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I'm pretty excited to get back to story, what drake is going to do about the seal is killing me.

Oh, and great job with this one. It's my favourite since the scaling-the-wall britany scene. :) Plus you made george kind of likeable in his fearlessness. ^_^
Oh wow, that's pretty sucky. Drake must be fuming that his race got wiped out so quickly.

On a completely random note: If baby dragons can't take on fully human forms (i.e. drake's little brother hadn't mastered it completely yet and he was a child) then can they enter the caves when they're really young?
this is such an awesome page. I'm so glad Brittany managed to shape-shift to be that big, she might just last long enough for a really dramatic death scene.
Heh, I like her shirt. And you really can't notice - I'm just crazy.

I hope we see Frisia again and he didn't meet the same fate as some of the other messengers.
Nice story and artwork. Really enjoyed reading it. Though this flashback has been so long I've almost forgotten what Joan looks like!

Also, is it just me or does Brittany's boobs keep getting bigger?