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Hey there!
I'm Costa. I am currently studying psychology, although I have no idea what the future holds in store. I like to make comics on the side, though I'm anything but an artist, and I watch way too much TV, but I like it. I also like to think that I am funny, whether that be true or not.
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I'm Back!
Hello readers! Sorry I was gone for so long. I was very busy catching up on sleep... and video games...

Yesterday was Pacman's birthday! So I totally meant to keep elsh's pacman guest comic up for that long. I don't think I can promise a consistent update schedule, so whenever I make a comic, I'll just put it up.

In other news, what about those Montreal Canadiens?! My prediction is they'll be spreading Philly on their bagels like cream cheese after this series. Ok bad joke

Enjoy the comic!!
No internetz?!
Oh Man!!! I had no internetz all day (and night) Yesterday (and yesternight)! It was horrible! It forced me to study and work out!! I hope I never experience that again!!! While I wait for the repair man to repair the internet, I was able to upload this comic!

A special thanks to elsh for submitting another guest comic!!! I know I've been procrastinating with the comics, and this can be explained by... EXAMS! Sad...

Unfortunately that was the best thought bubble brush I had that would fit... So he was supposed to be thinking it.... But yeah I guess he could be clueless and just not realise he thought it out loud ;)
Running around
So I've been running around so much that I forgot to update, but I've updated now so that's good right?

Oh and a word of advice, it probably wasn't such a good idea to get The Sims 3 right before exams :/

Not many updates
Yes so I'm very busy with real life unfortunately so I'll be updating.... much less frequently :(

On happier news, Leah Feldman submitted this guest comic! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! She is Jewish, so that automatically makes this non-offensive! It was also her birthday yesterday (That April fool...) and if you want to give her money for her birthday, give it to me and I'll be sure she gets it maybe. Also, see the irony of posting this comic during passover? That's right, I'm that clever.

With your help! Thanks! :P
For those of you who ever wondered
Okay... obviously this was a little exaggerated, but that's for "the funny".

Some credit should also be shared to Jonathan Lai (AKA Dr. Necrosis... you know... the commentor who thinks he's evil?), who came up with this idea and helped write it up! Thanks a lot!

as for the rest of you, hope you enjoy!
Late update
You ever have those days where you wait up all night to update, but then you get get so tired that you forget to update? That was me last night.

So here it is! Sorry it's 9 hours late! Most of you probably wont even notice though :)

A one panel comic!
I love one panel comics! They are just so simple and clever! And its updates like these that I wish I had more friends studying anatomy! I also think that I have gotten pretty good at drawing hands! Don't you?

Enjoy the comic!
Contrary to popular belief
... I did not make this comic for Pi Day! It was complete coincidence that today I update this comic, 2 days after pi day. I did however make THIS COMIC for that glorious day.

This comic is based on many experiences I've had in my undergrad year. It goes to show that unless it's something relevant to what others are studying, NO ONE CARES! I have been on both sides of this scenario unfortunately :/

Enjoy! Also tell your friends about the comic!! It helps me out :)
I put B because most classes (psych classes at McGill at least) require that the average grade be a B.
New Update Schedule
So, As many of you have noticed, I'm posting on a Friday! What the hell? Now, before you people out there in "Internetland" Come at me with pitchforks and knives, I want top apologize for the 2 day update schedule. However, I promise it's temporary!!!!!!

In other news, I went to the Muse concert on Wednesday. I truly do enjoy their music. I pretty much looked like THIS GUY.

To the Internet: all my typos are done on purpose to portray the extent of my sleep deprivation. That is all (I almost spelt depriation instead of deprivation before...)

since I'm neurotic, I'll probably fix it as soon as I can
New Update Schedule!
So there's going to be a new update schedule, hopefully this change will be temporary. The new days I will be updating will be Tuesday and Friday.

But Costa! Tuesday isn't a new day and those are only 2 update days! My answer to this, "What are you going to do about it?".

No but seriously, I haven't had a lot of time lately to make comics. Hopefully this will change soon. Until then, enjoy!

UPDATE: I have cured my dyslexia.
I wrote the title at two in the morning and I caught the mistake this morning. It's been fixed though, so as far as everyone else is concerned, you're just crazy :)
How did I not go into philosophy?
I mean, with arguments like this, I'd for sure get As in all Philo courses wouldn't I? Ok sorry for the quick comic. I was really busy this week. Even now, the buffer is starting to get smaller and smaller. I may change the updating schedule too. Probably will be updated only Tuesdays and Thursdays until I have more free time. I'll let you guys know.

If anyone is wondering, I have used the adjective "awesome" or some variation of this word 4 times in this comic. Enjoy!
What part reminds you of that? Is it the "Nobody gets the joke" part? I just called myself not funny...
Ever experience this?
You ever have a prof that always made jokes, but they were really bad jokes? So they would start laughing at their own jokes in front of the class and you couldn't help but feel embarrassed for them? That and you couldn't help but laugh at them? Then you can relate.

If I were a prof and students weren't laughing at my jokes, I'd probably threaten to fail them.

The girl in the last panel is my girlfriend. She is imaginary. Yay! Enjoy!!! :)
Big Party!
Well, not really. It's pretty boring here... I'm experimenting with my brushes. I don't know if this is a good brush or not. I was impressed at first, and now I wonder. Anyway, let me know if you want.

6 panel comics take forever! I hope all of you appreciate them! Enjoy!!!!
I am so psyched for tomorrows hockey game
Canada Vs USA!!! WOOO Go Canada! (I probably just lost all my American readers)

I got this comic idea when i saw someone crossing the street while texting. I had to see this happen 200 times before I decided to turn it into a comic