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EAR-SPLITTING-SILENCE though I'm not sure how the sound effect word would be there :p I like chikao's idea of a vacuum cleaner sound XP
OMG HE'S SO CUTE x3 And wow, looks like I'm among the millions pronouncing your character's name wrong this entire time ;p
Poor Haru! >.< But I'm glad they apparently don't go all the way, since that would have been...just...terrible! D:
...I actually didn't guess that XD Not that I really guessed at all since I had no idea. 'tis not surprising...but then it kinda is...meh. Coolness x3

And ooooh, a certain smart guy looks like he feels kinda shocked-guilty about trying to rape him >3< Nice.

That is all. :p
Aaaah, yaaay, thanks for the update!! *huggle* And ooh, can't wait to see what Shira does x3 kukuku. I still wanna know Haru's secret, though!!! x3

By the way, the perspective on Shira in the last panel is really good o.o
*smothers in love* Hey, putting it off like this and making their relationship stronger is SO worth the lack of smex! >3< I'm serious! I love this comic; ish ma favorite :3 Please update sooner rather than later, since next weekend I'm moving to college and prolly won't have much down time >.< Well, either way, can't wait for the continuation...and learning his secwet x3 kukuku.
*smothers in love!*

Woot! Interesting perspective there in the last panel (hand looks a bit weird, but it's not really bad) :p
*makes biggest 8D face humanly possible...and then more x3*
Aww, this is gonna be gooooood x3
o.o Sexy old guy is sexy... XD
Well, this one took a little longer than the others, understandably, but I hope you all enjoy it!
anywho :p Well, he's cute anyways, even if he isn't a trannie ^^
x3 How 'bout a cross-dressing male?
Last page of the Intro. Next comes the title page :)

x3 and oshit...This is not gonna be good... Well, hell, we'll love it! 83 but Tommy won't x3
Welcome to EWBook x3 hehe. Yeah, this is my first ever comic, but I'll do my best to make it good! :)

On a completely other random note, Papyrus is my favorite font ever! <3
...I dreamed of this page once Oo I swear I did...especially the first two panels, mostly the left one, and the last panel with the "floating" guitar XD Ah, me n' my useless visions I forget about until I actually feel deja-vu...

:p Anywho, ugh, who with cats doesn't often experience the nice wakeup call of an attention-wanting cat? *feels his pain*
*laughs like a psycho* Oh GOD that's hilarious x3 Poor Dakey, though...well, somewhat XD