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Your friendly neighborhood ninja.

No seriously.

*sigh* Fine, I'll give you a REAL description.
I'm a very poor and fail college student. I am a huge otaku. Anime, manga, and video games are all I can talk about. Out of the millions of awesome three things I mentioned, my top tops are:
Fave 5 anime: Durarara, Higurashi, Umineko, Angel Beats, and Ouran.
Fave 5 manga: The World God Only Knows, Mirai Nikki, Bakuman, Onidere, Deadman Wonderland
Fave 5 Video Games: Persona 4, Persona 3, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, L4D2, TWEWY

Also, yes I know my name is funny. But it does not give you the right to hug me. If you even try, you will face punishment worse than death :3
I seriously have no friends who share my current fandoms.

Well, I have friends who like the things I fangirl over, yes. But they’re either not as into it as I am, or I never talk to them anyway. It gets so lonery sometimes ;_;

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Lazuli?

Cuz she's pretty damn awesome.

Homestuck fan is win.
Sorry for not updating in a while. The laziness of winter break seems to have gotten the better of me...

Right now I'm in a state of being where I can't really feel any emotion. Not sadness. Not happiness. Not anything. I'm kinda stuck in neutral. I hate it when this happens! It's not fun. Oh well. Time to keep looking for my emotions and stuff.

I always end up drawing my brother differently every time he appears. Damn him for changing appearances :(
Congrats on the Best Comic award! This is my favorite of the Nuzlockes that I read, so it totally deserves it!

In fact, it has spurred me to try to Nuzlocke my own game (and possibly document mah adventures, but I suck at drawing DERP).
Watched that with rain noise in the background: made things so much more sad D:
^ The comment above this one is full of win. So full of win.

Also, his confidence is in his hat. It's a well-known fact.
I always thought you were a girl...
A joke I did for one of my blogs.

Since I don't tell my gender outright on the internet anymore, it causes confusion. Most of my readers didn't know, except for Aquagaze. So it's silly :D

Please ignore all anatomy fails. I was trying to finish quickly.
The Dratini....
I felt your pain :(
Your sacrifice will not be in vain, Hat #2

Happy birthday!
Of course tacos don't lurk in the sea!

Burritos do that.

I'm glad I'm not the only one =_=
This happens. ALL. THE. TIME. *multiple headdesks*

Advice: If and when you make internet friends, avoid people that will profess their love all over the damn place =_=

Notice to people who may read this and think I'm talking to/about them:
I'm fine with you being all lovey dovey. It's not that I'm jealous. No, be all loving and stuff. Just please don't do it in public. It makes me wanna gag. I don't understand love so your actions confuse and anger me. I get enough of it with my roommate...
I love that demon so much.

Also, good luck in Japan! :D
oo, it's a...
...A something.

The only Pokemon I can think of is a Magikarp, but I doubt it would be that lame.

Also, above comment is hilarious.