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I am actually ending my 1st year at university and is living in Canada.
I studies in psychology to become a neuropsychologue, so my studies will be veeery long! 8D
I like a lot of kind of comics... except I don't really like SF.

If you have any question, comment or constructive critism, don't hesitate to PM me... or to comment on my comics... <<
February 14th, 2012
Happy Valentines day too!
I love you too Ukiiukii! *hugs*
Is it... is Atherton going to save his princess...errr... I mean Lochlan!?!
January 14th, 2012
That's so me when I play Skyrim and I have another character with me! XD
Yeeess, those foresworn arrows in you head were totally shot by the restless draught... hehehe ^-^;
I almost killed one of them once... luckily, she was unkillable...
This is so beautiful! Your hard work is showing!
It's s hard to draw buildings and cities!
Aww, poor Ricky. It's not really surprising, but still sadface.
It's really bad that the game had put you into an art block! My, it really did get to you! I'm surprised people still have to try to argue about it. It's your right to not like it.
On another note: In my opinion, you draw horses well! Also: Link is stealing the fairy's role! 80
December 18th, 2011
I agree with you ukiiukii! Yummy panel! P:
And now I'm wondering if Atherton just slept with him to get some info like this one... hmmm.
I wish you will get better soon steph!!! Take care of yourself! :)
December 4th, 2011
How to find Atherton: follow the path of blushing men! XD
The men are so handsome in your comic! MY new favourite is Alejandro! :3
What I lke most is that not only are they almost all handsome, but they also look very diffrent from each others! You have so good character designing skills! :)
November 15th, 2011
And then his guitar is secretly a gun, imma right? 83 Of course not hahaha!
But M is so cool right now!X)
@Naked Jellyfish: Is that the first thing they teach in French classes, because I hear it a lot from English people! XD You know the song too I guess! :P
XD Carter, your French is funny, yes it's not that good. I mean: you did it well because his French is not awesome.
Especially since he says "vous" instead of "tu/toi", wich always make me giggle when English people do so. Otherwise, his sentence structure is pretty fine, in my opinion.
Ah, et yay, une autre Canadienne sur smackjeeves! Pour une fois que je reconnais les magasins dans un comic (Chapters/Superstore), c'est super le fun! Oh, and of course, your comic is super cool, I want to participate in your contest too!(gotta work on that soon!)
By the by, are they in any particular city/province?
Aww, I like your drawing style so much!
I mean, even Ganondorf is cute!
And he is certainly wondering where the heck he is! XD
September 29th, 2011
You totally got me with this!
Kudos to you, because I usually see things coming in stories!
That means you are original and that's awesome!
Awww, Link is sooo sweet!
And god you're updating fast! That's cool, because I know it's not only fun for us to be able to read you, but that it's equally fun for you to be able to draw.
Ahahah, poor little targ... I mean Merce!
I like that guy already: all the characters are entertaining here, but he seems he will prove to be the most entertaining one of them all! XD
I really like your inking style: it's super cool! It gives a presence not only to people but also to objects!
And yeah, Merce is supah cute in the first panel. But then again, he looks always cute with his huge eyes. I think they give him personality.
Keep up the good work! :D
I actually know some singers who wear their bangs that short.(or maybe even shorter) So you could say you're in fashion!
If the spamming persist, maybe you should talk about it to an admin?
And sorry for being quiet all the time! I really like your comic, it really catches me! Good job! And Django is so muscley!<3
I love both La'akea and Toshio, so I really don't mind what you decide to do. Anyway, you're the author! :3
Awww, that's a low blow, Dake! It's not Tommy's fault if he's not fat, don't pick on him. :(
The last chapters were so intense, I'm glad Gra'an, Hiddy, Horus, and now those three are having a little breather!^^