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My X-fire username is orangegeomancer
I like pie and cookies
people who don't update should die and go to lazy person hell
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All this Gap Talk just reminds me of Yukari Yakumo
thats one way to get rid of your kids
thats one way to get rid of your kids
This is so how I am
Mmmm Delicous Lolis... I mean awe she's adorable :3
@giga-xis Well it looks like Nina took it in that way.
well if trying to trick him won't wort I guess it's time to scare him into It I'll get the Gun!
Did she clean it off? with her tongue? (no bad brain, Stop it.)
I can't relate to this strip at all since I make my own food and stuff and im in a rich family
To much Danmaku on flashman's part?
when did you steal drake's coat?
will you be adding any other rules like no duplicates. and which game?
I'm down for some I'll take mine with some bbq sauce
Texas Ranger Fish? This can only end in a moutain of bodies!
wait now im confussed about 1thing. is layton still the puzzle solving gentlemen or now is all emo?
i get it because there moving really fast and slowpoke is very slow
well it's offical either spuds or barb is dead meat
What... What... Wha. *head implodes*