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@ *milk+assassin*
I miss working on Granted ;^; But me and the writer are in different countries now so it's really difficult :< We do get the occassional page done when we can though! There are 4 new ones, but we don't want to post them and get people's hopes up then disappear again :<<<<<<<

Spot the inconsistency on the previous page!

As I'd drawn it before I started this chatper, Chris doesn't have headphones round his neck 'n' But they're back now!
uuuggghhhhh every page makes my day ;u;
2 updates in one night! I had this page drawn out a couple months back though XD; Just edited some panels... you can see my crappy clone-stamping.

Sorry for all the talking and lack of plot. There is a plot, I swear! I'm building up, I'M BUILDING UP.
This page comes complete with RANDOM FORESHORTENING!!!11!1 I should do that more...
You know what they say about milkshakes.
pen kept spazzing out on this page :( so some of the cross-hatching looks a little faded...

Our sleepy guy actually looks how he's supposed to, in the 1st panel, lol! I admit I find it difficult to get a character always looking the same :[
Apologies for the delay! I was... uh... replayingfinalfantasyix


@comic: What should she stop...? FLIRTING??? You won't get much out of this kid, sorry :[
OMG the perspective in panel #1 is so fucked up D: I really didn't think about it. And Christin looks really goofy in panel #6 D:

Maaaaan this page gave me a neck ache, AND a hand cramp for the first time ever...

...But why WAS she staring?

PS: Don't expect this comic to make sense for a loooong time lol. I labelled it Mystery for a reason, yo. Though you're welcome to guess what's going on.
ahhhh the difference a pen makes :)
hnnnng *mourns for 0.1*
I bought the wrong size pen :( My 0.1 liner ran out, and I went and bought a 0.5 by mistakeeeee D: I don't like it as much... I'll go buy another 0.1 soon...
chapter twooooooo!
I think I'm gunna end ch.1 here, even though it's so short! Think of it as more of a prologue. The other chapters will have more pages :)

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment if you like it so far <3
THE MIRROR IMAGE IS THE WRONG WAY ROUND :< I tried to fix it digitally but I couldn't :<

Toasting bread over the cooker! Hey, I've done it ;D
I love drawing rooms~! Who could possibly own so many mugs though...

PS: It says FLICKER, not FUCKER lol
So yeh
Sorry for reuploading the whole thing so far :/ The first versions were terrible, but now I have a scanner ('though a rubbish one) so they're a little nicer looking :3
my pants
I don't get it
When I look at these pages on my pc, they're fine, crisp, but once I upload them to SJ they look kinda... blurry :| What's going on...

edit: Fixed. Photobucket was resizing them :(
Beautifully drawn so far!

Just leaving a comment to say this (well what I've read so far) exact same thing happened to a mate of mine; he just suddenly got amnesia as he was walking along XD; He had to phone the police to ask where he lived!