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Why hello there, here to learn a bit about me? No? Too bad, just shut up and read. :) I'm an eighteen year old girl, born and raised in Canada. I've spent the majority of my life on youtube, reading fanfiction/webcomics, drowning myself in music, and watching so many movies I am honestly surprised my eyesight isn't shot.
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Your expressions have always been great, but my god, these are fantastic. I can empathize so well with her in that last panel, there's just so much emotion <3
@haneganai: I just looked over the beginning again and found a scene I had completely forgotten about. Toshio actually DID start out in the seme role when the aphrodisiac first started to really take hold of him. The only reason he was the uke was because of Ehukai's...lack of necessary anatomy. Exhibit A:

And I agree! Daeva-kun, this was great <3 If you ever plan on making an epilogue to the epilogue, I'll be here. You know, just throwing that out there. :)

Haha! Glad to know I'm not the only one tired of the overused uke character.~ When you see the same type of person in basically every single relationship storyline that more or less epitomizes what it means to be a weak character...guy or girl, it bugs me like you would not believe.
Greatest parents ever. By far. I wonder if their kid will inherit the shalalas. That would be the best gift Cas and Wes could bestow their child.
That was great! Thank you so much for posting it online! <3 And that has no idea just how alike he and his uncle really are.

One thing though. Does it say "fine" at the end as a way of answering that oh-so-subtle proposal, or should it say "fin" to end off the story?
Okay, this is going to sound odd, I'm sure...but I find this shift in positions really refreshing LOL Yep, just as odd as I thought it would sound. Anyhow, I'm glad Toshio's become so much more sure of himself now. Back at the start he was always very extroverted with the girls, but would sort of tone himself down around the guys. Those five years have really worked wonders on his confidence. He's come out and he's comfortable around everybody now...and I don't know, this is probably just me (and I'm only really bringing it up because I just finished reading the other comments)...but I always thought he'd make a good seme. He never really felt like an I-am-weak-and-helpless-please-dominate-me kind of guy to me (That type of character is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves. And yes, I realize how strange that must sound since I read yaoi, which is notorious for all but bursting at the seams with that archetypical character type) so I really like the direction the epilogue takes.
You can tell he's done this plenty of times before since he managed to not get even one spot of blood on his clothes~ Christophe so pro, man.
I love everything there is about this page <3
Best page ever omg <3
LMFAO You punny, man. You punny.
Happy April Fools to the both of you as well! I honestly believed this until I saw Boolsajo's comic update LOL Nicely played.

Also, god damn~ That is one mighty fine incentive. It's got to be my favourite so far :D
Happy April Fools to you too! I KNEW I recognized the style when I saw the DeStress update! And then when I see this one it all clicked together LOL
cutest april fools page ever <3
There's no rush :D Do what'cha gotta do~ We'll be here waiting for when you're inspiration kicks into overdrive :3
I like this version a lot more actually LOL I found it odd before that the magician would summon someone to be violated like that, and I legitimately thought that the man's abstinence was the reason for his treatment. The new dialogue is great at clearing all of that up though! If I'd been reading this for the first time, I'm sure nothing would have confused me. It all flows together really nicely with this revamp :)
I never really got over just how fucking creepy that thing is...and I must say, this revamp is fantastic. It's much more clear this time around <3
I love everything about this page <3
The only thing I have to say critique-wise is I find the setup of the page slightly confusing. I personally thought that the sequence of the panels would be going from the top left and down, then go back to the top right and continue from there. The slant gave me the impression that it wasn't finished there yet, so at first I read it out of order.

But really, this page is amazing with everything else. I've never really gotten over my love for his expressions and I just really love your art style in general <3
Aww Hinori :C She looks so sad in that second last panel </3 Hurry up and hug her you dolt. >=C
Does...does that cold compress say "COOL MEH"? Cheeky little bugger, isn't it...Where can I get one?!
I admire Renji so much here. His resolve doesn't waver. Not even when he's being drug through hell and back. Renji, all my love. All of it. It is all yours. T_T
Which is only going to make the next page all the more heartbreaking, I'm sure :C