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I keep revisiting this page for Simons "heh." lol I just love it! :3
Theres a heart in that swirly mess of thoughts :3
Lawl I love little kids :3 they have crazy ideas :P
OMG! Andy is super cute! :3
OMG...YOUR MY AGE!!! :D hehe :3 why am i so happy? O.o
be a boy be a boy be a boy be a boy be a boy! plllllleeeeaaassseee be a boy :P
Wait whaaaaa?
lawl :3 i totally didnt get the birds and the bees thing till i read the first comment :P i feel dumb for missing that D: but i still havnt heard the whole birds and the bees thing does anyone know how it goes?
AHHHHHHHHH! I love his smile it makes me feel all warm inside!~<3
*Whistles* ^///^
Ahhhhhh! hes so cute its rediculous! D: omg i think im choking *bleh!*
ps-cant spell lawl ^^
hehe i lost my leash :3