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i have no life. i spend everyday drawing, lurking on the internet, and watching anime.
i am mostly found on deviantart, gaiaonline, Furaffinity, and TheOtaku.

i like anime. 8)
preferably Yuri/shoujo-ai but i'll watch practically anything (unless its yaoi)

i draw. a LOT. EVERYDAY. i sit in my room for hours on end trying to think up ideas ^^;;
i would like to get in something that has to do with art as my future career. i'm just not sure what i want to do yet (and this is not good)
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wait... SKITTLEZ IS A BOY???? O_O
wow. all you guys care about is the stupid DOG??? people and babies are in danger here o_o
December 15th, 2009
waiiit o-o
so theres more then one person who did the art for this comic?
awww damn these school computers. thank you for letting me know <3
your pages arent coming up. its kinda upsetting P:
i actually did hear a few rumors of ash's pikachu learning horn drill.... ^^;;;

lol i wish my school had half of the hot people that are in this comic
AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DIDNT SEE THAT COMING?? i was totally blindsided
all i could think about was:
"omfg he touched his face after disecting an eye" O____O
lol ok i feel bad cuz i laughed :C
lol damn that was just the first chapter??? that makes me so happy xDD
cant wait for more updates!
i feel so bad for Susan. she is so misunderstood. i think Paul totally deserved what he got.