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Logical Sammich
Hokay, sho.

I am..-:cliche dramatic pause:-

I'm Logical Sandwhich.
Though since people call me Sammich, I'm
called Logical Sammich. Either way is fine with me.

I used to have this account (it was Logical Sandwhich back then), before I changed it. AND IVE BRUNG IT BACK DUE TO -:no:- POPULAR DEMAND.

Pretty much an alt account..
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But hes not.

He looks more like me in real life now. :D
Angry Wurmple sure is angry.
~Coming sometime in November~

Oooh, drama. :3
Oh yeah, I remember that comic by -=NOT METIONING NAMES=-. :3

I also remember that time Martin went on strike. x3

I was just sounding spiteful, I know..I feel a little depressed, but thats still not an excuse, I know that too..
Other comics (tournies and such) don't exactly count on the subject of the last 100 comics.

Also, women wanted to be treated the same as men, and yet they say you can't hit women and stuff.
Quite dumb.

When I say killing, I mean hurting or whatever. Rape would be dumb because rape is some joke done by losers who don't know how serious the act is in real life. >_>
Well that was..

Say, that boxing glove is kinda small..
Yeeaah..I was bored.
And of course it ends with Nephy killing the other person.

As always. :|

Has Nephina even been hit ONCE in the last 100 comics? :/
I was making a christmas outfit.

But I was bored so this is his new christmas outfit. :3

Jolly good christmas and all that.
Thats the actual Pokemon I have on Platinum.

Though I've got gazillions of pokemon, but they're in storage.

For example, my Vapereon is in storage.

Wow, I haven't used Vapereon in a while..

I actually have all 8 badges and I've beat the elite four and stuff but I was tired and clicked 7 and I didn't notice until now.

Also, thats what I look like in real life! :D

Yes I cover my eye with my fringe, I take advantage of my long hair. xD
I knew its was something like that! :C
I forgot what Tangela's evolved form was called.

I don't even know if it CAN learn poison jab. xD
Does it count if I just add a scarf and a hat? :3
Last panel, in the water, theres something there. :P
I request hoodless Cody. >:3
As a special gift..

Be careful!

The ninja-pony-bats might push you and you'd fall
and hurt yourself
and then you'd turn into a Magikarp
and then you'd live a happy and lonely life on a deserted beach flopping around aimlessly in search for food/people.
Btw only the thing worng with the banner would be the jpeg-ness, really.