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I love love LOVE this so much! (You even picked my favorite character out of all of them! :DDD) This is such an amazing gift, thank you so much! Secret Santa, you rock! <3
This is amazing! Thank you, Secret Santa, you've made my Christmas even brighter this year. And their expressions are pretty much spot on, hahaha. You're incredible. <3
Calm down, Krazy...
Krazy, this is a gift for Snuffan. If she is unsatisfied with the picture, it's her decision to say something about it. If you're not on the staff this year, than it's not your place to decide what's a good enough present for someone. I think the very fact that a picture was even drawn puts this person miles ahead of being just another scrooge. For the moment, let's just leave things alone until Snuffan comments.
YESSSSSS thanks so much, my awesome SS! You captured their personalities perfectly. <3 You rock, anonymous gift-giver!
OH MY GOD. You win at LIFE for the Gary Motherfucking Oak reference. And Atticus is totally THAT GUY right now. Hahaha, I never thought about how it would be from the other side.