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Taco Man
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At Last!
The Christmas story arc is done and only in the second week of January. New awesomeness is on the way stay tuned. Also don't forget to check Improv Comics on a regular basis . It is funny!
Merry Christmas
Hope you all had a merry Christmas! I like that Krampus!
Colbert talks about Krampus: blitzkrieg-on-grinchitude---hallmark---krampus

I just want to point out I started this story arc days before this was aired!
Also Also
Check out my friend M. Allred's sweet web comic:
He updates way more than me.
Now you know!
So now that you understand the Krampus. How will Andy get out of the mess he's in!? Freak Wow! If you want more info on Krampus check out: . Also, the lettering in this comic was done by the beautiful Danie P. She can write way better than me! Lastly the st. nick picture was inspired by this picture:
Gotta give credit where it is deserved. YO.
There is more to christmas than meets the eye.
Today we begin to unravel the mysteries of Christmas, St. Nick and his companions. Stay tuned. Oh, yeah, COLOR!
Taco Man
December 3rd, 2009
I return!
I have returned and I bring more Dax and Andy. Comment and tell me what you think. What has happened to the rock? What will happen to the guys while aliens live with them? Will Dax ever be remotely as cool as his name? Find out... if I ever make comics about that stuff...
Go to the castle!
Yeah... Telly!
I feel the aliens have good cause for their destruction.
I had a lot of fun making this one. Hope y'all like it!
I didn't notice that
I did notice the word 'faily'
Like a thief in the night... in an abby...
Hey look I did another one. I am proud of the premise and some of the jokes. I, again, make no apologies for the artwork. I love it.
Run away lads! While you still can!
Taco Man
October 6th, 2009
I make no apologies
Yeah... I don't. Except for the fact that Dax has no shirt cuffs on the last panel. But that's it!