at :V

Response to last week’s comments:

Ninja Kitten XP: Heh, yeah, I had no intention to drop the comic after the first chapter, it’s going to keep going for a while.

Ashy: Thanks, I’m satisfied with it too, but not overly satisfied, an artist has gotta improve you know ;3
When first staring this comic, I had no script and thus no clue where I was heading with the comic. I honestly did not plan to have it go very far but here I am, already making a second chapter and looking through the first.
The first picture represents me doing the comic with complete digital rule in Opencanvas. While it was fast, and easy to shade black and white wise, I had to piece together the comic panel by panel rather than do a layout, thus most of the first pages are a bit disjointed.

The second represents my change over to sketching the comics, I was unsure how to layout comics still but had started orchestrating a scrip to better go by and leave interest for the reader to want to see the next page after that one.

The third is when I start combining pencil with tones and shading, I get a bit more comfortable following a script after this.

The forth represents my first try at handling a lineless coloring method. I found the method to be far too time consuming and thusly did not continue it.

The fifth was mainly colored for the purpose of better depicting the barrier, otherwise it would not have worked as effectively, it is then I find that most attacks and other moves by Pokémon would have greater impact in color.

The sixth image is a result of my experimentation with dynamic paneling. I make the panels have a ‘shattering’ effect to emphasize the impact of the explosion and I think it made for a nice experimentation that I might apply in the future.

The seventh image is where I start inking all my pages digitally. It left a cleaner crisp effect on the comics and I also started focusing more on character expressions and their movement.

The eighth image was a brief attempt at me trying to do selective coloring once more to heighten the impact of blood, though I found it more distracting than anything.

The ninth image, I tried flat coloring as a method that would have appeal and would not be time consuming to do so, so I could have a colorful comic that would draw more people toward it. As color is always better. I stopped this because I found flats… well flat and lifeless.

The tenth image represents the impact of interactions that I wish to heighten and bring a sense of urgency, ‘concern’ for the characters and thus a better connection with them.

The eleventh image is where I realize I am tired of static backgrounds and quit doing so in my following comics in order to make the world feel more fleshed out and realized.

The end of the chapter. The final images lain out here gather the most impacting moments in the chapter into one final image and leave answers as well as further questions that need to be addressed to the reader and I think personally things wrap up well with this final image.

Response to last week’s comments:

Lady Darkrina: I tried to take my experiences during the comic and share them with others, I hope in a small way it at least gives people something to think about and hopefully makes them feel the same way. ^ ^

Meta-Akira: Yeah, I find that tournaments either run two ways, they’re really good and help you develop as a artist or they run a really sloppy ship and you get booted because of some default that they make up last minute. :B Not naming names here.

YuseiDarkUmbreon: *Nods* While I was disappointed I was at the same time kind of glad to get kicked out, because it gave me time to improve as an artist rather than focus on time consuming schedules that the rounds can be.

Heh, in my case it was an art tournament on DA. I still think about it from time to time, but I met a few people there that I still speak with so I’m glad to have tried at least.
While there’s not much to say with this page other than it is a reflection of the chapter somewhat, I’d like to say thank you for all of those that have supported me from the start and have joined in supporting me just now. I’ve had many people help me advertise and other such things with the comic and hearing everyone’s opinion and comments on it as well as continued interest helps me to continue striving to improve and wanting to keep the comic alive. So really, thank you readers, there probably wouldn’t be a comic without you.

Response to last week’s comments:

Shiay: Lols, I should make it that he actually trips over them at some point. Such a careless boy.

Christo556: XD haha, everyone is concerned for Navarro, o_O and apparently in a violent way XD

Lady Darkrina: :V I’m glad that you are ma’am, a couple fillers and we’ll be right back on track, see you next chapter<3
Pfff, don't take the path most worn, Atty, go for the thicket :V
Alright, not much to see here other than the ending picture of this chapter. Navarro’s taken his first step into this journey and he’s already encountered Legendaries hunted by Team Rocket. He escaped by the skin of his teeth, but in reality he was only looking to get away from his family in Blackthorn and start his own life. But it looks like the lad is getting in over his head. Such is life. XD

Responses to last week’s comments:

Darkblane257: Time to throw about some confetti in celebration :V Let it rain~

Story teller, Astralle: Weeeeell—okay I won’t say :B

Mini987: Woot woot *Dances with*

Foxblaze: :V indeed.

Ashy: Glad you enjoyed it, there’s some parts that I kind of wish to remove now and revamp, but to be honest, I get a bit annoyed when other comic artists do that instead of producing new pages.

CelticMagician: :3 And I can’t wait to show it, I think I really start to show some improvements with some of the pages I make.

Marky Vigoroth: I’m glad that you really enjoy the story and I will also gladly explain my reasoning behind some of the questions you have.

I’m glad that you noticed the change, actually, with a lot of things within the comic there are subtle if not complete changes throughout certain things throughout the comic as it goes. One specific instance for example is that Entei went from having a three toed paw to a four toed paw, also that the baseball bat, which is depicted as being a wooden one upon its discovery suddenly changes to being a metal one. These differences such as Entei changing digit count is for artistic purposes, I felt that Entei would look better if I gave him four prominent toes on each foot instead of three, I do the same with Suicune you will find. Also, with the bat, I change this because of story purposes and its need to be metallic instead at a certain part of the story, so I decided to change this earlier on rather than later where the change would have been more evident. The reason that I don’t go back and reflect this change on previous pages is because this comic in itself is an experiment and as I learn more techniques and from my mistakes I would like to have a living archive of these past mistakes to look upon and see how I’ve improved.

As for your original question about Mightyena, the answer is similar to Entei’s toe count changing, I simply found the look more appealing and stuck with it, just as I did with Wartortle’s head wings becoming much larger than they were when I first started out with the comic.

As for the scars that were left, Mightyena’s scars on his face will be permanent as well as the ones that Clyde had received from Char, these were planned to make them a reflection of each other, master and owner, both marred.

Aside that, when Entei bit Mightyena’s chest he bit into the fur of his chest, it is kind of difficult to decipher that now that I look at the page itself, but the evidence of the scars would be more difficult to see because of the fur in the way, but they are there.

Anyway, thanks for the questions, I do not think you’re nitpicking, sometimes these are reasonable questions to ask and it does help clarify things. Thank you for supporting the comic, hope to talk with you again in the future.

VibeCatcher: XD Suicune is somewhere in there alright.

Darkdramon: :3 He will rise again :V
The end of a chapter, there should be some things said about this whole thing, but I guess I’ll save it for the stuff in between the chapters themselves. I didn’t really intend for this chapter to be so long winded or really take over an entire year to get through. But there you have it, the end of chapter 1. The following chapter really should not be as long.

Response to last week’s comments:

Lady Darkrina: I think out of most of the Pokémon that I can select, that Navarro would be more like a Cyndaquil, odd an inadequate at first but slowly growing up to become more powerful.

Godmoderncommander: Lols, I’m sure Ash would have preserved that mentality of fighting others with his fists if he didn’t pick his first fight with James XD

Mini987: Homerun baby! Now time to round the bases!~

Echocave: It was super effective.

Foxblaze: Pfff, surprise butt secks XD Oh you.

Shiay: Pfff, that’s okay, I thought it a bit neater for the fumes of smokescreen to billow out his nose, I always thought it was kind of neat when smokers did that… oh yeah, mandatory message: Don’t smoke kids, all drugs are bad :B

Sparky The Fox: Navarro? Bad ass? I guess even he has his moments XD

Ashy: I think this was a gratifying moment for all XD

PlayTheGameWithBacon: Clyde never saw it coming ;3

Story Teller, Astralle: ‘S all gravy, I call everyone dude, regardless of their gender XD Ah, the fun of smacking people around with a baseball bat :B

VibeCatcher: Cheating begets cheating XD He could have taken the high road, but hell, growing up in a house full of other siblings, you’re not going to want to play nice after a while.
Talon here another comic rolling your way. Hope you guys had a happy mother’s day.

Response to last week’s comments:

Popzink123456: Go you! Haha, I didn’t realize that Navarro’s teeth looked so sharp until it was pointed out (no pun intended)

Lady Darkrina: Just has to sprout some wings and go demon on the place now XD

Darkblane257: :V If I could blow smoke out my nose to blind random strangers I would :P

Ashy: Char is going to grow up to be so bad ass :3

Sparky The Fox: :V For the win yo’

Shiay: :V Take that dude!

PlayTheGameWithBacon: XD This comment really made my day, I bet that’s how some Pokémon do it :B
Talon here, more comic work, we’re almost done with the chapter. I hope the following chapters don’t go on as long, but meh *Shrugs* it’s a work in progress and a lot of what I do is experimental for the most part.

Responses to last week’s comments:

Christo556: DO NOT WANT

Shiay: Oh you know him, he always figures a way out of sticky situations.

Darkblane: *Chuckles* I know right? Clyde isn’t very graceful about the whole thing.

Mr.Zoet: Well, technically he didn’t lose since he tossed in another ‘mon, but yeah, I would feel cheated too if someone else came to the game that wasn’t expected. XD

Ashy: Haha, that’s not for a while actually.

Story Teller, Astralle: Fufu, I know what you mean dude.

ShadowEevee128: :V I had originally thought of doing so, but my plans have since changed. Clyde ends up keeping Mightyena, at least for the time being.

PlayTheGameWithBacon: *Shakes head* I’ve seen it so many times that Team Rocket blunders and really doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing, I’m trying to remedy that in this comic. Of course, ultimately bad guys should lose, but that doesn’t mean they can’t at least look competent here and there.
Okay, so I have a headache, I’m going to make this short and to the point. Comic yo~

Responses to last week’s comments:

Godmoderncommander: Whip out the forks and potato salad P:

Christo556: P: Time for some butter.

Lady Darkrina: P: I imagine it would go straight through me XD

PlayTheGameWithBacon: P: mmm all these food analogies are making me hungry.

VibeCatcher: P: I want some onion rings then<3 And I’m glad you get it now XD

Shiay: DK But Talon wants money yo! XD Okay, support is better<3

Foxblaze: :3 Sure he can, he’s a ghost, going through walls is an awesome specialty.

Ashy: Yup, he created a substitute of himself during one of Char’s attacks and hid in the shadows.

Booho1: P: Even more butter plz.

Daughter of Leo: Haha, yes, he’s a shiny. I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic <3

Gothika: M’ka, thanks for stopping by ^ ^

Lucazke: If only Haunter had an ass of some sort to save :’(
I'm starting to feel like DT is going to grow up to be one bad ass Charizard