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=3= Yullo~

My interwebz name is Bailey Del Rosa, my real name is a secret ;D. I am 20 years old and a third year art student, I'll say this right now, you can't tell because my art still fails in several vital places xD. Anywho~ I'm a HUGE yaoi/BL/what have you, fan so if you see me stalking your yaoi/BL/what have you's ok, I don't bite...and even if I do I've had all my shots ;D.

I look forward to starting my own webcomics provided I get off my lazy backside and actually draw them XP.
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    *deleted* O3o
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Oooh~ The drama~! 8D
:D Speaking of snow~! *got like 4-8ft of snow in the last two days...and it's not stopping*

anywho~ lovely page as always, lol 8^D
Smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooth operator >8D
*agree's with Hershey-Morning* D8< Yeah! You needz to work faster, eh! D8<
D8 Nuuuu~! No interruptions! DX it was getting good!~
*3* DEW EET!

- DX I'm not a sadist! Honest!-
O3o Dew eet~! Dew eet quick before David comes back O3O
>3> That better be David's raep face O3o
:D I lol'd at the commercial :D
Whee~ Breakfast!

One of two things could happen with this...One: Desta runs in and see's a glorious breakfast, or Two: Desta runs in, lured in by the promise of a tastey meal only to find that his mother is dead.


*squeals at the angst*


DON'T JUDGE ME! *flail* Oxo
I saw that coming! *no she didn't*

=3= Is it bad that I'm actually enjoying this? Even though I like David too... D;

It's reminding me too much of my favorite Hetalia pairings TwT
I like where this is going O3o
Awww, puppy <3

And yush O3o...smex'm up so he stays quiet >8D
squiggles = serious business

=3= I kinda wants some surprise buttsex
=3= .... mayorxdesta style O3o
O3o *leans in with bowl of pop corn* O3o

>8D Yes, don't hold back...kufufufufufufufufufufu~
Sex tiem =3=

*sits back with teh popcornz*
Mayor want sex nao
:O It kinda looks like the Mayor's hand is going all the way around David's neck :O....but anywho ^-^

It's still so pretty *o*

Sex tiem? O3o
In the words of the great general Akbar....."IT'S A TRAP!"