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So cuuuute >w<
your art is wonderful~ >W< <3333333
I'm 16
Yes indeed.
and this is my first time posting. Beautiful comic and art <3
Reminds me of myself in the morning. Something like...

"How the hell did this happen?!"
This comic is sooo cute. In it's own weird little way. I love it! Plus, your style is so unique and amazingly pretty~
This page made me spew happiness... suicide makes me too happy. I have problems. OH WELL!

Excited for the guuuuuuuuuuns <3
I love this comic, the art is so unique and the characters are great! I'm always over-joyed when it updates *^*

Keep it up~ <3
It's been great reading this and I'm so sad to see it end!! And yet, at the same time, very happy! Great work Lucid! Hope to see more of your work, and more of your amazing characters!
AH ha ha, I was listening o this song when I found the update xD Awesome :3 I love Herz and his family, they're so comical xD!
I would like to point out that thanks to this page I have downloaded over ten of Ooomph!'s songs now . ___ .
Oh, this is my first comment on Boys Lessons but I've been reading it for awhile and have been meaning do do some fanart but never get around to it because I'm always so busy... I worship this pile'o'pages and can't wait to read more<3
lol, happy birthday! your comic is great, it makes me giggle c: