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People call me a lot of things (Goth and Emo are the two most popular), but I don't believe in classifications. I love to draw and write, and I hope to become some form of author or editor, although drawing is my major hobby. I like comics that are well drawn with a good plotline. I accept yaoi, yuri, hentai, and stories that have absolutly nothing to do with love (or anything for that matter).
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don't you just hate when that happens
Chimera's gonna rape someone...
firstcomment. i don't know if i'd wanna put my hand in Wight's. Creepy fingers must feel weird
love the outfits you draw for your characters
Witch and Ghast are so adorable together. They really need to have a relationship, or you will have a mob of readers pounding on your door and begging for cookies to console their broken hearts
Again? Oooh i sense a mystery!!!
Chimera seems to be a bit of a sexy rapist...
is it wrong of me to find the lab assistant sexy?
Could I be sensing some sort of Romance here?
Two things:
One, Chimera looks like he's gonna hurl.
And Two, is it wrong i think Ghast is cute?
lol Chimera's shirt amuses me
and more importantly, Emily supplies them with pr0n???
Well, I'm guessing AFI as he's listening to "Bleed Black"
No, Chimera, she does not. FAIL
Precisely!! Curvy characters own!
What's your problem with her shape, darky0011? If you think that's fat, then have fun with your anorexic supermodels
You are very calming personality, but sometimes you can be a little creepy. However, you are a harmless personality with a quiet and peaceful nature. You also tend to be a bit secretive and mysterious.
i thought she was driving? at what point did she get out of the car?
hells yeah!!!!!