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Still looking for a good comic Idea. The previous ones are shit =_=
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lol thats some big pants for thos kiddies.

Now I wonder what will happen next.
OMG That was awesome and Sexy and all ^^
@ gmc
SInce someone else besides Sega used Silvers power for villains like threatness. I even start to like SIlver more right now.
OMG Shadow. You spilled blood on my jacket >:C
@ Felix Wind
But then Malice goes SSJ3 and beats the hell out of SSJ2 Sonic. Then Shadow goes SSJ4 out of nowhere and destroys a candy. After that Shadow attacks Malice. But Malice goes UltraSSJ and fuses with SSJ2 Sonic. That creates the HyperSSJ 1 Manic who blows up Dr. Wily in the zero suit.

And that makes Shadow so EVIL that he turns into EvilSSJ1 and kills himself because of overpowering.

Sad fact but true ;-;
lolz Mario is just that badass XD
*blocks copy/paste on Felix comp. Stop it obsessed Felix ;-;
*kicks Felix into the nuts and steals lawsuit* Yet again, say what?
Mega Man is on the upper hand. NOW there is only one thing that Sonic could do. And it would contain ALOT of speed.

Can you smeel what I am cooking?
@ Felix Wind
First Sonic JR.´s death and now Jules. Why are you so obsessive Felix?
The funny thing is. I heard bubble lead is the usefulliest weapon against the alien form of Wily in Megaman 2
WOW Vas was really shocked, now wasn´t he?
*steals lawsuit from felix and burns it* say what?
we do this for fun purpose.

And after years of research, hacking and finding discs. I know the anwser.

And this amonymous guy is

*insert drum solo here*


No one saw that coming hah! >:D

I mean look at his ASS! Isnt it obvious?
See what you did Felix. Just because of your obsession OnceTMaster made us wait for Sonic JR´s comeback.

Lol not really. But I love how this sideplot goes. And its cool to see Cain again.
XD quiet you!
@ Felix Wind
You are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to obsessed with Sonic JR.´s death XD
I bet Eggman can manage to buy a timeteleporter or some sort like that.