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I love anime and manga, that's no lie. Obviously, I like to draw, and hopefully get better to the point where I actually LIKE my old work.

I work at a video game store. I'm such a geek. 8D

I highly dislike reading comics here on SJ and get an unexpected hiatus, followed by an excuse. "Sorry, my computer died." and "Sorry. School and all." I'll try my best not to do that to you guys and make myself look like a hypocrite. ;)
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Sailer Moon pose!

I love it!

And hurry back! I miss reading your comic daily! :(
Care to translate the phrase for those of us who don't speak French? :)
Reminds me of Ziggy's old stuff. Faving 'cuz I wanna see more!
January 31st, 2010
Agreed. The attention you give your backgrounds are phenomenal!
January 15th, 2010
Ah yes. Gotta it love when you get messages from people you don't know.
November 12th, 2009
Yes, Chloe, LIAM! Talk to LIAM!