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I luv to read manga, watch anime, and draw. I'm a computer addict, and like cannot live without it. But I'm very smart. XD
I luv that face xD
hmmm... Banana + banana... wut could it be?! Oh wait it's 2 xD
Im starting to wonder wuts gonna happen once Rina comes back...
Hehe the Driver Finally notices something is going on on the top of his truck? 8D
Omigosh David has big eyes~
Dude he just shouldve slept and woke up early or something like that. Hack Im suprised Mac even waited the whole night xD
Poor Toki I feel so bad for him =3=
I luv Toki's face hehe if I was him I'd make Mac sleep on the floor~ Poor Toki not any sleep at all~
It looks like father and child~
It looks a lot like Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts. Oh and U draw a lot Like Arina Tanemura I like it ^___^
Thats awesome, I would think Haru whould be holding Shiratori's face not the other way around XD
BWAHAHAHAHAHA~ LOL~ So manly~ Wow Luckily I found this manga today it like updated right when I reached the last page
David looks like a dog when hes attacking him
Itd be kinda funny that when he looks up he doesnt recognize its Haru and is like, "its nice to meet u"
He's an Otaku, and hes secretly buying manga?
hehe <---victim, it seems Shiratori is making Haru fall in love with hime, quote "Maybe I should take some photos with my mobile, too..."
I bet u he'll be like changing when he climbs up
I cant even recognize him anymore~ hehe
The guy looks a lot like Fruits basket's Hatsaharu...