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Just call me Mikari or Mika. I'd have picked Mikari as my username, but I believe it was taken already.

Gra'an is so damn awesome <3
Hahaha! Yes, I always thought the shrinking thing was rather... awkward. XD
February 25th, 2011
Ack, creepy glare man! XD

I love this already <3
OMNOM sketch comic
Oh wow, you updated JUST as I was catching up on the other updates I missed XD that was pretty awesome.

Hiddy is such an awesome ass <3
How Diglett can even use Scratch has always been a mystery to me.
And now Arial Ace... hurrrr.

Awesome strip, though. Diglett looks good with those goggles. XD
He looks scarier without the mean look. XD
The page won't loooaaad D:

Some of the other pages won't load either. This makes me sad.
I approve of this page!
Yessss <3
Sorry, I haven't been checking my SJ much, but I was happy to see you updated with a few pages XD <3

Sexy Eavan ;D
Yay, Haru! <3
Sexy Cal-stache ;D

Wait, what? o__o


Yaayyyy <3
I missed yooouuu <3
Cute page X3
C'mon Haru, think of somethiiing! XD You have to~!
..How does a tree put on a wedding dress?
.....Do I want to know?
Scarring is correct, don't worry XD

I liked this one a lot <3
I lol'd. I lol'd hard. xD
Yay my kweshtiun was on there <3
A little problem?! I wanna know what it issss XD

;3; need moar...