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I'm... well, kinda a screwup.

I had a lot of fun on here doing sprite comics years ago, but an unexpected hard drive failure led to me being out of action for months and by the time i got back into things i had been booted from most of them for inactivity, and the one i hadn't was dead.

Tried going back to hand drawn stuff, but time it takes always manages to suck the life out of that after a few pages for me. Drawing with a tablet isn't fun the way working by hand is...

So yeah, five years later and i'm just kinda 'here' watching and wanting to do something, but without a clue what.
The forum says he last logged in January 5th, 2015, 1:57 pm... If he hasn't even visited the site in over a year he's not going to notice this no matter how many posts there are.
not to mention every imperial officer onboard... well... everything. (not including the ones vader choked)

the onmes on the death star, Death star II, upwards of 30 star destroyers, 2 super star destroyers, the endor base, 40-sum-odd installations from the games...

those guys cant be clones, there's too much variation in height and appearance. that and they have names.
No, her suit is bio-mechanical. it does have technological components, and without them she may be able to 'regenerate' the biological parts, but it will be incomplete, and its unlikely it will function properly.
so basically, MegaHedgehog and Badass fight, both using SwordMan's RM power, while Vector shows up and tries to make himself sound smart?
what's the big deal? its not like something bad's gonna happen...
maybe he dosn't even have human style eyes, and the shades are meant to act as a 'faceplate' of sorts (bad pun not intentional)taking the glasses off means showing exposed circuitry and a sniper joe style one piece eye.
i figure the prince is either Enker, or a reconstruction of Knightman.
the term cybernetic implies organic components...
Mechaniloid, Droid, or Robot would be more apropriate.
"with a plan this simple what could go wrong?" - automatic fail
"it's foolproof" - don't underestimate how foolish the other cast members can be...
because his best match, that isn't already taken, is Big?
didn't Ivo say he was counting on them loosing?
fillers should be funny, or interesting, or atleast distracting.

this is just 'meh...'
*gzrrk* system error...
this is not going to be pretty...
what if the grenade damaged him just enough that being hit by a car will finish him off?
most people thunk he's either a wolf or a lion.
forget brownies,
anything with more than 3 ingredients will probably turn into a WMD.
is that a hot dog or a glow stick?!
aw what the hell.
lets just lynch em anyway. just for the hell of it!
why did you have to bring it back? why? WHY?! WHYYYYY?!?!?!
i always thought they were hidden inside the wierd black marks around his eyes.

it makes about asmuch sense as he, ino, and who knows who else, being able to see with no pupils...