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Honestly i dnt have to many good friends out there. But i think the best one ive made since ive been here.... Most likely Vanac.
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being immature here but HAH BITCH *REFERING TO CW GETTIN HIT*
i need 5 new pair of pantz now
I agree with omega. woah
mother fudger..dude wtf this is god
wtf is with the shadow?!
@Ult u kno i cudve seen clare wander off. either way i was planning on dragging clare bak if she refused.

Oh and clare maybe now wud be the time for that blitch slap u were talkin about
August 7th, 2011
rupphie is a robot. that's.that's... nice.... She is too cold to be human.
It's funny how tails of all people wasn't smart enough to figure it out
...... I.. can never compete with this battle i must admit.. this is tho most amazing battle i have ever seen... AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG 8B
NOW I KNOW WHY CLOUD DOESNT HAVE HIS EYE PATCH! tails still only has one tail
Human slash kills zombie axe and human axe kills zombie slash... how nice
hahah spriters mansion! hahah i cant beleive u remembered that bro

remember now that name's Rai
I wud but it keeps crashing
I'll show you my ultimate power was a bitch so i quit it and used paint. This didn't come out as planned tho it was going t be an explosion but i need to do this one thing so im like FUCK IT

Mage I call the girl! its my element against hers.

Oh an i luv working with u too vanac
Honestly i luv this comic becuz of how it is. It gives off a unique sense in a comic that makes me love it. This comic brings a great drama action comdeny scene in it that not only makes me like it, but love it. all in all i rate it 5/5 even the effects were top notch
OMG zman u were in NC! i live there :3 lol no seriusly tho great page
*insert captain flacon stuff*(from that last panel it just seemed appropriate)