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Freelance artist, and graphic and technical designer. I mostly like spending time on art, and am open for commissions.

Feel free to help me out by checking out my Patreon ( or buying me a coffee (
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I hate to tell you this George, but this entire attitude of yours? That only works for *main characters.*
Honestly, when the king is the level of asshole that he is, his name isn't worth remembering.
And then she ran into my knife. She ran into my knife ten times.
Boyyyy I've been there.

One time I left my sketchbook behind to go to the bathroom, and some "joker" had taken it along with ALL my pencils and eraser and had thrown it in the trash.
August 11th, 2015
The idea of the zombie in movies goes back as far as the movie "White Zombie" from 1932, which was directed by Victor Halperin and starred Bela Lugosi. When George A. Romero first made Night of the Living Dead, his original intention was to bring back another movie monster, the Ghoul (and throughout the movie, they are called ghouls rather than zombies). It was mostly movie critics themselves that called them zombies, rather than ghouls, and in the end, Mr. Romero himself just accepted it, even though he himself prefers to use it for the Haitian Voudou depicted in White Zombie.

Sorry for replying to an old comic, but this is one of those things I'm a bit of a nerd about >3>
And we are ago! This was the first page I made, though it was mostly a sort of experiment on shading, and playing a bit with Photoshop filters as well.
A welcome to readers
Welcome everyone, to Shadow of the Moon, a Rise of the Guardians/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover.

I'll try to keep this comic on a wednesday and saturday schedule. As it is, I do have a slight buffer for this, as I have the first chapter of this story complete, and am working on the second chapter. For now, I hope you will enjoy the story.
weeell depends on *where* they're torn, doesn't it o3o
I think we're having a case of "I should have turned left at Albuquerque"
*sigh* Bring in the ice cold hose.
man, now I want to quote the rabbit song from Buffy the Vampire slayer
Yayyyyy!! *kermitflail!*
So I am going on my first vacation in 3 years. I'm going to visit two of my best friends in the UK, which I'm looking forward to.

But it's REALLY hard to find proper, cheap flights that you know won't send your luggage to Amsterdam or some bullcrap XP The best I can do is to be prepared for the worst I suppose. It's not until july, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't take precautions.
Well he fits his name at least.

Flies nicely, lands horribly
want us all to get off your lawn next?
*cuddles Elias*
Hi Phil!
Sketchavember 30th! Thanks for the ride guys, it was fun!
Sketchavember 29th! Silly Screws, of *course* it's important! This is Snipe's human we're talking about!