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Hey, my names leanne and im 13 years old. I was the creator of dragons but lost the pass to it, long story short im not going to carry on dragons.
My friends on here are...
Catqueen13 - Ive known her since i was angelz_xx. we talk alot through PM and were both fans of eachother's comic and she also did me some really cute dragons fanart!

Pikafairy- like catqueen13 ive known here since i started and im a huge fan of her comics (there so damn cute!) and she also did me some very nicly coloured fanart of dragons.

Im not doing my comic "taking over me" ive left it there so the previous fans know that its moved.
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its been a while :) Im catching up on all the pages
Matthew in the last pannel rocks, I also love the clouds around goaty in the first pannel =]
Ahhh!! Uber cute paggee!!! Matthew is still the same guy! =]
wow wonderful fanart!
The colouring is wonderful.
I was only messing about when i said about the strip tease.
Mathew is different!!!! I wonder what is going to happen now.
Strip tease!!
Ive been loving these recent pages, its all action but still got humor [ goatys expression is great]
Haha the 2nd pannnel pwns =]
Awe happy birthday!!
Im in love with these pannels, You may think im a a freak but ive been staring at them for 3 minutes or so.
o.o oh that is so out of order
You haven't updated in ages.
Wow o.o harsh words, lovely page.
Lol, stalker
Awe i love the first pannel. It brought a smile to my face.
Haha, happy new year.
Ohhh mysterious!
Aw. Cry baby x)
I love your comic. O yeah i got a tablet ^_^ photoshoped pages from now on!