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Honestly i dnt have to many good friends out there. But i think the best one ive made since ive been here.... Most likely Vanac.
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being immature here but HAH BITCH *REFERING TO CW GETTIN HIT*
i need 5 new pair of pantz now
I agree with omega. woah
mother fudger..dude wtf this is god
wtf is with the shadow?!
@Ult u kno i cudve seen clare wander off. either way i was planning on dragging clare bak if she refused.

Oh and clare maybe now wud be the time for that blitch slap u were talkin about
August 7th, 2011
rupphie is a robot. that's.that's... nice.... She is too cold to be human.
It's funny how tails of all people wasn't smart enough to figure it out
NOW I KNOW WHY CLOUD DOESNT HAVE HIS EYE PATCH! tails still only has one tail
hahah spriters mansion! hahah i cant beleive u remembered that bro

remember now that name's Rai
I wud but it keeps crashing
I'll show you my ultimate power was a bitch so i quit it and used paint. This didn't come out as planned tho it was going t be an explosion but i need to do this one thing so im like FUCK IT

Mage I call the girl! its my element against hers.

Oh an i luv working with u too vanac
Honestly i luv this comic becuz of how it is. It gives off a unique sense in a comic that makes me love it. This comic brings a great drama action comdeny scene in it that not only makes me like it, but love it. all in all i rate it 5/5 even the effects were top notch
*insert captain flacon stuff*(from that last panel it just seemed appropriate)
A lot of sonic adventure 2 references
i luv how everyone guessed wrong. its obiously tails the fox in his true form