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Don't frequent Yahoo, prefer MSN, like to sketch and read misc comics. o,o Anime/cartoon
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This is intended to be shaymin afraid of a friendly agron, should've uploaded this amongst several others very long ago. >< Have to look through stuff to find all of my notebooks since I moved, might upload in bulk when I find some.
I don't remember quite why I drew this one, I suppose the thought was either Team Rocket had to experiment on other pokemon before attempting Mewtwo and or poke-energy in general. I apologize for the poor quality of my uploads as well as the fact I'd never posted before; recently moved so I have a new webcam atm but have yet to find my scanner. I might upload gijinka attempts when I get the scanner. :x
September 28th, 2009
How does one apply to become a co-author? ><' strangely I couldn't find this in a faq or anything on the forums, though perhaps I just missed it.Imo Probopass looks like a mask you'd get in a jokeshop. o-o Preferences on starters..majority of them are 'cutest' in ther first forms.
They need to make a fighting, bug, and poison Legendary. Though, I thought Giratina looked like just a really big bug..O-o um..and can I join too? :D...I'll probly only do sketches, but, I want to do so nonetheless.