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Well, that's it. Page 6, "A Prophecy is Told", and way too many years later, page 291, "A Prophecy is Ended". If you expected something more, well then I'm sorry. I had all these high hopes and ambitions when I was a 13-year-old kid, but I didn't really have any sense of scope or scale. I'm sure we all know the feeling. Now that I'm older and wiser, I'm able to objectively look at TYH and say, "this has gone on long enough. I need to take stock of my life and do something different."

I mean, it's not like it was even popular, right? What good is plowing ahead for seven years - gadzooks, it HAS been that long, hasn't it - on something that nobody even likes? I used to like it myself. Now I'm not so sure.

So, this is how it ends. Not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a "good riddance". I made a big fuss about all this stuff I wanted to do with this final chapter and, really, it was just a lot of talk. There were a lot of plot threads left unsorted, and really, that wasn't good writing in the first place. You might as well pretend they were never there instead of hedging your bets on some miraculous epilogue that makes sense of everything. To all seven people still following this comic, sorry if you got caught up in my... enthusiasm, I suppose is the word.

And, really, there's not a lot left for me on Smack Jeeves, is there? The last worthwhile comic on here died five years ago. So I'll be taking my leave of it as well. This comment, and this comic, will be my final post on this site. Where will I go? What will I do? I haven't really decided yet. I might migrate to Tumblr and start writing something about boys' love and the wacky perils that entails. Whatever I do, I think I've had just about enough of video games, comics about video games and The Angsty Herd: The Angstening to last me a lifetime.

So, again: good riddance.
This one's running a touch late. Sorry. I've really been trying hard to stick to schedule recently, so it frustrates me when I can't get something finished on time. Sometimes, like today, it's real-world junk getting in the way of my frivolous dinosaur pixel comics. I'll endeavour to focus more of my entire being on this comic next week, and with any luck I will transcend the physical state soon and exist purely to make mediocre comics.

(Talent isn't a priority at this stage)
Kirby horrifies me in this one and there's parts that came out sloppier than I intended.

But Yoshi's cute when he's been stripped of all godlike power so it's k.


I think I'm beginning to rely on Photoshop as a crutch - which is something I always promised myself I wouldn't do, back in the day. Newer, shinier comics would come about, and I'd pat myself on the back. "Never mind them", I would say. "You're keeping it real. They have the bells and whistles. You're the REAL talent here, though."

Nowadays I'm not so sure - especially that bit about the talent. Photoshop and other such image editing software is a tool - a very powerful tool - that helps with things a spriter (I hesitate to say 'sprite artist') has difficulty doing. Yeah, I could go pixel by pixel and toy around with opacity, or motion blurs, or - whatever the hell I'm doing up there in Magenta's mind. (What WAS I doing up there in Magenta's mind) But that requires a level of dedication and attention to detail that very few human beings possess.

The obvious workaround is to not write scripts that call for such drastic image editing. That's perfectly valid, and I might even say the bigger man's strategy. But right now the ability to SHOW a rumbling earthquake that shakes the very heavens, over having somebody pop in to say "me oh my, this earthquake is shaking the very heavens" seems like an idea.

Do note: this is a big one. Panels and editing combined put it above the free-site limit on Smack Jeeves uploads. I was hosting it off-site with Mediafire, but we experienced some troubles there. I've had to make this a .jpg, which comes burdened with some graphical issues, but this was the best I could get it and keep it on the air.
Exit Magenta, center stage.

Everybody give her a hand!
Here is the comic! The year is 2013 and not, in fact, 2020.

I used a lot of Photoshop in this one!

I am not good at Photoshop!

That's - that's all I've got!

See you next year!!
Aw yeah writin' up scripts 6 months in advance, then comin' outta nowhere to deliver ANGSTY COMICS ABOUT DINOSAURS WITH NO PUNCHLINES. I'm the best at what it is I do, no doubt.

Unsatisfied with a lot of Kamek's poses in this one, but the overall composition lets me get away with it I guess.

When it comes time to make a comic, Yoshi seems to be the one I focus on doing custom sprites for the most, though. Pretty happy with that landing pose in panel 5 actually, it came out well.

I'm so unhappy with panel 9. Kamek firing off a million little blasts (None of which look threatening - hard to make random shapes look dangerous, really), Troshi bringing up Nayru's Love and Magenta running past the chaos and blocking it all with her big fat head. It's just a mess of a panel.

I'm glad, though, that I've finally got a really solid idea of how I want to finish up the story. I had fragments and ideas before, but I think I've got the best possible line to follow laid out in my head now.
There's something about a Mario with blow-up fists that just runs around being a contrary jerk to everyone while repeating the same quotes over and over... I dunno, it just makes me laugh. And I don't have a better explanation for Yoshi not being able to go into those fortress levels.

In this flashback we see Yoshi revisiting the days of Super Mario World! Fully clothed, and not carrying the titular hero around at all. What does this mean?
It means I have no idea what I'm doing. Current canon to the comic - Yoshi was always civilised, clothed and a bit stupid. He got the Pegasus Boots (Those Sonic shoes) later and they became a standard part of his wardrobe. Yoshi was involved (Barely) in the events of Super Mario World, but wasn't a part of Super Mario World 2 or Yoshi's Story.

This is all subject to change whenever I please.

I hope you got all that, there will be a test before the end of class.

Oh, and with regards to Magenta's analysis of the magic, I guess she just learned the telltale signs of magical interference while working for Bowser. Dude's got a lot of Magikoopas around, and magic is rarely a subtle thing in the world of Nintendo.
The theme for this comic's production. (I have never claimed to have good taste)

No triumphant return, just not dead, etc. etc.

This comic took me a long time, in case the date stamp didn't say it all. While most of that was me being a worthless lazy bum, there were a number of complications:

1 - New computer decides to replace all font with blurry messes (While I was already halfway through the comic - look closely and you'll see that everything outside of a text box is a slightly different font)
2 - Getting Super Mario World backgrounds to sync up properly is a spriting nightmare
3 - Movement sprites (My arch nemesis, still not happy with the walking sprite used here but it will do)
4 - "Oh man, university courses have WORK to do? Who knew?"

With that out of the way - I'm really disappointed with the way I've been using Magenta prior to this storyline. She's a blast to write dialogue for, and she's actually an accomplished warrior. Over the course of this storyline (And maybe any retconned older comics) I'm hoping to give her a bit more screentime.
Updates are, as always, sporadic. I have a few panels for the next comic finished, and it is going to get done, but TYH will probably never have a concrete schedule again.
What's the flight speed of a Yoshi?

Depends on how unlikely a hero he is.

EDIT: Man that blur effect is disgusting. I'll never be able to pull off blurs.
...Because I'm a bad writer?
It's okay, no one was in the Valley of Bowser at the time.
Or they all followed their "In case of Author" evacuation plan promptly and efficiently.
Take your pick.

Man, I really should comic more. I enjoy it whenever I do, and I work pretty quickly. I just... Don't.
It's meant to be behind her - the implication is that Meta Knight threw it. Sorry if it's not clear, these early comics are particularly shoddy.
So having finished - and possibly failed - my high school exams, I turned to sprite comics.
I'm counting on you to make me rich, Yoshi!

(SPOILERS - He will never make me rich)
Close. I've kind of forgotten what it was at this point, but it definitely said Ruby in it.
Hey, 3 months at a time is still pretty good.
For me.
Better than a year, give me that much.

There's so many other lines I wanted to give Bowser right at the end, but I just couldn't fit them into that tiny space.

And wow, I really did manage to explain in-comic why Magenta started looking so feminine. Who knew?
Like I said.

A month at a time.