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I'm hitagashi. I curse a lot and draw a lot. If you want to know anything else about me bug me through some other site. Other than that, I'm a college student working on becoming an accountant.

If you need something, ask on my Tumblr.
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    A. Shook
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Basic Stats
name · Julia McArthy
age · 14 years
birthday · April 1st ♐
gender · Female ♀
height · 5’3”
weight · 142 lbs
orientation · Homosexual
Positive Traits · Fierce, Brave, Caring, Athletic, Devoted
Negative Traits · Worrying, Focused on the “Ghost”, Pessimistic, Wary, Uncertain

Julia’s Pokemon

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·· None yet.
· Boxed
·· None yet.
· Dead
·· None yet.
not a cover but an announcement
I'm restarting my Nuzlocke as I lost all progress, all my pages, everything, when my computer died. I haven't had the inspiration to start again until recently. I'm changing the story itself a fair bit too. (Only one person knew the story anyway so whatever, no one actually will see much of a difference.) For now, have Julia. I hope to be able to do my comic in this style for most of it.
In response to a headcanon post on Tumblr I can't find anymore, I decided to do this. I'll post them intermittently. But right now I'm not able to do the comic itself.
Yue is a jerk
Sorry I'm late.
I'm a back!
Sorry this is almost late. But here have a double intro! First of CMO Dannikye and second of Sayu, a fellow pirate captain!
I regret only one thing: not making Nareshkya blush since all of her turns the color of her blush.
There's a link, follow it. away-425652340

This should explain everything better. I'm sorry for taking off when I've already pushed it to every other week. See you when I can finally manage to interact again.

Later days.
@Ziliath: Ah! I'll keep that in mind! Right now I'm sticking to a three color thing. Serious (and really very plot relevant things) in blue and everything else in reds with a yellow bg.. I might do color pages some day!
Happy Holidays!
Happy holidays! Whatever you celebrate, did celebrate, and all that, it's nice to have followers on this silly thing! Hope you have fun!
And then there might be details
In the coming pages... yeah.
Wow dang I got lazy with that sun.
'Tis the season to be spooky

No but seriously, I should be getting back to this soon! Thanks for sticking around.
Click the Tapastic link
I have to seriously shrink things for SJ.

here's a misha there's a misha and another little misha
dancing captain happy captain sparkle sparkle glow

I'm sorry I'm not mature.
That is a misha
And those are eyes. I hate backgrounds. Ten million years dungeon for whoever decided comics need backgrounds.
Who's a good kitty? YOU ARE!!!
PS, I upload these when i finish. You guys don't get any until Tuesday! Though! When i get to 50, I'll do a double, twice on Tuesday!
Weekly updates!!! Yay!
No, I mean it! Updates Tuesdays!
Space Pirates, AWAY!
Weekly updates! Um. Yeah. There prolly won't be any decent bgs. Ever. It's best viewed on Tapastic. Because I had to half the size for SJ.
... Why am I now thinking of doodling some Alex/Herz things? ;A; Also, I love Herz on this page.
He seemed to be very worried for his little puppet boy. ;A; Poor Rydal and his worriedness..... Ha ha not even a word.