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A crazy otaku wannabe-mangaka who watches too much anime, reads too many webcomics, and uses way too many smileys. :3

Yep, that's me in a nutshell. :P

I'm a beginner at making webcomics. My main comic is Learning American. Even though the art sucks (trying to improve :p), the story's gonna be awesome (at least, it's exciting for me, anyway...) so please read it! xD
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LOL I completely did NOT expect a reference to OotS. xD
January 15th, 2011
Ooh pretty colors~ :D
Okay, honestly I'm speechless. The above comment disgusts me. How in the world can someone post such a harsh, discouraging, and untrue comment? (honestly if someone directed a comment like that at me I'd probably cry...) >.<

So I just wanted to let you know that I completely disagree with this MD guy, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes. :D
Oi, you're MUCH better at drawing cars than I am. I can't draw cars worth HALF a flip. XD;

And yaaaay, I'm looking forward to seeing a character with a drama addiction~ xD
I wasn't referring to Jin's departure (which was devastating for me, because when he left I was just starting to become a really big fan ;o;), no...I think of KAT-TUN because of their song, Keep the Faith, which I'd heard before I knew about DBSK. KAT-TUN is my #1 favorite group. xD ♥

EDIT: I also just happened to notice that some of your favorite dramas are also some of my favorites. xD Drama addiction FTW!
lol...awkwaaaard... XD;

And in response to your response to my comment, I also meant all of DBSK. :) And no worries about the fangirling, I'm always a total fangirl over my favorite groups. xD And I have to admit that when you say "keep the faith" I think of KAT-TUN, not DBSK. Sorry. ^^;
Nah, I haven't dropped it. ^^;

I hope I can find the time soon too! ;o; I'll do my best. ^^b
Untintentional hiatus? D:
I seem to have disappeared for almost exactly a year. I totally forgot about this comic! D: Sorry! >.< I really do plan on continuing this though. I'm really busy with schoolwork, but whenever I can manage to get some free time, I'll work on pages. This means I can't manage a regular schedule until the middle of May, but I won't be on a complete hiatus until then, just a pretty slow update schedule. ^^'

As an apology, above are a few old sketches of...guess who! One's obviously April, and the other is a character you haven't met yet. It's Ryo. I hadn't planned to show you guys any sketches of him yet, partly since I haven't completely decided on how he's gonna look...but that's just a sneak peek at a possibility.
I like your art, and the story idea is interesting! :D

And you're a DBSK fan! xD ♥
Oh noez! This is really bad and awesome at the same time! I love this story! xD
Chapter End
<Text in these things is in Japanese.>

Heh...yeah, I apparently can't draw phones. Well, admittedly I didn't try very hard...but...

More importantly, look, a page! *flees*
@salis: They said the hard drive was bad, or something like that. So they replaced it...which means I have to install everything all over again. Fun, right? :P
But I think they can get the files off the old hard drive, so I don't have to type those notes all over again. :)

@Amante-kun: Ah, you noticed.'ll find out in the next chapter. Oh, and Seki's a girl, by the way. ^^"
But...he's considering it! xD

Hehe, page came early, and...I think with this page, we can all sleep well tonight. Or at least I can. xD

A page, finally! 8D
Enter Paige and April (and Seki)! You've already seen Adam (pg 1). Hehe...after scanning, you can hardly see April's hair color... :P

Well, good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm feeling a lot better, although I'm still coughing a lot. The other good news is that I drew the next page, so it won't be too long before it's colored and up. xD

Now the bad news. My less-than-five-month-old laptop decided yesterday that it wouldn't start. So, while they're running a diagnostic on it (or more like, while it's on a waiting list for a diagnostic), for 5-7 days they said, I have less internet access than usual. Bah. :( But...I can deal with that. The part I'm more upset about is that I don't know if I can save my files, and I had elaborate story notes on there for a different story I'm planning, which I hadn't backed up yet. >.<
Just found this comic today, and it's awesome! I love it! Definitely faving. xD
Oh my hot! And I thought the FOX form was cute! Sugoi! xD
Ho hair! xD
Sick... >.<
Gomen nasai! So so so sooo sorry! I haven't abandoned the comic. I haven't updated since Thanksgiving, and that was a filler. I was busy in December, and I got sick right before Christmas, and then I was out of town without internet access for a week. I just got back last night, but I'm sick again. Uck. I hate germs. Dx

There are two pages left in the chapter. The next one's already drawn, I just have to finish coloring it. I'll update soon, I promise. I might even get it up tonight, depending how I'm feeling.

Also, I saw Avatar in 3D IMAX on Monday. I was blown away. Words cannot describe its awesomeness! xD
Thanks for the advice, I think I'll try that in the next chapter!

This comic is my first one, and I'm experimenting a lot, so any advice is very welcome. xD