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Full time college student; closet cosplayer. Bibliophile. Poet. In other words? 100% awesome.
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November 9th, 2013
", this mage is too much fun to play with. I want to see what he can really do. And then destroy him."
October 23rd, 2013
Ugh, so many gorgeous bleeding babies... I just hope no one we love dies just yet!
First comment? Ahahaha, yes! So, let me be the first to give these boys both a hug. In the last panel... awwww. He says so much with so little: 'Thank you, but I promise, he isn't hurting me... not on purpose, at least, and not in any ways I can't handle. It'll be okay.' My little magician, you are the dearest (strongest) (most melancholy), and WOW you were a cute kid.
Oh, Ashley looks so sad and darling on this page.... I love the faint blush, and the soft fall of hair. And... guh. All of it. Just all of it. <3 <3 <3
Ahhh... because one lover did not tell, and the other did not listen... I wonder if this will be a Stardust-esque, angst-ridden joyride. I kind of hope so.
Love, as always. <3
D'awww, thankies, I'm just happy you didn't think I was completely off the deep end. Love your art, as per always. <3
Oh, of course I don't mind cell shading! 'specially if it's easier for you. I'll still love it just as deeply.
Oh, Dice... you are so beautifully flawed. Will we ever get to see him play the violin? Or find out what's in the tiny chest on his dresser?
Sooo pretty, are you offering prints of this page? I love the soft edges, and the colours are gorgeous. <3 <3 <3
Agh! Every time, I forget how gosh-damned pretty this comic is! Their faces! Their *eyes*! That hot sword-swingin' action! All equals so much love. Thanks!

Heheheh... also, yes, Tarrie's "noraep" face is adorable, but not quite as cute as his "nodunwannafightu" face. Oh, if only I could provide him with the hair-ruffling that face deserves..

Not to mention... comment virginity >:3

*pfffft* "Enjoy the show, Bitch" *ffff-snork-Hahahahaha!* The best! The funniest! The 'so totally Mikkal'-est! I <3 you. Also, I ship this. Actually, I think I ship all the pairings in this comic except "Nasty Guy with Apparently Horrifying Wife" / Anybody, except said wife. Serves him right.
THAT, sweetheart, was a flashback. Extra hugs for you.
March 23rd, 2012
Meep meep meep, so cute already!

I like that Nikolai is just your average laxbro... over six feet in 8th grade. Yup... just average...

Also, I *did* notice how good you are at backgrounds, and in all seriousness, I like them muchly :3
Hey, this is a super cute and sexy comic! Also, I'm here because I saw it advertised on Starfighter *coughcough* so... um... yeah.

Uh, also, just wanted to (as awkwardly as possible, of course) say that I love all of the detail you put into each page... and the mouseover text is always kind of hilarious. Which I adore. So, um.. thanks!

They're... (aside from gorgeous, I mean, duh)... they're wearing eachother's tokens, aren't they (phoenix feather and dragon scale)? That's so sweet. I love it.
Oh, oh... I sense unrequited love. This god, in particular, does not seem to be the loving kind... I can't help but think any affection would be purely manipulative. *Sigh* Oh well, at least he's pretty :3
I still love you.
Beautiful. Thank you.
motherfrakkin' cute, man. 's all I can say. <3